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Secure your home’s market share and productivity with a central 360° view of your business contacts, crystal-clear processes, transparent documentation and smooth workflows.

The most significant transformation in history requires new concepts

New markets, new competitors and changed business structures require new supplier strategies, new cooperations and the development of new business fields. Comprehensive digitization is therefore becoming an important factor.

Digitisation in the automotive sector usually focuses on two areas: digitisation in the car and digitisation in production. It is equally important to digitize your processes to customers and suppliers in order to remain competitive.

The rapid development of new technologies is pushing the automotive industry to invest more and more in research and development. Because only with innovative products is it possible to stand up to the competition. The market is currently tending strongly in the direction of the Connected Car, which not only necessitates decisive changes in production, but also in the way you approach your customers and make agreements with suppliers. With GEDYS IntraWare CRM, you always communicate exactly as required – even internationally.

The 360° view of your business partners

The rapid development of innovations is in line with ever-increasing customer expectations. This makes it all the more important to have a complete eye on the supplier, the customer and the relevant knowledge about them: from purchasing, marketing to sales and service. This creates satisfied and loyal business relationships.

Clear processes and efficient processes

Uniform data storage and clearly structured processes ensure time-saving workflows and smooth processes. This will provide your employees with more time for the customer’s wishes or negotiations with suppliers. They do not dwell on laborious administrative work.

Reaching customers in person

The personal and emotional approach of customers is becoming increasingly important, especially in the automotive industry. Whether you are a manufacturer, supplier or distributor. With integrated marketing automations, you will address your customers even more specifically in the future and hit your heart directly.

Supplier Relationship Management in Purchasing

Ordering processes with the corresponding supply chains are often complex and cross-site. All purchasing data (including customer contracts, supplier evaluation and clear order, warehousing and item management) are worth gold. Because you can keep track of your suppliers so well, there are no bottlenecks or delays. A big advantage in a competitive market.

Business details

You want to know more? Here you can watch our video on the topic of contact management: all details about the customer.

Video: Addressmanagement all details about the customer | GEDYS IntraWare CRM

Smooth authorization management

Especially in cooperation with various cooperation partners, it is worthwhile to meet the trust of customers through transparent structures and complete documentation. A smooth management of access authorizations and approval processes of any kind through our CRM software gives your data and thus the necessary security.

Research and project funding

Reduce the administrative burden from the application to the proof of use.

According to the VDA, the most important key to continuing to compete in international competition is your innovations. That is why you will have to increase your research and development efforts and expenditures considerably in the future. But the bureaucratic requirements for public funding are immense.

With the GEDYS IntraWare CRM software, you can link your CRM information to the different data systems, for example from research and development. You create meaningful documentation with dashboards and reports at the touch of a button.



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Manage your supply chain digitally

Our CRM software provides you with the central information base for strong communication and cooperation with your business partners. Efficient processes increase productivity and create scope for innovation.

Start quickly.

Consistent data for all

The GEDYS IntraWare CRM supports your supplier and customer relationship management with well-structured digital files that provide you with purchasing data, contracts, reviews and purchasing guidelines on the go. Central access not only promotes internal cooperation, but also those with external service providers and suppliers.

All participants receive insight and are always informed about the status of a project. Role and rights assignment can be used to control who is allowed to view and edit which data and to what extent.

Perfect collaboration for success

SRM and CRM functions such as schedules, reminders, tasks, serial tasks or escalations ensure perfect teamwork throughout the enterprise.

Our 30 years of CRM practice show that by optimizing teamwork, the number of successfully completed projects is also increasing: more effective workflows give all employees more time to concentrate on their core tasks.

Extend wisely.

Start small or get in big?

Both are possible, the GEDYS IntraWare CRM offers this flexibility. Start your digitization in an area like purchasing and then expand with additional modules. Or you can choose the complete package right from the start. For more extensive process optimization and cross-system analysis, it will be critical that you can connect additional systems. Use our CRM consulting to find out what makes the most sense for you!

Expanding your goal
Special solutions for your industry

Our references show a section of our developments for the automotive industry. We are happy to introduce you to others and develop your adaptations if necessary. Find out more about our top service under CRM Consulting & Contact Persons.

Use integration.

SAP and other ERP systems

You can provide your purchasing and sales department with important information in the GEDYS IntraWare CRM software that is otherwise invisible: For example, thanks to the JDBC or SAP interface, users have access to delivery notes in the customer file, Invoices and open entries. Or view evaluation reports or R&D data in the supplier file. E-mail integration for Outlook, Notes & all IMAP mailboxes is also possible. The time gained in this way can be used, for example, to develop innovative ideas.

Easy collaboration with other tools (excerpt)
  • Document Management System & Document Archiving
  • Inventory Management System, Data Warehouse
  • ERP system
  • CleverReach (newsletter delivery)
  • CTI (telephony)
  • Business Intelligence like QlikView
  • Business card scan Abbyy
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To start with CRM.

The basis of CRM for the automotive industry: With contact management you get a 360° view of your customers. You create and qualify new prospects. Not only do you collect all customer data centrally and transparently, but you also assign detailed correspondence histories and get exactly the information you need at any time with intelligent search functions.

Video: CRM software general overview - GEDYS IntraWare CRM

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