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With our extensive expertise from 30 years of customer management, we can offer you many orientation aids.
As an e-book or white paper, we have put answers to common questions into compact form. Well-informed, you can make important decisions more easily and reach your goals faster.

Free info bundle

CRM info bundle: Save time with GEDYS IntraWare and download all the info on 1x!
CRM white papers & e-books 17

CRM info bundle

Save time now and download the most important information bundled!

Contains all the relevant information about the introduction of a CRM system that you should know before starting a CRM project.

  • E-book: What is a CRM system?
  • E-book: CRM selection with system
  • E-Book: In 15 stages to CRM
  • Checklist: CRM Requirements & Specifications
  • Whitepaper: 7 Insider Tips for CRM Managers
  • Checklist: Job advertisement CRM-Manager
  • Template: Job advertisement CRM-Manager
  • Checklist: ROI Comparison

Free e-books

E-book: What is a CRM?, small cover photo on tablet
CRM white papers & e-books 18

E-book: What is a CRM?

You can download the summary of the information on our CRM wiki page “What is a CRM?” here.

E-book: CRM selection with system, cover image on a tablet
CRM white papers & e-books 19

E-book: CRM selection with system

You can download the contents of our CRM wiki page “CRM Selection with System” here as PDF.

Cover photo of E-Book In 15 stages to CRM on a tablet
CRM white papers & e-books 20

E-book: In 15 stages to CRM

From the idea to the successful CRM practice. Here we put together some of our most important tips for your CRM introduction.

small front page of A CRM Christmas Story by GEDYS IntraWare
CRM white papers & e-books 21

E-book: A CRM Christmas Story

Why is CRM important? You can find out in 5 entertaining chapters (in German language only).

Free white papers

Cover photo with shadow to white paper "7 Tips for CRM Manager" by GEDYS IntraWare
CRM white papers & e-books 22

White paper: 7 Insider Tips for CRM Managers

In every company, valuable data treasures lie dormant, which lie hidden or unconsciously ignored. Make this data usable.

Whitepaper xRM, small cover with shadows
CRM white papers & e-books 23

White paper: xRM

What is xRM (Any Relationship Management) and why do you need it? The white paper explains the difference to CRM and how you can gain even more overview with xRM.

Whitepaper visit reports via smartphone, small cover with shadow
CRM white papers & e-books 24

White paper: Quick visit reports via smartphone

Dictate thoughts or ideas directly into your mobile phone and the information is right in CRM? Read here how this works!

Free case studies

Reference Franco Fresco, small logo Gustavo Gusto
CRM white papers & e-books 25

Case study: Gustaco Gusto of Franco Fresco GmbH & Co.

With the GEDYS IntraWare CRM, Gustavo Gusto achieves optimal sales management. Find out more here!

Logo of Deutsche Bahn for reference of DB Communication Technology
CRM white papers & e-books 26

Case study: Deutsche Bahn Communication Technology

Read here how DB Communication Technology has improved sales processes with the GEDYS IntraWare CRM.

Reference Christian Bauer, Logo coloured
CRM white papers & e-books 27

Case study: Christian Bauer (metal industry)

The internationally positioned family-owned company is entering the digital future with foresight and GEDYS IntraWare software.

Reference Berndorf Band, Logo Berndorf Ribbon Transparent Background, GEDYS IntraWare
CRM white papers & e-books 28

Case study: Berndorf Band Group (metal industry)

The Group modernized with us its sales and service processes worldwide. Find out more here!

Logo Hurco coloured
CRM white papers & e-books 29

Case study: Hurco Machine Machines Ltd.

With our CRM software, Hurco digitized, optimized and automated numerous processes in service, sales and marketing. Find out More!

Reference Sprinz, Logo colored
CRM white papers & e-books 30

Case study: Sprinz
(glass industry)

With our CRM solution, the company has simplified its internal communication processes. More information can be found here.

Reference Pöschel Tobacco, Logo colored
CRM white papers & e-books 31

Case study: Pöschel Tobacco

Pöschel Tabak tells the paper economy adé! The special CRM solution from GEDYS IntraWare now optimizes the processes in the company. Download now and learn more!

Customer reference Marburg wallpaper, logo Marburg
CRM white papers & e-books 32

Case study: Marburg wallpaper factory

Our special CRM solution optimizes the tenders and construction projects of the Marburg wallpaper factory. Read more here.