At the forefront, thanks to satisfied customers

Customer satisfaction counts more than ever in services & consulting. Use transparent and centrally stored knowledge, fast reaction options, extensive documentation and differentiated evaluations. This is how you inspire your customers.

Recognizing the opportunities for development & growth in digitization

Convincing interested parties of your services is a great challenge in your field today. The GEDYS IntraWare CRM supports you in this.

The demand for services and consulting has increased enormously with the digital change. Expert knowledge is available at any time via the Internet, but the complexity of the many technical developments makes it more difficult for companies to keep up without consulting and services. This opens up new perspectives for your industry.

With GEDYS IntraWare CRM, potential clients can be addressed specifically. Impress them with your knowledge, your experience and your offers. And turn new clients into satisfied customers in the long term. There is no better advertising.

Customer information transparent about 360°

Let all your employees have the same information about a customer or project at all times. The comprehensive documentation of customer data, contact histories, telephone logs, etc. not only serves to free your employees’ heads for real customer relationships, but also secures the collected information for your company in the long term.

Quick reactions that impress

Always be ready for your customers with good services. This is how it belongs Service innovations such as multichannel support, customer self service or predictive maintenance the future. Your customers don’t want to wait: Neither if es a quick information retrieval on the service phone, nor the answer to a question in chat or in a consultation via mobile CRM app – with clearly collected customer, project and know-how data, waiting times are a thing of the past.

Always one step ahead

Inspire your customers even more by thinking ahead. By means of extensive evaluations of the digital data, you can easily determine the needs of your customers and get you in advance with individual offers. This is what perfect customer and contact management looks like.

Keeping the focus

The heads of your employees remain free for the customers. You save time by relieving your employees of work through automated processes with the CRM software. The skilled labour shortage will be reduced. This leaves time for excellent services.

Export of your services

The “know-how” factor and the “Made in Germany” brand offer great potential to gain a foothold in foreign markets.

Accordingly, Germany’s foreign trade in services has grown faster than trade in goods.

Many companies offer their services on foreign markets without having their own branch or form of business abroad. That is why they have to use online portals to promote their services and digital ways of communicating with customers and partners. THE GEDYS IntraWare CRM delivers a one-time email integration (video: CRM Outlook Integration), a key feature for your normal email traffic, mailings and marketing automation.

Video: CRM Outlook Integration – Connecting email and CRM | english

Digitally improve customer service

In the future, you will no longer only offer on-site services. Linking physical services and digital offerings to smart services is inevitable to meet your customers’ needs.

Start quickly.

The future of the services sector

To remain competitive, a central ism and efficient processes are needed. GEDYS IntraWare CRM supports your customer management with well-structured digital customer files, promotes collaboration and is also available on the go for mobile and flexible work on the go.

Your access to the customer

All details and processes about customers, partners, suppliers, competitors, members, etc. and also about employees (= xRM). They communicate in a target group-oriented manner via all modern channels. 100% EU GDPR compliant.

With automation against the shortage of skilled workers

Structured processes across the enterprise with schedules, reminders, tasks, serial tasks, escalation, and news feeds. Automation of many administrative tasks saves a lot of time. For a perfect teamwork that benefits your customers. This is demonstrated by our 30 years of CRM practice.

Wisely extend.

Evolutionary instead of revolutionary

Typically, usage begins with CRM in sales. For teamwork and further process optimizations, it is crucial that you integrate other areas with CRM in marketing, CRM for service & IT, etc. This gives you advanced features. Just think of Customer Self Service, which provides you with 24/7 service offerings.

Expanding your goal
  • Creating quotes
  • Marketing actions
  • Customer service
  • Statistics and analyses
Special solutions for your industry

Our references show a section of our developments for the service industry. We are happy to introduce you to others and develop your adaptations if necessary. Service: CRM consulting & contact persons.

Here you can find more information about the introduction of a CRM system.

Use integration.

SAP and other ERP systems

Provide users with important information in the CRM system that they would not otherwise be able to see. For example, your sales and service can access packing slips, invoices, and open items in the customer file thanks to the JDBC or SAP interface. Or special specifications for machines. Watch our video SAP Outlook Integration.

Digital web service facilitates important organizational work

Integrate the service of the, Google Maps, HRS etc. with a simple link in your CRM. This make it easier than ever to realize field service appointments.

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

You have to make a lot of phone calls every day. Thanks to CTI, you can save time by clicking on the phone number. For incoming calls, the CRM system displays the caller and his electronic file.

Video: CRM App - first steps | GEDYS IntraWare CRM | english


CRM app: goMobile Pro free with

test the finished demo data.

  1. Find goMobile Pro in the respective app store
  2. Install the app for free
  3. And you’re off to a good start!

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Success with CRM

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Sales optimization as a success factor in the competition

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To start with CRM.

The basis of CRM for services & consulting: With contact management you get a 360° view of your customers. You create and qualify new prospects. Not only do you collect all customer data centrally and transparently, but you also assign detailed correspondence histories and get exactly the information you need at any time with intelligent search functions.

Video: CRM software general overview - GEDYS IntraWare CRM

Can we help?

Are you looking for a CRM application for your industry? We offer industry know-how, individual solutions and adaptations to your industry.
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