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CRM for Pharma and Life Siences

CRM for pharma and life sciences, image of a microscope, GEDYS IntraWare
CRM for pharma and life sciences, image of a microscope, GEDYS IntraWare
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Long-term customer loyalty through tailored information

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Because the growing number of new competitors is increasing the pressure

As a result of increasing competitive pressure, it is becoming more and more important to use digital technologies to shape the exchange of reliable information yourself. Whether it’s key accounts, representatives, patients, doctors, pharmacists, or opinion leaders, addressing them correctly and regularly is critical to building trust, raising your profile, maintaining your brand, and gaining market share. Connected to this is the need for innovation: Whether to new business areas, to new partnerships or to changing customer needs. Without digital data and flexible processes, you will not be competitive.

Communication plays a key role when it comes to defending your market position in the growing pharmaceutical and life sciences market or gaining it for the first time. GEDYS IntraWare CRM for Pharma and Life Sciences supports your communication and customer management with well-structured digital files and perfect selections, even for inhomogeneous target groups. Our CRM promotes collaboration and is also available on the go.

Fast, transparent, central

Keep your customer data in view by storing it transparently and centrally. This saves you not only the paper in the office, but also time in the administration and in the support of your customers and target groups. Information is found in the least amount of time, leaving more room for personal customer service and lasting relationships.

Easy collaboration from anywhere

With the mobile CRM app your office and field staff work together optimally. Because data in the CRM can be accessed from anywhere at any time, data maintenance, visit reports, and scheduling are done right on the spot rather than on paper in the office. Communication thus takes place in a few minutes, saving time and effort.

Automations spare time and nerves

You can spare your employees repetitive processes by automating them. This reduces the amount of data to be entered and thus also the susceptibility to errors. There is more time to focus on your target groups.

Differentiated analyses and reports for valuable insights

Whether you want to engage your target groups or identify trends: With our CRM software, you not only collect a lot of data, you also have a wide range of options for evaluating it quickly and easily via Dashboards and Reports evaluate it.

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Work on the move with CRM for pharma and life sciences via cloud and app

Video: Mobile CRM app
Video: Mobile CRM app

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By activating push notifications you get news about appointments, documents or worfkflows automatically displayed on the home page of your smartphone. Without having opened the CRM app. For example, you will know when a customer has postponed an appointment. You can create, send and edit new appointments, also as group appointments, directly in the CRM app.

Successes with
CRM for pharma and life sciences

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Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo of Rottendof Pharma
Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo of Rottendof Pharma


On the one hand, pharmaceutical and life sciences marketing is aimed directly at patients and consumers, and on the other at professionals such as doctors, pharmacists and pharmaceutical technical assistants. But medical professionals in particular have little time for meetings with industry representatives. This makes digital communication channels all the more important, such as e-mail marketing or online product presentations.

Influence in a targeted way: You can accompany physicians and patients electronically on issues such as medication prescriptions and help by sharing targeted information, such as medication side effects. This can be done via mailings, online conferences or chats, among other things.

Our CRM for pharma and life sciences optimally supports the work of your sales and marketing team with digital processes and data. This frees up resources for more intensive customer care and increases sales.

  • Work from all devices via Internet browser
  • 100 GDPR compliant
  • neither purchase additional technology nor service
  • include Contacts, Office, Schedule, Workflow, Business Mail, CTI, Social & CRM app modules
  • CRM app including offline editing
  • additional modules can be booked
  • secure hosting for CRM IT infrastructure
    (Server including administration & backup)
  • without maturity limit
  • included languages: English and German
  • from 69 Euro per month per user (package from 10 users)
  • annual billing, minimum term 24 months
  • Adaptations according to individual requirements possible
Video: CRM software brief insight
Video: CRM software brief insight

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Ihr Ansprechpartner Inside Sales bei GEDYS IntraWare: Oliver Niedner
Ihr Ansprechpartner Inside Sales bei GEDYS IntraWare: Oliver Niedner

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