Acting flexibly for your customers

In finance and insurance, you often face a variety of different types of customers, products, and payment models. Therefore, you need a flexible and reliable CRM system. This allows you to successfully retain your local and supra-regional customers.

Your customers expect modern
business processes

Your customers are already digital, so they expect you to be digital, because they appreciate the convenience of doing business with you.

To remain competitive, a uniform database and efficient, digital processes are required. Unfortunately, even today, data transfer and processing is often still done manually. Various systems must be searched for this. This costs you about 30% of your daily working time. Time that you can better use for your customer retention. GEDYS IntraWare CRM supports your customer management with well-structured digital customer files, promotes cooperation and is also available to you on the move.

Flexibility and efficiency

With its modular design, our CRM software offers plenty of room for the individual requirements of your financial or insurance company. We adapt the flexible solutions to your needs, so that your business processes are productive and efficient.

Count on partners

In the financial and insurance sector, trust and reliability are particularly important for customer loyalty. Your customers trust you and you trust in us, which is why we and our partners are always at your disposal to guarantee smooth processes.

Sustainable relations

With flexibility, trust and reliability, the first foundations for a good customer relationship are set. With extensive evaluations from the collected data and adapted measures, nothing stands in the way of their long-term preservation. Targeted marketing measures for local networking are also simply planned.

Fast and reliable

With our 360° view, you have all relevant information about your customers in view quickly. This way you offer reliable service and save time for the personal care of your customers.

Obligation to document secured

Simultaneously with the digitization of the decision-making processes, the complete, comprehensible and unambiguous documentation of all processes via our CRM is guaranteed – forgery-proof guaranteed . With the help of a comprehensive authorization concept (adapted to job and function description, etc.), you determine exactly who is allowed to read, change, delete or send certain data.

Structured processes throughout the entire Companies including secure documentation ensure perfect cooperation for all employees – and thus for happier customers in the long term. This is demonstrated by our 30 years of CRM practice.


We will show you the suitable CRM

for your company.

In our free CRM tour we introduce you to our software. You will learn from an experienced CRM professional how to
benefit from CRM benefits for finance and insurance. Let yourself be inspired!
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Digitize your insurance and credit processes.

Our CRM software not only secures you up-to-date data, but also leads to faster decisions, because customers can gain insight, correct and supplement data.

Start quickly.

Forms replace email-ping pong

Account managers and internal specialists are usually in lively exchange for the business by telephone and e-mail. It takes a lot of time to filter out the relevant information from the large amount of notes and emails.

Digital forms and checklists as well as rule-based tasks put an end to the e-mail ping pong and the associated search for important content. The transparency gained allows the customer to be more actively involved by gaining insight and letting his wishes flow in. The decision-making maturity for the sale of a product will be achieved more quickly.

Targeted follow-up activities

Throughout the life cycle of the credit or insurance relationship, all details and transactions (such as assets, collateral, analysis, or loans) are stored in the digital file and are available for any type of follow-up activity. 100% EU GDPR compliant.

Extend wisely.

Evolutionary instead of revolutionary

Start your digitization process in the area with the highest efficiency potential: with CRM in sales. They increase the quality of advice and relationships through reliable processing and quick responses to customer concerns.
For teamwork, further process optimizations and, of course, cross-system analyses, it is crucial that you connect additional departments and systems.

Expanding your goal
Special solution desired?

Our references show a small section of our solutions for the financial and insurance industry. We are happy to introduce you to others and develop your adaptations if necessary. Service: CRM consulting & contact persons.


Merge information

Imagine how much time you can save when important information from other systems is immediately available in the electronic customer file! Your account manager can see information from other programs in the customer file in our CRM, among other things thanks to the JDBC interface. Email Integration for Outlook (video: CRM Outlook Integration), Notes & all IMAP mailboxes is also possible. For example, you can use the time gained in this way for your customer acquisition.

Facilitate organizational work

Integrate the service of the, Google Maps or HRS with a simple link. Customer visits can be organised much faster and easier.

Reliable and fast thanks to CTI

Do you have to make many phone calls every day? Thanks to CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), you can dial the phone number by clicking on it. For incoming calls, the CRM system displays the caller and his electronic customer file. You are immediately meaningful and competent, your customer is satisfied.

Free checklist

ROI View:
How to make your use of CRM software measurable

Success with CRM

Branche: Finanzen & Versicherungen. Kundenreferenz: DZ CompliancePartner
Branche: Finanzen & Versicherungen. Kundenreferenz: DZ Service
Branche: Finanzen & Versicherungen. Kundenreferenz: Swisscard

Prevention, data protection and security

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CRM with high IT security

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Track processes quickly and transparently

Banking & Finance

To start with CRM.

The basis of CRM for Finance & Insurance: With contact management you get a 360° view of your customers. You create and qualify new prospects. Not only do you collect all customer data centrally and transparently, but you also assign detailed correspondence histories and get exactly the information you need at any time with intelligent search functions.

Video: CRM software general overview - GEDYS IntraWare CRM

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