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To be successful with transparent information and processes

CRM for the industry creates a unified knowledge base and management that provides the basis for competent customer support

  • Easy integration of different business areas possible
  • Consistent business processes ensure smooth interaction
  • this creates positive customer experiences at all contact points

Data analysis as a guarantee of success

According to the German Digitization Index for SMEs (Digitalisierungsindex Mittelstand) the industrial sector is currently in 4th place in the industry comparison in terms of digital transformation. The pandemic was the driving force behind digitization in many areas. Increased investments have been made in mobile devices and mobile access to applications such as online conferencing solutions and collaboration tools for the home office. The focus was also on the digitization of customer relationships in order to be able to advise and sell online, as well as on data analyses as a basis for targeted measures in marketing or for the development of new business areas.

This is exactly where you start with GEDYS IntraWare CRM for the industry and take a significant step towards the future that will pay off. You manage your customer data centrally and clearly. This not only enables the meaningful evaluation of your data, with which you can read trends and needs from the behavior of your customers, but also promotes the collaboration and productivity of your employees, not only in the home office. Processes are simplified, customer satisfaction is strengthened and sales are increased. Video conferencing for individual conversations, presentations or group meetings and simple scheduling directly from the CRM are available as standard in the software.

Competent customer support over 360°

High quality counts not only for your products, but also for customer support. Today, the satisfaction of your customers depends above all on fast response times and targeted advice.

Fast retrieval of information and customer-friendly processes are essential for this. With our CRM for the industry, this becomes a breeze for your employees.

Efficiency and structure in the process

Clear, goal-oriented processes and clear data structures in all areas of your company ensure efficient time utilization. Automations facilitate everyday routine tasks, comprehensive integrations of various applications provide the necessary overview. This provides enormous support, for example in appointment management, release processes or quotation creation.

Unified business processes

In order to provide your customers with a consistently positive experience, it is particularly important that the same conditions are applied at all contact points.

Our CRM for industry therefore enables you to easily integrate various business areas (e.g. merchandise management, accounting, field service) and business branches (e.g. subsidiaries, locations, partners).

All actions are based on the same knowledge base and on uniform business processes. An extensive rights and role system provides the necessary access management.

Maintaining customers individually

Trends like Mass Customization rely on involving your customers directly in the value chain. This requires smooth interaction. Our CRM system supports you by centralized, transparent management and retention of all correspondence.

Analyses and reports at the touch of a button

They collect and store your data centrally and evaluate it in a targeted manner. The visual preparation of analyses or reports is carried out by our CRM for industry with the help of dashboards & reports. Based on your meaningful key figures, you make informed decisions for the success of your company. If you want to use additional tools, you can use our interfaces and integrations and if necessary, we will connect further tools for you.

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Mobile and flexible with cloud technology

With the current rapid developments, it is important to be adaptable and agile. As a result, companies are increasingly relying on cloud solutions. These enable flexible responses to changing needs of your business at low cost.

You only pay for what you consume, save yourself extensive investments in your IT infrastructure and can expand or reduce your number of users with little effort.

In addition, a CRM for industry as a cloud solution creates the basis for the required mobility of your employees. Whether it’s data access for your sales and service representatives or agile collaboration in national teams, our cloud CRM solution prepares you for everything.

The Digitization Index for SMEs of 2019 already showed that cloud platforms had a positive effect on the availability and performance of IT services in 87% of companies. In addition, the cloud facilitates access to technologies such as IoT, blockchain or machine learning.

In the event that there is no internet connection, our CRM system even offers offline functionality. Changes are then easily synchronized the next time you connect to the server.

CRM for industry: Contribution screen on cloud technology
Industry 12

Digitize now and keep up with competitive pressure

In order to remain competitive in the long term, it is high time to start digitalization and focus on your customers. The CRM system from GEDYS IntraWare supports you in a variety of ways.

With uniform data for all:

  • Base all actions related to your business on the same knowledge base. Access to it is regulated by an extensive rights and role system. This makes it easy to link different departments, but also locations or partners.
  • In addition, central and transparent access helps your employees on the structured, digital customer file in the individual, targeted support of your customers. In CRM for industry, information is always available with just a few clicks.
  • Smooth and uniform processes support the extensive maintenance of your data, especially important with regard to later evaluations.
  • Automations and workflows make processes more efficient, reduce work and leave more time for conclusions and proactive support of your customers.

Optimal networking:

  • The introduction of a CRM system usually starts in the sales department. After that, the connection of further departments such as service and marketing takes place step by step. The goal is the optimal networking of the entire company so that data and functions of the CRM system can be used centrally and transparently by everyone.
  • Expand purposefully with further modules, for example with:
    Dashboards & Reports for analyses across all data systems
    CRM for Service & IT for perfect customer service
    CRM in Marketing for event and marketing campaigns
    Mobile CRM App for your field service
  • Of course, you can also choose the complete package right from the start.
  • Download our all-in-one package here for more information:
    Product flyer download
  • It is best to discuss special solutions for your industry or adjustments directly with one of our experts:
    CRM Consulting & Contacts

Short distances for optimal results:

  • Exploit the full potential of your CRM system by extending your applications in the best possible way via interfaces and integrations and, for example, by integrating your existing ERP or merchandise management system. This way, you can efficiently access all relevant data via one system.
  • We have already connected more than 50 systems, available here as a download list: Interfaces and Integrations. We are constantly expanding this list and will connect other systems as required.
  • Widgets make it easy to integrate online services such as, or Google Maps into your system. This collaboration of CRM for industry and online services, for example, makes route planning easier for your service technicians.
  • CTI (Computer Telephony) makes your everyday telephone life easier. With one click, the phone number is dialed. For incoming calls, the caller and his digital customer file appear directly on the desktop. The associated fast information ability of your employees makes your customers happy.
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Achievements with
CRM for industry

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Worldwide modernization of sales and service processes

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Metal industry

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Improve customer support with digitized sales processes

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Metal industry

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Industry 15

Transparent workflows for the entire company

Kienle & Spiess
Metal industry

To start with CRM

The basis in CRM for industry: Contact management allows you to take a 360° view of your customers.
This way you can easily qualify new prospects. They collect all data on customers, suppliers and partners centrally and transparently, as well as detailed processes as history. Information can be found ad-hoc with intelligent search functions.

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