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Benefit from 30 years of CRM practice

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience for your CRM implementation.
Experience in hardware, software & IT project management.

CRM Workshop

for a successful start

The basis of every software introduction is the determination of the requirements for the system and an inventory of the areas involved. For the analysis of your business processes we offer an individually tailored workshop at the beginning of your project.


  • Determination of the specific requirements for the system
  • Inventory of processes to be mapped & data sources
  • Identification of integration possibilities into the existing system landscape
  • Integration of ERP or other systems
  • Comparison of target and actual state and definition of adjustments
  • Coordination of the individual configuration of the standard system

Flexible workshop organization:

  • as an in-house workshop in your own rooms
  • in external seminar rooms at your location
  • per team viewer session (max. 20 people)
    with video recording for your internal use
  • cross-departmental or for individual teams
A seminar group at work
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“We are thrilled with the extremely fast and precise implementation of our wishes by GEDYS IntraWare. This enabled us to achieve our set goals without any problems.”

Ralph Zenker, Sales Manager, Franco Fresco GmbH & Co. KG

CRM consulting by excellent consultants

for your success in the CRM project

Our service is regularly rated as very good in our NPS surveys. We are proud of that. Together, we determine your optimal business processes and find potential savings. Because we not only look at the special requirements of your industry, but also draw on the knowledge from other industries and from our CRM projects.

Award Top100: Award for top innovator
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We merge proven processes with advanced ideas and technologies to create your innovative solution.

We have already convinced IBM, HCL and others: We have won several IBM Awards, including for the best mobile solution worldwide, or the TOP 100 Award as Top Innovator 2017 for our low-code platform Business App.

We offer all services around CRM projects, best practices and tips & tricks from over 30 years of CRM practice.

  • competent CRM consulting in the run-up to a project
  • Conducting workshops
  • Audits to increase software efficiency
  • Reviews and Jour Fixes
  • Management Jour Fixes
Global Excellence Awards 2021 logo and Top 100 Award-Top Innovator 2017 logo from GEDYS IntraWare.
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Innovation Award 2018 logo and Usability Tested 2015 logo from GEDYS IntraWare
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HCL Business Partner Logo from GEDYS IntraWare
HCL Business Partner Logo from GEDYS IntraWare

The expert execution

to the optimization of your business processes

After the CRM consultation, you decide whether adjustments are necessary for your company.
We implement your wishes, install the software and configure it for your specific processes.

With an individual software solution you create productivity, flexibility and cost advantages for yourself. For 30 years, we have been developing individual functions to fit our customers’ needs exactly. Installation is a prerequisite for using the software. The application is installed on your servers or in the cloud data center.

This is followed by configuration, whereby the software is adapted to your individual processes in the company. Together with our top consultants, you define individual settings. Whether custom fields, activation of operating parameters, creation of users, integration of mailboxes – with the configuration your software is perfectly adjusted to your operation.

Software customization according to your specifications
Testing of the software by your CRM team
Installation of the customized software
Software configuration according to needs

Successful rollouts

thanks to CRM project management

Project management helps to monitor the time, cost and quality of a project and successfully lead the project to its goal. Many projects fail due to a lack of the right structure and communication, which determine 90% of the success of the project. Rely on our CRM experience of 512 man-years.

They provide support in the creation of specialist concepts and the technical fine specification through to quality management. Our specialists have expertise in a wide range of sectors Industries sectors such as automotive, services, industry, banking & finance or associations and organizations.


Man years rich in


active customers
in the DACH region

approx. 25,000

User, 98% with
Maintenance & Support

approx. 80

committed employees to
4 locations


Awards for our creativity

Maintenance and support

Support in the use of our software

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We offer two levels of support:
Standard support hours and extended support hours.

  • Support for GEDYS IntraWare CRM
  • Managed CRM service
  • Support for HCL Notes Domino
  • Domino Application Monitoring

CRM audits for economic success

More efficiency in the CRM system increases
the satisfaction of your employees and customers

From time to time, a review of the CRM processes and the CRM system is enormously efficiency-enhancing. For this purpose, we offer audit days with analyses and best practices around your CRM system.

Our consultants pass on practical knowledge to you: from a wide variety of CRM projects and industries or about CRM functions and the administration of GEDYS IntraWare software. At the end of an audit, we present the results of the analysis and concrete suggestions for optimization in the form of an audit report.

  • Analysis of faults and technical settings in the CRM system
  • Analysis of address quality and duplicates
  • Process analysis
  • Function deployment analysis
  • User acceptance interviews
  • Audit protocol with results and concrete optimization proposals
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Good training brings fast ROI

Practical training for your employees

An important success factor for your IT investment is trained and motivated employees. According to the 70-20-10 model of the “Center for creative Leadership” in the USA, people learn in different ways. They should definitely be supported in this process, because active motivation ensures that what is learned is put into practice.

Learning as a team with training from GEDYS-IntraWare
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In their day-to-day work, employees learn a great deal through “learning by doing” and exchanging ideas with colleagues. You should therefore place your focus on practical training in order to develop employees.

We offer open training in an optimal learning environment. Using practical examples and application scenarios, you will learn how to work confidently with GEDYS IntraWare products. We can train employees quickly and cost-effectively without any organizational effort. Please feel free to ask for individual concepts.

Here’s a look at the usability of the latest CRM software releases.

  • Trainings after the introduction of CRM
  • Training after migrations/ updates
  • Trainings for individual modules
  • Follow-up training for new employees
  • Introduction to programming


We will be happy to advise you on all offers
and products from GEDYS IntraWare.

Lars Bolender, Area Sales Manager, GEDYS IntraWare
Lars Bolender, Area Sales Manager, GEDYS IntraWare

Lars Bolender

Head of Sales & Marketing

for zip code:
70-79 | 88-89 and Switzerland

FON +49 661 9642 440
MOBIL +49 163 7675839

Philip Enders, Gebietsvertriebsleiter der GEDYS IntraWare
Philip Enders, Gebietsvertriebsleiter der GEDYS IntraWare

Philp Enders

Area Sales Manager

for zip codes: 01-09 | 34-36 | 60-65 | 68-69 |
80-87 | 93-94 | 99 and Austria

FON +49 661 9642 418
MOBIL +49 163 7675838

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Hans Jürgen Eilers

Area Sales Manager

For zip code areas: 26-28 | 32-33 | 40-49 |
50-59 | 66-67 | 90-92 and 95-98

FON +49 661 9642 308
MOBIL +49 160 1543642

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Dirk Nordmeier, Area Sales Manager

Dirk Nordmeier

Area Sales Manager

for zip code:
10-25 | 29-31 | 37-39

MOBIL +49 151 11647538


Live. Directly. Free.

We will show you how we work and what we understand by excellent service. We advise you on your individual CRM projects and answer your questions about:

  • your specific CRM project
  • support with your daily tasks
  • special requirements of your industry
  • for CRM implementation in your company
  • our software modules
  • individual adaptations
  • Interfaces & Integrations

The duration of the consultation depends on your requirements. Our consultations are non-binding and do not obligate you to purchase a product.

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