Are you looking for a CRM solution for your industry?

Benefit from 30 years of industry know-how!
GEDYS IntraWare Branchen-Know-how nutzen!

CRM supports you in the digitization of all processes to the customer, as well as in applications for research and project funding. You can also better manage your supply chain with a CRM system.

With CRM, you master the digital transformation. Respond to consumer demands more specifically and faster: with security, convenience and reliable availability of your services and products.

Your customers expect your business to be handled conveniently and digitally. Our CRM supports with well-structured electronic files and secure documentation.

Communication has a key role in obtaining or consolidating market positions. The GEDYS IntraWare CRM supports you with perfect selections, even for inhomogeneous target groups.

Please be patient. This page is still under construction.

Please be patient. This page is still under construction.

With CRM, you have an eye on both: your customers and your machines. With xRM also internal and external employees. Service assignments and maintenance processes are organized reliably and quickly.

Impress interested parties with your knowledge and achievements, not only locally, but also abroad.
With CRM, you can extend your service with digital offerings.

The combination of stationary trade and online sales to multi- and omni-channel concepts requires streamlined processes. CRM offers enormous advantages here: Establish loyal relationships along your retail chains.