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At the forefront, thanks to satisfied customers

With CRM for services, you can specifically impress potential clients with your services, thus winning them over and retaining them in the long term

  • through transparent & centrally stored documentation
  • through fast reactions with the optimal overview (360° view)
  • with differentiated campaigns and evaluations
CRM for services. All in front, thanks to satisfied customers!
CRM for services. All in front, thanks to satisfied customers!

Digitalization as an opportunity for development & growth

Convincing prospective customers of your services is a major challenge in your field today.
The GEDYS IntraWare CRM for Services & Consulting supports you in this.

The demand for services and advice has increased enormously with the enormous change. Expert knowledge may be available at any time via the Internet, but the complexity of the many technical developments makes it harder for companies to keep up without advice and services. This opens up new perspectives for your industry. With the GEDYS IntraWare CRM, potential clients can be targeted. Impress them with your knowledge, experience and offerings. And turn new clients into satisfied customers for the long term. There is no better advertising.

Customer information transparent about 360°

Ensure transparency by sharing the same information about a customer or project with your employees at all times. Comprehensive documentation of customer data, contact histories or telephone logs not only serves as a long-term backup of all collected information for your company, it also saves your employees from searching. This creates more time for personal customer care or for creativity in the next project.

Always one step ahead

Inspire your customers by thinking ahead. By means of comprehensive evaluations of digital data, you can easily determine the needs of your customers and anticipate them with individual offers. This is what perfect customer and Contact Management looks like.

Quick reactions that impress

Always be ready for your customers with good services. The future belongs to service innovations such as multichannel support, customer self-service and predictive maintenance. Your customers don’t want to wait: Neither when it comes to a quick information call on the service phone, nor to the answer to a question in the chat or in the consultation via mobile CRM app: with clearly collected customer, project and know-how data, waiting times are a thing of the past.

Keeping the focus

Not only does the head of your employees remain free for your customers. You also save time by CRM Software relieves your employees of work via automatable processes. The shortage of skilled workers is alleviated. This leaves time for the focus of your work: excellent services.

GEDYS IntraWare Release 8.11 for Daily Business
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CRM for services supports export

Germany’s foreign trade in services has grown faster than its trade in goods. The “know-how” factor and the “Made in Germany” brand still offer potential here for gaining a foothold in foreign markets.

Many companies offer their services on foreign markets without having their own branch office or corporate form abroad. That’s why they need to use online portals to promote their services and digital ways to communicate with customers and partners. GEDYS IntraWare CRM for Services & Consulting delivers unique email integration for this, the key function for

  • daily email traffic
  • Mailings
  • Marketing Automation

Discover the Outlook integration in the video!

Video: CRM Outlook Integration – Connecting email and CRM | english
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Digitally improve customer service

The linking of physical services and digital offerings to form “smart services” is inevitable,
to meet the demands of your customers. So in the future you will not only offer your services on site.

With uniform data for all:

  • To remain competitive, a central information base and efficient processes are required. GEDYS IntraWare CRM supports your customer management with well-structured digital customer files.
  • Functions such as appointment overviews, reminders, tasks, serial tasks and escalations serve the perfect teamwork that benefits your customers.
  • All data is also available to you on the go with the CRM app for mobile, location-independent and flexible work.
  • Communicate in a target group-oriented manner via all modern channels. 100% EU-GDPR compliant.
  • In CRM, you can see all details and processes concerning customers, partners, suppliers, competitors, members and also employees (= xRM).
  • Structured processes throughout the company help to combat the shortage of skilled workers. The automation of many administrative tasks saves a lot of time and leaves your employees more room for important tasks.

Evolutionary instead of revolutionary:

  • As a rule, you start with CRM in sales. For teamwork and process optimization it is crucial that you work with CRM in marketing and CRM for Service & IT connect other areas.
  • This provides you with enhanced functions, such as Customer Self Service, which enables service offerings around the clock.
  • Target Expanding for:
    the creation of offers
    Marketing actions
    Customer service
    Statistics and analyses
  • Of course, you can also choose the complete package from the beginning.
  • Download our all-in-one package here for more information:
    Product Flyer Download
  • Special solutions for your industry or customizations are best discussed directly with one of our experts:
    CRM Consulting & Contacts

ConnectERP and other systems:

  • Provide users with important information in the CRM system that they would not otherwise be able to see. For example, thanks to the JDBC or SAP interface, your sales and service departments can access delivery bills, invoices and open items in the customer file. Or to special specifications to machines.
  • Take a look at this video: SAP Outlook Integration.
  • Digital web services facilitate important organizational work: For example, integrate the services of, Google Maps, HRS and others with a simple link in your CRM. This makes it easier to realize field service appointments.
  • Thanks to CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) you save time on many phone calls, because you dial the phone number with one click . For incoming calls, the CRM system automatically displays the caller and their electronic file.
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Successes with
CRM for Services & Consulting

Reference Deutsche Bahn communiction technology, Logo DB
Reference Deutsche Bahn communiction technology, Logo DB
With targeted
CRM evaluations
to the success strategy

DB Communication Technology

Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo of BauMineral KraftWerkstoffe
Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo of BauMineral KraftWerkstoffe
Higher customer satisfaction WITH
CRM in Sales


Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo of LTS
Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo of LTS
Sales optimization
as a success factor in competition

LTS Lights & Lights

To start with CRM

The basis of CRM for services & consulting: Contact management gives you a 360° view of your customers. You generate leads and qualify new prospects. You not only collect data on your customers centrally and transparently, but also assign them detailed correspondence histories. With intelligent search functions you get exactly the information you need at any time.

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Thumbnail für das Video: Kurzer Einblick in die GEDYS IntraWare CRM-Software

We offer industry know-how and individual industry solutions.

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