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No spoilt for choice in the election

There are several hundred CRM software systems. We help you make the right CRM selection with tips & tricks and answer the following questions:

  • What is the best way to prepare yourself?
  • Who will be involved in the decision?
  • What should you not forget?
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Guarantee logo: GEDYS IntraWare data protection according to GDPR

Who makes the CRM selection?

To help you find consensus for the whole company

Yes, who? In fact, choosing a suitable CRM system is a community act. There are different roles in the entire decision-making process.

CRM Manager

While the management is of course the main decision-maker, it is a good opportunity to integrate a CRM manager into the corporate structure. He (or she) should have various qualities: a certain communicative and integrative skill and the ability to think across different departments. The task of the CRM manager is to establish CRM sustainably in the company, to coordinate processes and to initiate necessary adjustments.

To do this, he/she needs the full support not only of the management, but also of the individual departments.

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CRM team

This takes us to the next part of the puzzle. Because a CRM manager also needs a CRM team. This is made up of the key users of the divisions to be optimised, for example from sales, service and marketing. Team and manager then work together to develop the CRM goals and the criteria according to which a suitable system is selected.

The integration of the actual users of the CRM software is extremely important. On the one hand, because they know best what they expect from a CRM, and on the other hand because the acceptance of the new CRM system in the company will be greatly increased.

CRM Consultants

A CRM consultant is an external expert who will provide you with advice and assistance during the entire CRM implementation, i.e. also in CRM selection. This is not a must have, but it can be a great help if this is your first CRM contact or if it is a particularly complex group of key users.

CRM Selection Criteria

Helpful guides from CRM practice

When you select CRM, your CRM manager, and the CRM team follow specific criteria that you explicitly set for your business and CRM goals. Unfortunately, we cannot take this task away from you.

But we have some inspiration for you. Read the blog article “9 Questions about CRM Comparison“. If you want to meet your requirements, please follow the “CRM requirements” checklist and compare easily which providers meet your needs.

Excursion: CRM in the cloud or on-premise

What suits your business better?

Both variants clearly have a matter of existence. Find out about the respective benefits of “CRM as cloud or on-prem?” and “Is it also available as CRM-SaaS?” with the following blog articles.

On the product page “Your quick start with cloud CRM solution” you will find further details using the example of the CRM software-as-service offering of GEDYS IntraWare.

Here’s how to do CRM selection

After CRM managers and teams have worked out the benefits and objectives of the CRM project, we start with the actual selection of the CRM system. The following steps can serve as orientation.

Icon 1 Kick-off workshop

In kick-off, managers and teams define the specific requirements for your CRM system. See also the Youtube video Function Overview. What are the technical requirements? What functionalities do users in your company need to optimize the processes? What is a must and what is a Nice-to-have? Finally, you will keep all this in a specification.

Icon 2 Long-List

As soon as the specifications are in place, the search for possible CRM providers begins. You will already be able to exclude some of them on the basis of the defined parameters. You should limit the resulting long list of possible providers to a realistic number. In the next step, you will send them your specifications in order to receive an appropriate offer. You will then need to look at the offers comprehensively.

Icon 3 Short-list

With the help of feedback from the various providers, you can now further narrow down your previous selection. Finally, you should have reduced your list to the point where it seems realistic to make a presentation appointment with these providers. Don’t underestimate this: we recommend one presentation per day and you should have a period of five to seven days to keep everything in mind. As an orientation, you should limit yourself to a maximum of five providers.

Costs and benefits of CRM selection

How much can your CRM cost?

Which price should it in no case exceed? Of course, budgeting for the project also proves to be helpful in CRM selection. This information can already assist you during the provider research during the sifting. The rough direction is €3,000 per user including training.

Find key figures for measurable CRM success

Think about how you can measure the ROI (return on investment) of your new CRM system. Because each CRM involves different optimizations from business to business, this calculation is not easy to generalize. However, success can be measured on the basis of certain key figures. Use our “ROI Checklist”

Don’t forget this when choosing CRM!

Important points that you should clarify in advance with the CRM providers.

CRM experience

Even if innovation and modern functionalities are important criteria for CRM selection: don’t forget the value of an experienced CRM provider. He may have already overseen projects in your industry. With the help of a wealth of experience, possible obstacles can be identified and circumvented in advance. Helpful tips and tricks pave the way for a happy CRM project completion.

CRM Licenses

For example, for budgeting, you should be able to plan how many users there will be in your organization. Because the number of licenses required and their flexible scaling could be an important criterion for your selection.

Service & Support

Even the best CRM system can be stubborn from time to time and not work like you want it to. It is important to be able to rely on appropriate service and support in an emergency. And best of all without the horrendous bill that flutters into the house a short time later. It is therefore best to clarify in advance which service can be offered to you for which price.

File formats

You should also pay attention to what happens to your data in the event of a termination of the contract. In what exchange format can you access your data? Is this format also readable for software alternatives that you might want to switch to?

What happens after the CRM selection?

What you need to know now about CRM rollout

After selecting your CRM system, a lot of work has already been done. From now on, the ball is in the court of the provider of your choice. Nevertheless, it is worth taking an idea of the next steps for the planning of the entire project.

See the CRM selection in context.

It is important to see CRM selection as part of theintroduction of a CRM system. Our blog article “7 Phases of CRM Implementation”will help you with this. No matter what choice you make, maintaining and regularly re-evaluating your CRM system is half the price on your way to CRM success. The different stages from the strategy to the selection to the go-live can be found in this e-book: In 15 stages to CRM.

Request the free e-book “CRM selection with system” here and find the right CRM.

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