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Counteracting declines in orders:
Creating more stable relationships through greater customer proximity

Increasing customer loyalty with more agility and reliability in handling customer concerns

With CRM in mechanical and plant engineering to more customer proximity, GEDYS-IntraWare
With CRM in mechanical and plant engineering to more customer proximity, GEDYS-IntraWare

Cost pressure, shortage of skilled workers & decline in orders: Negative sales development expected for this year – take countermeasures!

In its December 2022 PwC Mechanical Engineering Barometer, leading auditing firm PwC noted that inflation continues to put pressure on the German economy. It identified a negative attitude among respondents to the economic trend in Germany, with an expected industry sales decline of -2.9%. In fact, according to the VDMA, declining order intake in the machinery and plant engineering sector will characterize the situation at the beginning of 2023. Despite a slight easing in supply chains, there are reports of inadequate supplies of resources as well as an increase in costs, which will have an impact on price development.Added to this is the dwindling supply of skilled workers; according to VDMA data, there are currently no 14,000 positions not filled.

Tools to successfully manage your business:

Customers & machines in 360° overview

  • Central database provides precise, uniform information for all employees on customers, suppliers, partners & employees as well as on machines
  • Access at any time, from any device and any place
  • Access controllable with roles & rights system
  • Fast response times to inquiries ensure satisfied customers
  • Maintenance contracts & licenses always remain in view via widget technology
  • colored traffic light system shows status to a project or machine
  • Alerts can be activated via push messages on mobile devices
  • Automations save time (e.g. CRM informs about activities related to a customer or project, reminders ensure that deadlines are met)

Efficient service & maintenance processes

  • Manage maintenance contracts for sold machines and rental models
  • Display proactive maintenance cases automatically
  • Fast & reliable organization of service case processing and related on-site appointments via calendar & schedule function
  • Optimal route planning for service technician assignments from CRM
  • Capture visit reports on the go using the CRM app’s voice entry feature
  • create drafts offline and save them at next online connection
  • Automatically route customer requests to the ticket system via websites, social media, or email. Current processing status visible for customers upon login. ticket system additionally provides valuable approaches for improvements
  • integrated knowledge management helps 24×7 to help themselves.

Counteracting the shortage of skilled workers

  • In-house knowledge transfer via central data storage to support development and training of own workforce
  • Creation of knowledge databases, deposit & use of internal training & course materials and online webinars or videos.
  • Efficient management of participants in courses offered by external training providers or educational institutes, documentation of results
  • Cross-site collaboration with external employees
  • Support HR department in recruiting & onboarding new employees via email integration, video calls and seamless documentation of contracts

Integrated project management

  • Manage any type of project and process, not only in sales or service, but in all departments
  • As a project leader, assign tasks to team members & create timelines.
  • Resource management support through calendar functions, workload overviews & project scheduling
  • Track project progress via integrated traffic light function & dashboard for schedule & cost control
  • Other supporting functions such as project structure, critical path and Gantt chart

Sustainability & resource conservation

  • Build material and supplier databases, change and find replacements faster in case of failures and bottlenecks
  • Display, monitor & report resource consumption and savings over defined time periods or areas with dashboads, identify vulnerabilities and take countermeasures
  • Plan and control individual measures to increase sustainability & resource conservation in project management and track progress

Assistance in the development of export markets

  • Cross-site collaboration possible via central database
  • via CRM app worldwide exchange of information in the shortest possible time
  • Email integration, video call & chat capabilities for global communication
  • Transparent documentation of all processes & projects in CRM
  • Definition & use of uniform processes & workflows for all sites
  • easy customization for additional languages (default: German & English)
  • Deposit & use of multilingual templates facilitate daily business

Analyses for the targeted development of measures

  • Collect and use consistently maintained CRM data to identify & assess strengths, weaknesses, potentials and risks
  • Define & monitor KPIs, whether for orders, projects, sales, costs, material or energy consumption: diverse evaluations possible via Dashboards and Reports
  • Data from external sources can also be analyzed via API
  • different graphical representations of the results
  • Various filters provide valuable insights
  • Set up reports & send regular reports by mail

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Strengthen your resilience with CRM and xRM:

Processes digitized with GEDYS IntraWare CRM make it possible to work more effectively, save time, costs and resources, and counteract the shortage of skilled workers. You use analyses and evaluations to identify promising projects and customers, focus on them, and ensure that customer requirements are better understood and met. Because with stable customer loyalty, you become more resilient in the long term. If you use change management for CRM implementation, the software will be quickly accepted by all employees and previously set goals will be achieved.

With uniform data for all:

  • GEDYS IntraWare CRM in Mechanical and Plant Engineering provides centralized data storage, support for efficient workflows, options for well-structured digital customer data, and tools to foster collaboration across the enterprise.
  • Perfect teamwork is ensured by functions such as video calls, chats, appointment overviews, reminders, tasks, serial tasks and automations.
  • All data is also available to you on the go via the mobile CRM app available.
  • In contact management, not only are all details and processes relating to customers, partners, suppliers or competitors stored, but also those relating to internal and external employees (= xRM).
  • The data protection guidelines of the EU-GDPR are 100% taken into account.

Evolutionary instead of revolutionary:

  • As a rule, the use begins with CRM in sales.
  • For teamwork and process optimizations, it is crucial that you involve other areas.
  • With CRM in Marketing, CRM for Service & IT or Dashboards & Reports you get extended functions, for example for
    the creation of offers
    Your marketing actions
    Your customer service
    Your statistics and analysis
  • Of course, you can also choose the complete package from the beginning.
  • Download our all-in-one package here for more information:
    Product Flyer Download
  • Special solutions for your industry or customizations are best discussed directly with one of our experts:
    CRM Consulting & Contacts

SAP and other ERP systems:

  • Provide users with important ERP information in the CRM system. Your sales department gets access to delivery bills, invoices and open items thanks to JDBC or SAP interface.
  • Tie in other systems like email integration (video: CRM Outlook Integration)
  • Choose from the more than 50 systems you need (Download list: Interfaces and Integrations.
  • We connect systems required by you as needed.
  • Digital web services make organizational work easier: Integrate services from, Google Maps, HRS and others. This makes it easier to realize field service appointments.
  • Thanks to CTI, you save time on daily phone calls because you dial the phone number with one click . For incoming calls, the CRM system automatically displays the caller with all digital documentation.

Optimum planning for the use of your service technicians

With the planning cockpit in GEDYS IntraWare CRM, you have an overview of all service tickets and the service team’s deployment calendar

Drag and drop to assign a ticket to the technician who has the required knowledge for the repair. Immediately, this service technician is informed by the CRM system about his new order – with all details about the service case and any machine specifications.

Service technicians in the field can view their data on the go on a laptop, tablet or smartphone – both online and offline. Digital signatures via touch function are also possible. This means that information paths between employees are short and planning is optimally coordinated. If a technician is ill, this is displayed in color in the appointment overview. Easy deployment planning thanks to CRM in mechanical and plant engineering.

CRM im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, Fertigung mit Robotern, GEDYS IntraWare

Successes with
CRM in mechanical and plant engineering

GEDYS IntraWare customer reference: Hurco logo
GEDYS IntraWare customer reference: Hurco logo
Service, sales & marketing optimized

Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo of Rekers
Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo of Rekers
Customer support 3.0 for sales

Rekers Ltd.
Mechanical and plant engineering.

Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo of Kienle und Spiess
Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo of Kienle und Spiess

Kienle + Spiess
Stamped and die-cast parts

Get started quickly with the cloud CRM solution

Our Coud CRM Solution is a Software as a Service model. It means that for using the CRM software you do not have to pay any additional
need IT resources in their own company. The calculation is made in the form of a monthly rental fee per user. Work securely from your Internet browser – from any device, anywhere, anytime. You will receive all the services you need for the rapid and successful introduction of a CRM system and will always be kept up to date via regular updates.

Thumbnail for the video: Brief insight into GEDYS IntraWare CRM software
Thumbnail for the video: Brief insight into GEDYS IntraWare CRM software

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