Benefit from 30 years of CRM practice.

Professional CRM implementation requires experience and detailed knowledge in the field of hardware, software and IT project management.
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Our service is regularly rated as very good in our NPS surveys. We are proud of that. Together, we determine your optimal business processes and find potential savings.

Because we not only look at the special requirements of your industry, but also draw on the knowledge from other industries and from our CRM projects.

CRM Workshop

for a successful start

The basis of each system introduction is the identification of the requirements for the system and an inventory of the areas involved. In order to clarify your business processes to be mapped, we therefore offer an individually tailored workshop at the beginning of your project.


  • Determination of the specific requirements for the system
  • Inventory of processes to be mapped & data sources
  • Identification of integration possibilities into the existing system landscape
  • Integration of ERP or other systems
  • Comparison of target and actual state and definition of adjustments
  • Coordination of the individual configuration of the standard system

Flexible workshop organization:

  • as an in-house workshop in your own rooms
  • in external seminar rooms at your location
  • per team viewer session (max. 20 people)
    with video recording for your internal use
  • Cross-departmental or for individual teams

Advice from excellent consultants

for your success in the CRM project

We merge proven processes with advanced ideas and technologies to create your innovative solution.

We have already convinced IBM and HCL: Several times we have been awarded IBM Awards as the best mobile solution worldwide. All services related to crm project Best Practice as well as tips and tricks from more than 30 years of practical experience.

GEDYS IntraWare: Finalist Beacon Award 2019

  Conducting workshops

CRM audits to increase CRM efficiency

regular reviews and management Jour Fixes

“Once again, we are very satisfied with the cooperation with GEDYS IntraWare. The tool meets all our requirements.”

Sven Weber, PÖSCHL TABAK GmbH & Co. KG, Head of IT


Live. Online. Free.

We support you right from the start. We advise you on your individual CRM projects and answer your personal questions. We teach you how we work and what we mean by excellent service.

We will answer your questions about

  • Your specific CRM project
  • Special features of an industry
  • Tips & Tricks for CRM Introductions
  • Software Modules & Details
  • Tasks in daily practice

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The expert execution

From installation to configuration to customization
GEDYS IntraWare CRM software.
Would you like to optimize special business processes? Gain productivity, flexibility, and cost benefits with an individual software solution. We have been developing individual functions exactly according to the wishes of our customers for 30 years.

Installation is a prerequisite for using the software. The application is installed on your servers or in the cloud data center.

This is followed by the configuration,which adapts the software to your individual business processes. Together with our top consultants, you define individual settings. Whether own fields, activation of operating parameters, installation of users, integration of mailboxes – with the configuration, your software is perfectly set for operation.

2. Testing the customized software by your CRM team

3. Installation of the GEDYS IntraWare software

  5. Configuration of the software

Project management in CRM service

Rely on our 30 years of CRM experience with 350 projects per year.
Project management helps to monitor the time, cost and quality of a project and successfully lead the project to its goal. Many projects fail due to the lack of the right structure and communication,which decides on the success of the project at 90.
Our project managers have successfully implemented more than 3,600 projects. They provide support in the preparation of specialist concepts, technical fine specification and even quality management. Our specialists have expertise in a wide range of industries, e.g. automotive, manufacturing, banks, associations and associations or services.

Good training brings
fast ROI

An important success factor for your IT investment is trained and motivated employees. Based on the 70-20-10 model of the Center for Creative Leadership in the USA, people learn in different ways. They should definitely be supported, because active motivation ensures that what you have learned is used in practice.
Eine Seminargruppe bei der Arbeit

Practical training: CRM service for your employees.

  Training after the introduction of CRM

  Update training after migration/ update

  Retraining for new employees

  Introduction to programming

Tips & Tricks for GEDYS IntraWare CRM (free)

Adaptation of the GEDYS IntraWare software

In everyday work, employees learn for the most part through “learning by doing” and exchanging ideas with colleagues. You should therefore focus on practical training in order to promote employees.

We offer open training in an optimal learning environment. Through practical examples and application scenarios, our “students” learn how to use the products of GEDYS IntraWare safely. Without organisational effort, we can train employees quickly and cost-effectively. Here is a look at the usability of the current CRM software.

We are happy to develop individual training concepts for you.

Maintenance and support

Support for software use & development
We offer you support for our software by phone, e-mail and via our ticket system. Our services include the elimination of faults and errors as well as the further development of the software.

We offer two support levels: standard support times and extended support times. This and further information about maintenance and support can be found here.

  Support for GEDYS IntraWare CRM

  Support for Notes Domino

  Other CRM service: Managed Service

Further CRM service: Application Monitoring

CRM audit

Increased efficiency in the CRM system increases the satisfaction of your customers – and employees. This is the guarantor of economic success.

  Analysis duplicates and address quality

Analysis of faults and technical settings in the CRM system

Analysis of processes and functional use

  User acceptance interviews

Audit protocol with analysis results and concrete optimization proposals as

The experience of our customers has shown it: From time to time, a review of the CRM processes and the CRM system is enormously efficiency-enhancing. For this we offer a full day full of best practice, tips and tricks from practice around your CRM system.

Our consultants have extensive practical knowledge from a wide range of CRM projects and industries as well as on the functions and administration of GEDYS IntraWare software.

At the end of the audit day, we present the analysis results and concrete optimization suggestions. In summary, they are handed over to you for internal implementation as an audit protocol.

Can we help?

We will be happy to inform you about all offers and products of GEDYS IntraWare.
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    Dirk Nordmeier

Dirk Nordmeier

Area Sales Manager

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    Annette Zeller
Annette Zeller
Area Sales Manager

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Hans Jürgen Eilers
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Ulrich Desch
Area Sales Manager

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Lars Bolender
Area Sales Manager

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Isidoro Cucolo
Area Sales Manager

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Our experts work for you

regionally at 4 locations in Germany.

440 man-years in development stand for innovative technologies and tools developed by practitioners.

30 years of CRM experience. Well over 100 projects a year. We guarantee professional support for your administrators. In different industries, in more than 20 countries, on 5 continents.

As one of the largest know-how carriers in the field of Domino and Notes applications incl. CRM, we assure you individual solutions from creative professionals.