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In addition to the rapid response to market developments, competent customer support is also a challenge. It is particularly important for companies operating internationally, but also nationally, to rely on a uniform knowledge base and administration that is hardly possible without CRM.

Maintaining the top position in digitalization

According to the Digitalisierungsindex Mittelstand (Digitalization index for small and medium-sized enterprises), the industrial sector is still at the top of the list of sectors, when it comes to digital transformation. Now it must stick with it and follow suit, because the pressure on industry will continue to increase in the coming years due to global competition and increasing regulation.

In order to continue to compete in the industry, you need to keep up with the new developments. With regard to artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and the increasing individualization, for example in the form of mass customization, it is high time to focus on digitization. The CRM is a good start for the industry.

With our CRM software, you are taking a significant step towards the future that will pay off. You manage your customer data centrally and clearly. This not only enables the meaningful evaluation of your data, with which you can read trends and needs from the behavior of your customers, but also promotes the cooperation and productivity of your employees. Processes will be simplified, customer satisfaction strengthened and sales increased.

Competent customer support over 360°

High quality counts not only for your products, but also for customer support. Today, the satisfaction of your customers depends above all on fast response times and targeted advice. Central, transparent adherement and rapid retrieval of information as well as customer-friendly business processes are indispensable for this.

With our CRM for the industry, this becomes a breeze for your employees.

Efficiency and structure in the process

Clear, goal-oriented processes in all business areas ensure efficient time utilization and clear data structures. Automation facilitates daily routine tasks, comprehensive integrations of various applications provide the necessary overview.

This provides enormous support, for example in appointment management, release processes or quotation creation.

Analyses and reports at the touch of a button

You don’t collect data for fun. Our CRM for industry also takes care of the targeted evaluation and visual processing of analyses or reports for you. Based on meaningful key figures, you make informed decisions for the success of your company.

Maintaining customers individually

Trends like Mass Customization rely on involving your customers directly in the value chain. This requires smooth interaction. Our CRM system supports you by centralized, transparent management and retention of all correspondence.

Unified business processes

In order to provide your customers with a consistently positive experience, it is particularly important, that the same conditions are applied at all contact points.

Our CRM for industry therefore enables you, to easily integrate various business areas (e.g. merchandise management, accounting, field service) and business branches (e.g. subsidiaries, locations, partners).

All actions are based on the same knowledge base and on uniform business processes. An extensive rights and role system provides the necessary access management.

Mobile and flexible with cloud technology

In frenetic times, as now, it is important to be adaptable and agile. As a result, companies are increasingly relying on cloud solutions. These enable flexible responses to changing needs of their business at low cost.

Because you only pay what you consume, you’ll save extensive investments in your IT infrastructure. You can expand or reduce your number of users without much effort.

In addition, a CRM for industry as a cloud solution creates the basis for the required mobility of your employees. Whether it’s data access for your sales and service representatives or agile collaboration in national teams, our cloud CRM solution prepares you for everything.

The Digitalisierungsindex Mittelstand also shows that in 87% of the companies cloud platforms have a positive impact on the availability and performance of IT services. The cloud also facilitates access to technologies such as IoT, machine learning or blockchain.

In case there is no internet connection, our CRM system even offers offline functionality. Changes are then easily synchronized the next time you connect to the server.



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We start where you are currently with your CRM project. Together, we will compare your requirements with our practical experience in customer relationship management. Our CRM professionals will advise you free of charge on the way to your individual CRM for the industry.

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Digitize now and keep up with competitive pressure

In order to remain competitive in the long term, it is high time to start digitalization and focus on your customers. The CRM system from GEDYS IntraWare supports you in a variety of ways.

Start quickly.

Understanding your customers

Thanks to the central and transparent access of all your employees to the structured digital customer file, nothing stands in the way of the satisfaction of your customers.

The CRM for the industry of GEDYS IntraWare helps your employees to always have the relevant information just a few clicks away in order to support your customers individually and purposefully.

A unified basis

Base all actions related to your business on the same knowledge base. With extensive rights and role systems, different departments, but also locations or partners can be easily linked together.

Optimal processes

Smooth and uniform processes support the comprehensive maintenance of your data and make everyday life easier for all involved. Automations and workflows make processes more efficient, take work away, and allow more time for inferences and proactive customer support.

Extend wisely.

Optimum networking

The introduction of a CRM system usually starts in the sales department. After that, the connection of further departments such as service and marketing takes place step by step.

The goal is the optimal networking of the entire company, so that the data and functions of the CRM system can be used centrally and transparently by all.

Expanding your goal
Individual solutions for your industry

The industrial sector includes a wide range of products and processes. We are aware of this. Therefore, in our references you will find first examples of our developments for the industry, of which we would like to introduce you to some more personally.

If necessary, we will work with you to develop tools that exactly meet your requirements. Find out more about our top service under CRM consulting and contacts.

Use integration.

Short distances for optimal results

Unleash the full potential of your CRM system by integrating your applications in the best possible way via interfaces, such as your existing ERP or merchandise management system. This way, you can efficiently access all relevant data via a system.

CRM plus online services

Widgets make it easy to integrate online services such as, or Google Maps into your system. This collaboration between CRM for industry and online services, for example, makes it easier for service technicians to plan routes.

Integrated Telephony (CTI)

CTI makes your day-to-day phone life easier. With one click, the phone number is dialed – for incoming calls, the caller and his digital customer file appear directly on the desktop. This ability to provide information makes your customers happy and satisfied.

Collaboration with other tools (excerpt)
  • Document Management System & Document Archiving
  • CleverReach (Email Campaigns & Newsletter Shipping)
  • Business Intelligence via e.g. Qlikview
  • Business card scan with Abbyy
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To start with CRM.

The basis in CRM for industry: Contact management allows you to take a 360° view of your customers. They qualify new prospects. They collect all data on customers, suppliers and partners centrally and transparently, as well as detailed all processes as history. Information can be found ad-hoc with intelligent search functions.

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