Strong communication in focus

Build long-term customer loyalty by informing target groups about CRM for pharma & life science.
  • with the help of quickly retrievable data
  • through insightful analyses
  • Easier collaboration in a team

The growing number of new competitors increases the pressure

This is linked to the need for innovation: whether to new business areas, to new partnerships or to changing customer needs. Without digital data and flexible processes, you are not competitive.

Communication plays an important role in defending or gaining your market position in the growing pharmaceutical and life sciences market for the first time. The GEDYS IntraWare CRM supports your communication and customer management with well-structured digital files and perfect selections, even for inhomogeneous target groups. Our CRM promotes collaboration and is also available on the go.

Fast, transparent, central

Keep an eye on your customer data by storing it transparently and centrally. This saves you not only the paper in the office, but also time in the administration and in the support of your customers and target groups. Information is found in the slightest time and so there is more room for personal customer support and sustainable relationships.

Easy collaboration from anywhere

With the mobile CRM app, your in-home and field service work together optimally. Since the data in CRM can be accessed from anywhere at any time, data maintenance, visit reports and planning are carried out directly on site and are not done on paper in the office. The communication takes place in a few minutes, saving time and effort.

Automations spare time and nerves

You can save your employees from repetitive processes through automation. This reduces the amount of data to be entered and thus also the susceptibility to errors. There is more time to focus on your audiences.

Differentiated analyses and reports for valuable insights

Whether you want to target your audience or identify trends, our CRM software not only collects a lot of data, you also have a variety of ways to evaluate them quickly and easily.

Communicate more individually

As competition becomes more competitive, it is increasingly important to shape the exchange of reliable information with digital technologies. Regardless of whether you are dealing with key accounts, representatives, patients, doctors, pharmacists or opinion leaders: the right and regular approach is crucial for building trust, your degree of familiarity, brand management and gaining market share.Marketing automation also supports you here. Read more about this on CRM in Marketing.

One goal of your digital strategy: CRM

Our CRM software supports the work of your sales and marketing team in the best possible way with digital processes and data. In this way, freedom for more intensive customer support can be freed up and sales can be increased.

Start quickly.

Digital power for sales

The transformation of the distribution channels means merging the still important field service with digital processes. For this purpose, you can collect and analyze important customer data with GEDYS IntraWare CRM.

Realign Marketing

On the one hand, pharmaceutical and life sciences marketing is aimed directly at patients and consumers, and on the other hand at professionals such as doctors, pharmacists and pharmaceutical-technical assistants. Medical professionals in particular often have little time for meetings with industry representatives. This is why digital communication channels become all the more important, for example e-mail marketing or webinars.

Targeting influence

For example, reduce unwanted side-effects and interactions when taking your products by electronically accompanying physicians and patients with medication regulation – including via mailings or chats.

Wisely extend.

Important basis: data analysis

You need tailor-made content for your communication. Only a 360-degree view of the respective target group – which you can obtain in CRM via easy-to-analyze data – allows you to develop the right content and operational measures.

Cross-system analysis

For this, it is crucial that you can connect additional departments and systems. Our CRM is easy to expand and enables statistics and analysis across many data systems. Use additional modules for event and marketing promotions with CRM in marketing or customer service with CRM for Service & IT.

Special solutions desired?

Our references show a section of our developments for pharmaceuticals and life sciences. We are happy to introduce you to further solutions and develop your adaptations if necessary. More about our service can be found here: CRM Consulting & Contact Person.

Use integration.

Networking information

Provide users with important information that they would not otherwise be able to see in the CRM system. For example, the JDBC or SAP interface gives your sales department access to packing slips, invoices, and open items in the customer file. And with the help of the comprehensive authorization concept, you define exactly who can read, change, delete or send certain data.

Simplify customer visits

Your customer visits can be planned and executed much faster and easier if you integrate the service of, Google Maps or HRS with a simple link.

Support from CTI

Do you have to make a lot of phone calls every day? Thanks to computer telephony you save time, because you dial with just one click on the phone number. For incoming calls, the CRM system displays the caller and his electronic file. And from the list of missed calls, you can call back immediately with a click.

Success with CRM for pharma & life siences

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To start with CRM

The basis for CRM in the healthcare sector: With comprehensive contact management, you can keep a 360° view of your customers. They qualify new prospects. You combine all data and processes to the customer and supplier centrally and transparently.

The intelligent search functions always offer you exactly the information you need.

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