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CRM for finance and insurance

With security to strong bonds, CRM for finance and insurance from GEDYS IntraWare
With security to strong bonds, CRM for finance and insurance from GEDYS IntraWare
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Build trust with customers with a GDPR-compliant CRM

without obligation and free of charge


With modern digital business processes

Your customers already work digitally, so they expect you to be digital, too. This is because they appreciate the convenience of doing business with it. To remain competitive, a uniform database and efficient, digital processes are required. Unfortunately, data transmissions and processing are still often done manually even today. Various systems need to be searched for this. This will cost you about 30 of your daily working hours. Time that can be used better for your customer loyalty.

GEDYS IntraWare CRM for Finance and Insurance supports your customer management with well-structured digital customer files, promotes collaboration and is also available as an app for mobile working.

Flexibility and efficiency

With its modular structure, our CRM software offers plenty of scope for the individual requirements of your finance or insurance company. We flexibly adapt our solutions to your exact needs so that your business processes are productive and efficient.

Can count on partners

In the finance and insurance sector, trust and reliability are particularly important for customer loyalty. Your customers trust you and you trust in us, which is why we and our partners are always at your disposal to guarantee smooth processes.

Sustainable relations

With comprehensive evaluations from your collected data and the appropriately adapted measures, nothing stands in the way of maintaining your customer relationships in the long term: Targeted marketing measures for local networking are easily planned. With flexibility, trust and reliability, the first foundation stones for a good customer relationship are set.

Fast, reliable & safe

With our 360° view, you have all relevant information about your customers quickly in view. This allows you to provide reliable service and save time for personal customer care. Your data is stored in our CRM for finance and insurance 100% EU-DSGVO compliant, highest security for you, your customers and partners.


Secured with our CRM for finance and insurance

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At the same time as the decision-making processes are digitized, the complete, traceable and unambiguous documentation of all processes is ensured via our CRM for banks and insurance companies – guaranteed to be tamper-proof. With the help of a comprehensive authorization concept (coordinated with job and function descriptions), you define exactly who is allowed to read, change, delete or send certain data.

Structured processes throughout the company, including secure documentation, ensure perfect cooperation – and thus more satisfied customers in the long term. This is demonstrated by our 30 years of CRM practice.

Success with CRM for finance and insurance

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Throughout the entire lifecycle of credit or insurance relationships, all details and processes (e.g. on asset objects, collateral, analyses or loans) are stored in the CRM for Finance & Insurance, 100% EU-GDPR compliant.

By gaining transparency, your customer service representatives can filter out relevant information more quickly from the large volume of notes and emails. Digital forms, checklists, and rule-based tasks save you time when searching for important content. In addition, important information from other systems is also available to all users thanks to interfaces and integrations.

  • Online CRM: Work from all devices via Internet browser
  • 100 GDPR compliant
  • neither purchase additional technology nor service
  • include Contacts, Office, Schedule, Workflow, Business Mail, CTI, Social & CRM app modules
  • CRM app including offline editing
  • additional modules can be booked
  • secure hosting for CRM IT infrastructure
    (Server including administration & backup)
  • without maturity limit
  • included languages: English and German
  • from 69 Euro per month per user (package from 10 users)
  • annual billing, minimum term 24 months
  • Adaptations according to individual requirements possible
Video: CRM software brief insight
Video: CRM software brief insight

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Ihr Ansprechpartner Inside Sales bei GEDYS IntraWare: Oliver Niedner
Ihr Ansprechpartner Inside Sales bei GEDYS IntraWare: Oliver Niedner

Oliver Niedner
Inside Sales

TEL: +49 531 123 868 420

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Guarantee logo: GEDYS IntraWare data protection according to GDPR