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Strengths in a nutshell.

With CRM for mechanical and plant engineering, you always have both customers and machines in view

  • the cooperation of employees, partners and suppliers is simplified
  • Office and field staff are in contact at all times and from any location, whether regional, national or international
  • Service calls and maintenance processes are organized reliably and quickly, which satisfies your customers
CRM in mechanical and plant engineering: strengths in a nutshell
CRM in mechanical and plant engineering: strengths in a nutshell

Tight supply chains, competitive pressure from Asia, and
Increase in exports despite crisis

According to the VDMA, the machinery and plant engineering sector managed to increase its machinery exports by more than 20% in the last half of 2021 despite the logistics bottlenecks caused by the pandemic, the associated shortage of materials and despite the high pressure from the world export champion China. One reason for this positive development lies primarily in the increasing digitization, seen as an opportunity for the development of new business models.

New business models often require a new kind of teamwork among employees, suppliers and partners across company boundaries. But there is also an improvement in internal processes, because employees have to organize themselves differently and work more closely with partners abroad. What is needed, therefore, are appropriate communication options. The forms of communication to customers and interested parties must also be adapted to the new circumstances. CRM in mechanical and plant engineering offers support here with its modules and functions.

Customer and machine over 360° in view

In mechanical and plant engineering, operational processes are particularly dependent on fast response times and precise information. If a machine is paralyzed, this can interfere with the entire production process. This makes it all the more important to keep a close eye on customers and machines in order to be able to react as quickly and precisely as possible in the event of an emergency.

Efficient internal processes, service & maintenance processes

Optimized sales and service processes not only help keep track of the situation, they also ensure fast and reliable organization. Your customer will thank you if you deal with service cases quickly and perform maintenance reliably. Know exactly who is needed where and when – this is how you ensure customer satisfaction.

Consistent processes

As in many industries, international corporations are not uncommon in plant and mechanical engineering. Transparent processes across nations are particularly important to ensure that communication within the company runs smoothly. Workflows, multilingual templates and optimized processes help you to achieve this. In addition, with our mobile CRM app information can be exchanged worldwide in the shortest possible time.

Differentiated evaluations for targeted insights

Whether it’s process optimization, opportunity or forecast: With our CRM Software for mechanical and plant engineering, you not only collect a wealth of data – such as through automated time recording – with Dashboards and Reports you also have a wide range of options for evaluating it.

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Optimum planning for the use of your service technicians

With the planning cockpit in GEDYS IntraWare CRM you have all service tickets
and the deployment calendar of the service team at a glance

Drag and drop to assign a ticket to the technician who has the required knowledge for the repair. Immediately, this service technician is informed by the CRM system about his new order – with all details about the service case and any machine specifications.

Service technicians in the field can also view their data on the move on a laptop, tablet or smartphone – both online and offline. Thus, the information channels between the employees are short and the planning is optimally coordinated. If a technician is ill, this is shown in color in the appointment overview. Easy deployment planning thanks to CRM in mechanical and plant engineering.

Targeted communication with CRM for pharma and life sciences
Mechanical- & plant engineering 12

Control the success in your company dynamically

Business processes digitized with GEDYS IntraWare CRM make it possible to better achieve set goals: they usually lead to higher revenues and earnings, lower costs, faster growth and larger profit margins. Use the Consideration to ROI of CRM systems to check the benefits of CRM in mechanical and plant engineering.

With uniform data for all:

  • To remain competitive, you need efficient workflows and a central information base, with which GEDYS IntraWare CRM supports you in mechanical and plant engineering.
  • With the well-structured digital customer file, the software promotes collaboration. It is also available to you on the go via Mobile CRM App available. In contact management, not only are all the details and transactions relating to customers, partners, suppliers or competitors stored, but also those relating to internal and external employees (= xRM).
  • The data protection guidelines of the EU-GDPR are 100% taken into account.
  • With CRM, you create structured processes throughout the entire company. Appointment overviews, reminders, tasks, serial tasks, escalation and news feeds ensure perfect teamwork.

Evolutionary instead of revolutionary:

  • As a rule, the use begins with CRM in sales.
  • For teamwork and process optimizations, it is crucial that you involve other areas. With CRM in marketing, CRM for Service & IT or Dashboards & Reports you get extended functions, for example for
    the creation of offers
    Your marketing actions
    Your customer service
    Your statistics and analysis
  • Of course, you can also choose the complete package from the beginning.
  • Download our all-in-one package here for more information:
    Product Flyer Download
  • Special solutions for your industry or customizations are best discussed directly with one of our experts:
    CRM Consulting & Contacts

SAP and other ERP systems:

  • Provide users with important information in the CRM system that they cannot otherwise view. For example, thanks to the JDBC or SAP interface, your sales department can access delivery bills, invoices and open items in the customer file.
  • Connect additional systems like the e-mail integration (Video: CRM Outlook Integration) or choose from the more than 50 connected systems, available here as a download list: Interfaces and integrations. We are constantly expanding this list and linking systems required by you as needed.
  • Digital web services facilitate important organizational work: For example, integrate the services of, Google Maps, HRS and others with a simple link in your CRM. This makes it easier to realize field service appointments.
  • Thanks to CTI, you save time on daily phone calls because you dial the phone number with one click . For incoming calls, the CRM system automatically displays the caller and their electronic file.
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flat blue arrow points to the right
Branche: CRM im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Successes with
CRM in mechanical and plant engineering

GEDYS IntraWare customer reference: Hurco logo
GEDYS IntraWare customer reference: Hurco logo
Service, sales & marketing optimized

Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo of Rekers
Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo of Rekers
Customer support 3.0 for sales

Rekers Ltd.
Mechanical and plant engineering.

Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo of Kienle und Spiess
Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo of Kienle und Spiess

Kienle + Spiess
Stamped and die-cast parts

To start with CRM

The basis for CRM in mechanical and plant engineering: The electronic file gives you a 360° view of customers and suppliers. You create and qualify new prospects. Not only do they centrally and transparently collect all data on the customer, but they also assign detailed correspondence histories to them. With the intelligent filter functions, you can always find exactly the information you are looking for at the moment.

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