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Creating a better world together

We invite all users of our website to support us in this effort by also donating to the worthwhile causes of the institutions. Let’s make a difference together, because what Aktion Mensch’s message also conveys is true: Together we are strong.

“It is important to us to contribute to a better coexistence and thus to give hope and closeness to those in need and people in bad times.”

Ralf Geishauser, Managing Director GEDYS IntraWare GmbH

Children’s and Youth Hospice “Little Heroes”

Accompaniment of sick children, adolescents and their families

The association “Kleine Helden Osthessen e.V.” at our main location in Fulda supports and accompanies sick children and teenagers, their siblings, parents and all people who are in relation to them.

Those affected are accompanied in their homes or in hospitals by qualified volunteers who are specially trained for these tasks.

What is particularly noteworthy is that this accompaniment can be designed quite differently, depending on what an individual person or family needs or desires.

The options range from relief in daily life and psychosocial care to grief and end-of-life care.

Since children grieve differently, the hospice “Little Heroes” offers both individual conversations and conversations in the group of a grief workshop. There is also a special room as a place of retreat for physical and mental relaxation and accompaniment with a therapy dog team.

To relieve the burden on families, day care places can also be used for hourly care.

Aktion Mensch

Support for the Aktion Mensch social lottery

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GEDYS IntraWare commitment: Children and youth hospice “Kleine Helden” Osthessen e. V.

The WE wins” is the message of Aktion Mensch. Germany’s largest social funding organization, founded in 1964 on the initiative of the Second German Television, is committed to a barrier-free society in which diversity is a matter of course. With various campaigns on the topic, the non-profit association raises awareness of inclusion among people in Germany and thus ensures that all people participate in society on a more equal footing.

Every month, up to 1,000 social projects for more inclusion are funded across Germany that improve the living conditions for people with disabilities, children and young people, or people in particular social difficulties.

You too can support Aktion Mensch by buying lottery tickets.

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