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  • Specifications


    Alongside the specifications, the requirements specification is central to the planning and implementation of a project. It is the most important document for the precise description of the order and for clarifying legal parameters. But what does a specification sheet include and what does a good example of a specification sheet look like? You can…

  • Forecast


    The forecast helps to answer the question of the possible achievement of targets. For this look into the future, sales does not need a crystal ball, but a transparent, data-supported analysis basis – e.g. CRM software with reporting and forecasting functions. Find out more here.

  • Value Selling

    Value Selling

    In addition to price and performance, the individual value or economic benefit of a product is a sales argument that often receives little attention. In this article, you will learn how to recognize the hidden value of your own products and how a CRM can help with value selling. Read more!

  • CRM with project management

    CRM with project management

    CRM with project management offers these advantages: teamwork, synergy, customer satisfaction. For more benefits, see this blog article. Read now!

  • How to achieve your B2B sales goals

    How to achieve your B2B sales goals

    In an ever-changing market, sales goals need to be specific, realistic, and achievable as quickly as possible to keep your sales team competitive. Find out more here.

  • With change management to the new CRM system

    With change management to the new CRM system

    With change management, you as sales management guarantee the successful and efficient implementation of CRM software, keeping employees motivated and supporting your project. Read the article by Lars Bolender, Sales Manager of GEDYS IntraWare.

  • Digital signing

    Digital signing

    For the past two years, the focus has been on digital collaboration and thus maintaining the ability to work despite contact limitations and home offices. That’s why digital signing has now become a critical factor in digital collaboration. Learn more here.

  • Resilience with CRM

    Resilience with CRM

    Can you achieve resilience with CRM as a foundation in business? This question is addressed in the article “Resilience with CRM”. Learn more about the path to greater resilience.

  • CRM trends 2022

    CRM trends 2022

    What topics should you keep an eye on in the coming year? Which trends will continue to prevail – what is new? We have summarized five important CRM trends 2022 for you.

  • Customer Lifetime Value

    Customer Lifetime Value

    Focus on your important customers and thus ensure the company’s success for the future. How do you calculate this important customer value? Read the article What is my customer’s value?