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CRM for B2E

CRM for B2E: Why is it worthwhile for companies to optimize B2E management? Definition, benefits and examples can be found here.

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CRM hosting in Germany

CRM Hosting in Germany: What is there to know about hosting? What do you need to consider when hosting your cloud CRM solution? And why is CRM hostingin Germany so important? Answers can be read here.

Data Governance Act, Blog-Beitragsbild, GEDYS-IntraWare

Data Governance Act

What is the Data Governance Act and what are the EU’s objectives by creating a European single data market? You can find out this and what the draft law for the protection of personal data means here.

Blog CRM mit Zeiterfassung

CRM with time recording

In many industries, time tracking is of great importance and often the more accurate, the better. However, the detailed recording and processing of times can quickly become a time-eater itself. Here, a CRM with time recordingwill help you.

Blog Beitragsbild CRM mit Ticketssystem

CRM with ticket system

Customers expect even more courteous service in 2020. With growing customer numbers and service requests, systematic processing becomes a challenge in time. A CRM with ticket system ensures smooth service and high employee and customer satisfaction.

Blog Beitrag CRM mit Angebotserstellung

CRM with quotation creation

The creation of quotations and order confirmations is one of the everyday jobs of every company. This makes it all the more useful to make this routine work as efficient as possible. That’s why a CRM with quotation creation is so important.

Blogbeitrags-Bild: CRM mit Routenplanung, GEDYS IntraWare

CRM with route planning

The field service of almost every industry is united by the customer visit. Without having a CRM with route planning, planning routes and tours can become a logistical challenge. Here you will get to know the practice of CRM with route planning.

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