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Here you will find important basic facts about CRM and CRM implementation.
Coming soon also with summaries as downloads!

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In addition to practical reports or CRM tips & tricks, you will also find articles on general digitization topics or GDPR issues here.

Starte CRM-Videos

View the advantages in short film sequences and get to know the GEDYS IntraWare CRM better.

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Use our CRM checklists as small decision-making aids on your way to CRM adoption.

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Our rich expertise from 30 years of CRM practice provides guidance in the form of white papers or e-books.

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Take advantage of our CRM articles, which have been published in the trade press. Find out more here.

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Here you can find important news about our CRM, for example when a new release has been released.

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We provide you with important facts and report on our own practical experiences.

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Here we pass on relevant HCL information to you. This way you can stay up to date.