This makes release 8.11 much easier for your daily work processes:

  • New UI design for easier navigation
  • Optimized sales planning and control
  • Video conferencing with Jitsi or Microsoft Teams
  • Functional extensions of the CRM app
CRM Software Release 8.11: Registration for Live-Videoconference from GEDYS IntraWare
CRM Software Release 8.11: Registration for Live-Videoconference from GEDYS IntraWare

CRM software release 8.11 shines
with a new user interface, fantastic features and
extended functionality in the CRM app!

GEDYS IntraWare 8 has a file structure in which every employee can find his way around immediately. With a 360° view of all customer data. At the touch of a button, the system displays the desired details to you. Even in your mailbox. In an end-to-end sales control process, you can easily turn strategic operational goalsinto operational goals. The application is also ready-to-use in the shortest possible time and can be easily integrated into your existing system landscape.

Easy. Mobile. Flexible. 100% GDPR compliant.

GEDYS IntraWare Release 8.11 for Daily Business
GEDYS IntraWare CRM Software 13

The new, cleanly designed interface makes navigation even easier, more user-friendliness and gives a better overview. This will help you get to the point faster and increase the motivation of your employees. You can easily drag and drop your individual CRM workstation according to your own requirements.

Optimizations of usability in the CRM app make it easy to quickly access functions and documents. For example, the app suggests recent and frequently used actions, which saves you time. You can use CRM data on any device, even on the go – online as well as offline. This is unique!

Start with a small project and later expand with additional modules. Or the whole nine yards! Both is possible.

Even closer to the customer:
With video conferencing & better appointments directly from CRM. You can easily invite to video conferencing via Jitsi or Microsoft Teams, individual conversations, or group meetings.

100% GDPR compliant:
The guidelines of the EU General Data Protection Regulation are 100% implemented in our CRM software. A complete overview can be found in our privacy statement. Further interesting information can be found in our blog article GDPR in the customer magagement.

Logo GEDYS IntraWare Data protection according to GDPR
Videoconferencing now integrated in release 8.11 of GEDYS-IntraWare
GEDYS IntraWare CRM Software 14

Even easier. Faster. More convenient.

Sales dashboard in release 8.11 of GEDYS-IntraWare
GEDYS IntraWare CRM Software 15

With an end-to-end process, you can operationalize your sales strategy in the blink of an eye and manage your sales more easily than ever before. You receive all key figures – also from external sources – in a single overview and your process progress in a clear presentation.

The event organization requires fewer manual steps with release 8.11. Registrations are processed automatically by recognizing the email address. For all commercial correspondences there is now a flexible approval process in the CRM software with freely definable steps and specifications.

More convenient:
A new dialog and search function for project work simplifies project assignment down to the project phase level. Projects with large amounts of data can now be divided into separate databases. In addition, the interface to CleverReach for email marketing has been greatly enhanced with the new release 8.11. From now on, you can manage up to five newsletter groups. And from now on, the CRM software will process cancellations automatically.

Get to know our CRM software

Video of the release event for CRM software 8.11 from GEDYS IntraWare
Flyer Download all-in-one package from GEDYS IntraWare
  • About our CRM software videos:
    Click on the video of the basic functions to get a first impression of what our CRM software offers. More CRM videos can be found here.
  • About our live presentation:
    In our free CRM tour of approx. 30 minutes, one of our area sales managers will introduce you to the software and answer your questions.
  • About our CRM
    Here you will find further information, e..B about GDPR, integrations or customer journey monitoring.
  • About our product flyer all-in-one package:
    Gather all the product information you need and download it for free as a download package. This saves time!
GEDYS IntraWare CRM Software 1
GEDYS IntraWare CRM Software 16

“Our daily work is no longer conceivable without geDYS IntraWare’s CRM system.”

Richard Hörmann, Director Customer Support of Hurco Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Improve performance
and work optimally in a team

No matter what industry you are in

At first glance, the introduction of CRM software in sales promises the greatest benefit. Our CRM software optimizes all phases of sales and the teamwork of field and internal service. The latest generation of CRM plays to its strengths when it is used across departments and throughout the company. For this purpose, the modular design of GEDYS IntraWare 8 supports the subsequent expansion of your CRM system.


CRM for marketing
GEDYS IntraWare CRM Software 17

The optimal cooperation of sales and marketing in lead acquisition and customer care is the guarantee for your sustainable success.

Useful functions

  • Campaigns
  • Target group filters
  • Lead Management
  • Email Marketing


CRM for Sales
GEDYS IntraWare CRM Software 18

Time-saving software that provides you with 360° information about prospects and customers. Automated tasks and fast offers. Also on the go.

Useful functions

  • Controlling Customer Journey
  • Offer editor
  • Pipeline/Forecast
  • Sales Dashboard


CRM with telephone connection not only with a CRM for service & IT
GEDYS IntraWare CRM Software 19

Software for your customer service with which you satisfy existing and new customers and thus bind to your company in the long term.

Useful functions

  • Tickets
  • Change Requests
  • Scheduling
  • Customer Self Service

The perfect CRM software?

Not off the rack.

We develop tailor-made solutions according to your requirements. In close cooperation with you, we will reach our goal in the following five steps:

01. Analyze

Inventory: In a joint CRM workshop, we clarify your business processes. You benefit from 30 years of project experience in various industries.

02. Strategy

Summary of CRM workshop including recommendations for implementation, customization and rollout.

03. Execution

Configuration and customization of CRM software according to analysis and strategy.

04. Roll out

Project management, installation and distribution – also internationally. Integration into existing systems and training for a smooth CRM implementation.

05. Monitoring

Whether maintenance & support, regular Jour Fixes to the conditions, whether adjustment need or refresher courses – we are always at your side.

Since 1989. GEDYS IntraWare CRM
at an ingenious price.

Start in no time. No matter what size and requirements your company currently has. Our CRM software grows with you. And we, as a CRM partner, also offer this flexibility in pricing.


Free of Charge

  • Free basic CRM
  • Ready to go in five minutes
  • Local installation
  • Maximum 5 licenses
  • no runtime limit


From 59 Euro plus Vat

  • Per user (24 months term)
  • Complete CRM suite
  • Web CRM plus Hosting
  • From 10 licenses
  • Hosting in German Datacenter


Price on request

  • Individual solutions
  • Integrations as needed
  • Core-update independent
  • From 10 licenses
  • App. Monitoring as desired

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about CRM

What is CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) means aligning a company with its customers. The basic objectives of CRM are customer acquisition and customer loyalty. Therefore, CRM deals with the systematic design of processes around the customer. By collecting all customer-relevant data with a CRMsoftware, marketing can be tailored exactly to the needs of the customer (hereinafter referred to as relationship marketing). This enables an increase in the company’s success.

What is a CRM system?

A system is a whole composed of several individual parts. A CRM also usually consists of several software parts or software modules. Read more on our CRM wiki page What is a CRM system?.

What does CRM software do?

CRM Software supports the optimization of customer relationship management by structured recording of all relevant customer data and processes. It supports various divisions of the company that are related to the customer. The software increases the efficiency of all areas and relationships. For example, CRM software can be used to create offers for individual customers or customer groups .B. Or customer loyalty can be increased by tailor-made service. You can find out more about our CRM software in our CRM brochure, which you can download free of charge.

How does a CRM implementation work??

The CRM introduction deals on the one hand with the implementation of CRM software in the company and on the other hand with the design of the customer management processes. The typical CRM project is divided into phases: analysis of requirements, technical implementation, pilot operation, user training, reorganization, rollout and acceptance. Learn more on our CRM wiki page Introducing a CRM System.

What are the forms of CRM?

Analytical CRM: Evaluation of data from the operational business on the basis of KPIs for the evaluation of requirements for the products.
Operational CRM: The supporting function of the CRM system for the departments for establishing contact and maintaining customer relationships.
Collaborative CRM: Deals with cooperation within the company and with external partners.
Communicative CRM: Controls all communication channels with a focus on the customer.

Read more in our blog post CRM Definition.

Why is a CRM important?

With CRM software, you can design the data organization in your company centrally and transparently. You also use automation processes to increase the efficiency of business processes. This relieves your employees enormously and gives you more time for customer care. Insightful data evaluations as well as a clear focus on your customers lead to stronger customer loyalty and easier customer acquisition in the long term. Find out more in our blog article Benefits of a CRM system: Why is crm important?.

Who needs CRM?

All divisions that are in direct contact with the customer benefit from CRM software. These are mainly sales, marketing and service. CRM helps you to organize and document customer data, correspondence, tasks or appointments centrally and transparently. Read our blog post Who Needs CRM?.

What needs to be considered in a CRM evaluation?

CRM selection requires that you know all the processes in your company. Only then do you determine what you need to optimally support the processes in your company. Only software whose functions are optimally geared to your business model can lead you to success in the long term.

GEDYS IntraWare CRM software:
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Live video presentation of GEDYS-IntraWare CRM software
GEDYS IntraWare CRM Software 20

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