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  • Digital Signing

    Digital Signing

    For the last two years, the focus has been on digital collaboration and thus on maintaining the ability to work despite contact restrictions and working from home. That’s why digital signing has now become a decisive factor in digital collaboration. Find out more here.

  • Resilience with CRM

    Resilience with CRM

    Can you achieve resilience with CRM as a foundation in business? This question is addressed in the article “Resilience with CRM”. Learn more about the path to greater resilience.

  • CRM Trends 2022

    CRM Trends 2022

    What topics should you keep an eye on in the coming year? Which trends continue to prevail – what’s new? We’ve rounded up five key CRM trends 2022 for you.

  • Customer Lifetime Value

    Customer Lifetime Value

    Focus on your important customers and thus ensure the company’s success for the future. How do you calculate this important customer value? Read the article What is my customer’s value?

  • Beyond Selling – beyond Sales with CRM

    Beyond Selling – beyond Sales with CRM

    The challenges of tomorrow will never let sales stand still. New processes, new technologies and new ways of working require systems that accompany you in the long term. Read what Beyond Selling means.

  • CRM and Collaboration Tools

    CRM and Collaboration Tools

    CRM and Collaboration Tools: It has never been easier to connect CRM and Collaboration tools. To the satisfaction of employees and the IT department. For better processes across company boundaries.

  • CRM for B2E

    CRM for B2E

    CRM for B2E: Why is it worthwhile for companies to optimize B2E management? Definition, benefits and examples can be found here.

  • You need more data quality in CRM!

    You need more data quality in CRM!

    Data quality in CRM: What is data quality in CRM and why is it important? Insights, tips and 11 quality criteria for the correct use of your data can be found here.

  • CRM hosting in Germany

    CRM hosting in Germany

    CRM Hosting in Germany: What is there to know about hosting? What do you need to consider when hosting your cloud CRM solution? And why is CRM hostingin Germany so important? Answers can be read here.

  • Data Governance Act

    Data Governance Act

    What is the Data Governance Act and what are the EU’s objectives by creating a European single data market? You can find out this and what the draft law for the protection of personal data means here.