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GEDYS IntraWare as CRM partner

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CRM für die Automobil-Industrie, Foto eines E-Concept-Cars, GEDYS IntraWare
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We understand medium-sized businesses. With our custom-fit CRM solutions, we successfully implement your strategies. As a CRM partner on equal footing.

without obligation and free of charge


Your CRM partner with over 30 years of practice

Consultation on an equal footing

With over 30 years of CRM experience, we offer competent consulting and support at eye level. As a medium-sized company, we see ourselves as a competent partner for all industries and specialist areas.

CRM projects with support

The fact that we accompany CRM projects from start to finish and that we really put our customers and their wishes at the center of our attention is always a source of enthusiasm. Because that is what we live for.

Full Service

In the kick-off at the beginning, our experts advise you on your special requirements. You will then take care of customizing, user training and any services required from our company, such as hosting or server monitoring.

Fast implementation of ideas

We have the skills and technology to turn our customers’ ideas into a CRM software solution faster than anyone else. We not only claim this, we can also prove it, for example here.

Software Made in Germany

About 80 employees working for you from 4 locations in Germany: Software Made in Germany, 100% DSGVO compliant, including secure managed hosting in Germany in our Cloud CRM solution.

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Unsere Software ist "Made and Hosted in Germany"
Unsere Software ist “Made and Hosted in Germany”
HCL Business-Partner-Logo von GEDYS IntraWare
HCL Business-Partner-Logo von GEDYS IntraWare

GEDYS IntraWare as CRM partner in figures


aktive Kunden in der

ca. 25.000

User, 98% mit
Wartung & Support


Mannjahre reich
an Erfahrung

ca. 80

engagierte Mitarbeitende an 4 Standorten


Awards für
unsere Kreativität

The most important award? The trust of our customers.

Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo of Berndorf Band
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4,7 / 5

“GEDYS IntraWare represents a competent and solution-oriented CRM partner for us. We can only benefit from their extensive experience in project execution and intuition for future trends.”

Sabine Hermann, Berndorf Band Group, Marketing Analyst and CRM Project Manager

As a CRM partner we work for these companies among others:

GEDYS IntraWare customer reference: Hurco logo
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Contribution image to the customer review Gustavo Gusto, Gedys IntraWare
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Gustavo Gusto

GEDYS IntraWare customer reference: Sprinz logo
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Customer refrence logo of LTS small
Customer refrence logo of LTS small

LTS Lights & Lights

CRM specifically for your department? No problem.

Keep the overview in Sales you can optimally control your team, manage customer data transparently and create meaningful reports.

Recognize in Marketing how to provide prospects with targeted information across the entire customer journey and hand over mature leads to sales.

Make customers in the Service into loyal customers with easy ticketing and seamless appointment planning for your service staff.

The industry know how? Is built into the CRM.

Whether national or international, with connection to partners or external service providers, for participation in tenders, to increase sales, for more efficient products or optimized processes:

Industry knowledge has often been incorporated into our solution. Thus, the GEDYS IntraWare CRM is effective regardless of the industry.

In addition, we work closely with you to develop customized adjustments and solutions to your requirements.

We offer these CRM solutions:

GEDYS IntraWare: CRM On-Premise
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GEDYS IntraWare CRM Software

You want to use your CRM as an in-house solution? As a client or rather as a web CRM? Both are possible! Depending on your individual CRM goals, for which all employees from sales, marketing, service and management work together.

GEDYS IntraWare: Web CRM
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Cloud CRM Solution

Do you want to run your CRM software in the cloud? No problem, all employees work with it via a web browser. In addition, for those who want to get started with CRM quickly and without further IT investment, there is our hosting offer.

GEDYS IntraWare: CRM App
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Mobile CRM App

Being in the middle of it instead of just being there? Logical. Make your day-to-day work active on the go. Inform now.

Download from App Store
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Get to know our CRM software better

In the 2.5-minute video:

The GEDYS IntraWare CRM software briefly explained.
Just click the play button and watch the video.

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About our all-in-one package

Put together all the product information you need and
download them for free as a download package. This will save you time!


We will be happy to advise you on all offers
and products from GEDYS IntraWare.

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Dirk Nordmeier, Area Sales Manager

Dirk Nordmeier

Area Sales Manager

for zip code:
10-25 | 29-31 | 37-39

 +49 151 11647538


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Annette Zeller, Area Sales Manager

Annette Zeller

Area Sales Manager

for zip code:
26-28 | 32-33 | 44-49 and 58-59

 +49 172 8051801


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Hans Jürgen Eilers

Area Sales Manager

for zip code:
40-42 | 50-57 | 66-67 | 90-92 | 95-98

 +49 160 1543642


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Ulrich Desch

Area Sales Manager

for zip code: 01-09 | 34-36 | 60-65 | 68-69 | 99
and Austria

 +49 160 90540542


Lars Bolender, Gebietsvertriebsleiter, GEDYS IntraWare
Lars Bolender, Gebietsvertriebsleiter, GEDYS IntraWare

Lars Bolender

Area Sales Manager

for zip code:
70-79 | 88-89 and Switzerland

 +49 163 7675839


Isidoro Cucolo, Area Sales Manager, GEDYS IntraWare
Isidoro Cucolo, Area Sales Manager, GEDYS IntraWare

Isidoro Cucolo

Area Sales Manager

for zip code:
80-87 | 93-94

 +49 163 7675838