How to extend your CRM system in a meaningful way

Are you looking for a CRM and don’t really know which interfaces and integrations you should value?
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Or do you already have a CRM system and now are looking for inspiration for smart extensions? We explain to you what it is all about and what CRM interfaces and integrations are good for.

Are you about to launch CRM?
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Introduction of a CRM system

CRM interface or integration -
What is the difference?

Many modern business models are accompanied by a wide variety of computer applications and data volumes. For a comprehensive overview of all business processes, however, it is unfavorable if the accumulating data is located in different places – this makes it difficult to evaluate it centrally across all applications.

For efficient work and insightful evaluations and comparisons, it is important that the individual applications can exchange data with each other. This results in a holistic picture for you.

Such data transfer usually takes place via CRM interfaces or integrations. These are two different ways to exchange data between applications.

  • Interface is a simplified transition between two separate systems that are written in different code languages and manage their data differently – much like a bridge. The exchange of information between applications takes place via a common language. Interfaces can be their own tools or can already be included within a software.
  • Integrations are understood as the direct link between different software products and a complete solution. The linked parts use the same code and database.

You can read more details in our blog article “Interface or Integration – More Power in your CRM software“.

Which data transfer should you choose?

Because your business applications perform data transfer from the user unseen in the background, you will hardly notice the difference between crm interfaces and integrations.

Finally, the decision depends on these questions:

  • What are your company’s goals?
  • What safety regulations need to be observed?
  • What technology do your individual systems use?
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Depending on how you answer these questions, one or the other option will be recommended to you. In their functions, the advantages and disadvantages of CRM interfaces and integrations differ on the one hand in the speed and convenience of synchronization – i.e. the data exchange – as well as in the flexibility to be able to change individual sub-elements in the overall system.

You can read more details in our blog article “Interface or Integration – More Power in your CRM software“.

The classic one: data transfer between CRM and ERP

CRM interfaces and integrations provide more digital support for employees.

ERP and CRM systems serve different areas and tasks of the company. But their coupling brings significant benefits for daily work – not only in sales.

  • Provide sales information about payment behavior, reminder status, credit rating, delivery times or returns from the ERP system in the customer file of the CRM software
  • Synchronize the master data created in the ERP system with the CRM system
  • You provide item master data, currency information, payment and delivery terms from ERP for creating opportunities and quotes in CRM
  • Orders are transferred from CRM to the ERP for logistics and invoicing
  • Sales department receives information about the delivery status from the ERP in CRM

Get an idea of the added value of integrating CRM and ERP through CRM interfaces and integrations.

Further practical examples

Where do CRM interfaces and integrations actually benefit you?

There are a variety of applications for system links. In everyday work, an interface or integration can save work steps, enable advanced evaluations or support clearer and more efficient processes.

Different interfaces and integrations in the CRM system are therefore available for each business unit.

Read the following article for more insight into the specific help CRM provides in combination with interfaces and integrations.

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