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What our Customers say

» Since we have been using the application GEDYS Intraware Service, our support processing is much more efficient and transparent. We save precious time. «

Karsten Schweer, Head of IT, Coppenrath & Wiese

» Through the CRM, the personal organization of each employee has been simplified and created a high degree of transparency to market and customer trends for management. «

Thomas Janssen, IT Manager Overlack

» Since we have been using GEDYS IntraWare CRM, finding and maintaining our customer data has become much easier and faster, which benefits all employees «

Ulrich Riegger, Managing Director DZ Service

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the company’s focus on the customer and is concerned with the systematic design of processes around the customer. Basic goals of CRM are customer acquisition and customer retention. By capturing all customer-relevant data marketing can be precisely aligned to the needs of the customer (Relationship marketing). This allows an increase in the company’s success.

CRM software supports the optimization of customer relationship management by structured recording of all relevant customer data and processes. A CRM application supports various business units, that are in contact with the customer and increases their efficiency. Through a CRM tool can, for example, offers for individual customers or customer groups be created individually and as needed. Through individual service customer loyalty is increased.
More information: CRM for Sales, CRM for Marketing, CRM for Service.

The CRM Implementation on the one hand is concerned with the implementation of the software in the company and on the other hand with the design of the Customer Management Processes. The typical CRM Project is divided into phases: requirements analysis, technical implementation, pilot operation, user training, reorganization, rollout and acceptance.

Analytical CRM: analysis of data from business operations based on KPIs for evaluating requirements for the products.
Operational CRM: The supportive function of the CRM system for the departments to establish contacts and maintain customer relationships.
Collaborative CRM: Deals with the collaboration within the company and with external partners.
Communicative CRM: controls all communication channels with focus on the customer.