for satisfied customers.

Loyal customers will recommend you.


A CRM for Service & IT improves your customer service.

With GEDYS IntraWare CRM for Service & IT, you can manage your entire planning process and make your customer service more successful. With all the information about the customer and their enquiries, the purchased products and known problems, time and task management and reminders – also on the go. Your team is more productive and solves orders faster at the customer’s site. This increases customer satisfaction.
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“Our daily work is without the
CRM system of GEDYS IntraWare is no longer imaginable.”

Richard Hörmann, Director Customer Support of Hurco Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Perfect customer service on site

100 practical knowledge is always with you.

Actively shaping your daily work routine on the road

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CRM für den Service und IT: Eine optimale Kundenbetreuung von unterwegs

Optimal customer support on the go. Even without a network connection.

For on-site order processing, you can log calls, edit tickets, and view all data, including from inventory, contract or knowledge documents. No matter where you are.

1. Always well informed: Caller ID & CRM 360°

2. Top services on the tour: perimeter search & route planning

3. Save time:voice input, business card scan & file upload


1. Simply download from the App Store
2. Test with provided demo data
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More customer satisfaction. More growth.

Your service is crucial.

Today’s customers demand a seamless, positive customer experience. To do this, you need a networked overall picture in the service with all data on purchased products, contracts and documents from support, customer service or sales. CRM for Service & IT takes over the routine activities and ensures the necessary transparency with the pragmatic customer file.

All experiences at the contact points with your company determine customer loyalty:

Customer Journey mit Kontaktpunkten
With GEDYS IntraWare CRM for Service & IT, you can track the entire customer journey from prospect to loyal customer. And know what he expects from you. You can reach out to the customer in an optimally informed manner. For perfect services as well as for quick action in case of complaints and complaints.

Make your customers smile.

With optimal processes. With suitable service.

To do this, you need automation, CRM 360° and empathetic employees.
CRM for Service & IT supports you.

Manage tickets and meet customers positively

Customer enquiries via your website, social media and by e-mail will receive an immediate confirmation with ticket number and contact person. An initial feedback that pleases the customer. You don’t waste any time. All relevant information is available to you to process the ticket. Contracts, purchased products, employees with the appropriate skills and their dates, know-how documents.

Finally, send a summary of the problem and the solutions measures at the touch of a button.

Planning of the field service

The planning cockpit displays all tickets to be processed. Also all service personnel and their skills, whether they are available or close to a customer. At a glance, you can see which employee can be used for which case. The information is immediately available, you only enter appointments. Memories are self-evident. Appointment surveys over the Internet shorten your appointment with customers.

Escalation management ensures that customer requests are not forgotten.

CRM 360°

Customer enquiries, complaints, complaints in an electronic customer file and with all data from support, customer service, sales and marketing show you the complete contact management. Includes contracts or purchased products. As an optimally informed employee, you can react empathetically And the more intensively you can respond to the customer, the happier he will be.


Visit suggestions, follow-ups, escalations, and workflows speed up your service processes. You also subscribe to News Feeds to automatically receive updates on customers, projects, requests, or solutions.

Colleague CRM thinks of everything and informs you as desired about all activities related to a customer or project.

Gain insights

Dashboards help you figure out what you need to improve. What are the problems? What improvements are we want? For perfect service management.

Customer Center

Your customers log in, make their inquiries and see the status of the processing. An integrated knowledge management helps 24×7 with self-help.

More information?

Your customer service sets you apart. How to improve customer satisfaction with a CRM for Service & IT.

Meeting customer expectations

With CRM for Service & IT.

It advertises the processes and provides all information about the customer.
CRM für Service und IT verbessert Ihren Kundendienst

With the know-how documents, the skill database, the service team calendar and the text modules and templates centrally stored in the CRM software, you can put together professional solutions in just a few seconds. All relevant customer and contract data automatically ends up in the answer.

With just one click, you can convert your ticket into a ready-to-send email that you send directly from the GEDYS IntraWare CRM to the customer.

Planning cockpit

Planning cockpit for the field service

GEDYS IntraWare CRM brings the facts to your screen.
CRM für Service und IT: Planungscockpit für den Außendienst
CRM for Service & IT combines all information for optimal operational planning.

Which tickets are to be planned?

Which employee has the necessary skills?

Who is nearby with the customer?

Who is available when?

What about the sales goals?

CRM for Service & IT is a gain

Use resources consciously

With skill database, service calendar, perimeter search, and route planner.

Working according to a proven method

Define an approach model in the sense of an editing process with the right questions and answers.

Focus on customer satisfaction

with all information about the customer. So that it can be operated individually.

Analyses and forecasts

Analytical CRM provides you with the figures and trends as a basis for improving customer satisfaction.

Current ticket overview

No matter which channel the customer contacts you.

Your IT help desk

For quick help.
For cheerful colleagues.

GEDYS IntraWare CRM for Service & IT manages all incoming user requests and hands them over to freelance help desk staff. If desired, according to the respective skill.


Professional tracking gives the support staff an accurate overview of the previous history, such as problems with the same employee that have already been fixed or information provided by the employee about the current problem. But also to the existing inventory in the workplace.


Help desk support can be provided e.g. by phone, via e-mail or by means of software (e.g. via remote maintenance, live support system).


Change management supports the entire process in the event of changes in the infrastructure: from planning, approval, implementation, control to documentation of the process.

Fully exploit the potential of the CRM.

Collaborative CRM, both internally and externally.

For the best customer experience, all colleagues who are in contact with customers must always be up-to-date and work together as a team – across departments and across companies.
Notes and News Feeds
Notes and news feeds keep you up to date on customers, projects, service cases, know-how, etc.
Central Task & Document Management
So that all colleagues are on the same level.
Appointment calendar and management
can plan. Remain meaningful: Manage customer and employee appointments with the calendar.
Email management
All incoming and outgoing e-mails about service cases centrally in CRM. And in your mailbox,all CRM information about the sender. Also transactions, with BusinessMail4SAP®.

Quick return on investment.

Cost-effective, effective, fast, intuitive – features that a CRM should bring to the service. Here are some examples of ROI viewing:

Free of Charge

Free basic CRM

Ready to go in five minutes

Local installation

Maximum 5 licenses

No runtime limit

59 Euros

Per user (24 months term)

Complete CRM suite

Web CRM plus Hosting

From 10 licenses

Hosting in German Datacenter

Price on request

Individual solutions

Integrations as needed

Core-update independent

From 10 licenses

App. Monitoring as desired

We speak your language.

Benefit from 30 CRM years and the corresponding project experience.

You benefit from our knowledge of current topics and proven processes. Reports about our projects can be found under customers and Industries.
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