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Successful through modern processes

With CRM for retail you optimize your business processes and master the challenges of the market

  • With the 360° view of customers and suppliers, you have everything in view
  • Quick reactions to their wishes are easily possible
  • Automatic workflows & central data storage save a lot of time
CRM for retail: Successful through modern processes
CRM for retail: Successful through modern processes

The digital transformation is turning retail upside down

New forms of distribution for B2C and B2B, rising customer expectations and global competition are giving rise to new retail concepts. The trend is clearly toward the interlinking of brick-and-mortar retail and online sales to create multi- and omni-channel models.

The influence of global online marketplaces is increasing the pressure of competition. If you want to keep up, you have to take the step into digitization now at the latest. CRM systems not only support you in evaluating customer behavior for successful sales, high-quality service and targeted marketing. GEDYS IntraWare CRM also offers enormous advantages for retailers when it comes to optimizing business processes, such as merchandise management, administration or employee planning. We are aware of the heterogeneity of the retail industry and adapt our CRM software software to your individual requirements on request.

Customers and suppliers in the 360° view

As a hub for customers and suppliers, you need to keep track of a large network of contacts, information and desires. Our digital customer file offers a wide range of options for easily assigning relevant data to contacts and retrieving it in a targeted manner.

From lead to order everything in view

Keeping an eye on potential customers from the first contact to the placing of orders is a challenging task. With aids such as status traffic lights, automatic resubmissions or escalation management, no prospective customer is lost any more.

React quickly, no matter when and where

Customers and suppliers rely on your fast response time. With the mobile CRM app you can do this not only at home, but also on the road. You can view all data from CRM at any time, even offline.

Clear structure for fluid processes

Make your internal business processes simple and efficient with automated workflows. This is how your employees glide through recurring everyday tasks. The result is a well-maintained, uniformly structured data repository.

Analyses and reports

With Dashboards and reports you plan on the basis of meaningful evaluations. With CRM, you not only collect data, but also process it into a valuable basis for decision-making.

With CRM for retail it will be easy for you to establish satisfied customers and loyal trade relationships as well as strong networking along your trade chain. Please click on the image to enlarge.

Success figures speak for themselves:
Retail benefits from digital transformation

According to current study, retail companies are pioneers of digitization

In previous years, 71% of the retail companies surveyed had already reported increased sales through the use of a customer database. The so-called digital leaders in the retail sector were well ahead of the average for the rest of the companies in terms of their key business indicators. They generated higher revenues and came through the crisis better.

Retail 3
Retail 12

Launching into digitization with CRM for retail
and remain competitive

The digital transformation in retail is in full swing. Stay on top of your game to continue to meet your customers’ expectations. GEDYS IntraWare supports you in designing your processes in line with the times and offering your customers the best possible convenience.

With uniform data for all:

  • With GEDYS IntraWare CRM for retail you keep your digital customer files structured and maintained.
  • Central access to all information enables your employees to respond to customer needs in a targeted manner at all times.
  • The CRM also ensures smooth processes in your company. Automations and workflows make everyday life easier for your employees in all business areas. This gives them more time for the really important tasks.
  • You will gain well-founded insights into the behavior of your customers, be able to adapt your marketing measures accordingly and thus prove your worth on the market in the long term.
  • It also pays to keep track of partners, suppliers and competitors. Keep up with the times and strengthen your networking along the retail chains with GEDYS IntraWare CRM for retail.

Manage across all channels:

  • The Introduction of a CRM system ideally starts with sales. From there, other departments such as service and marketing are gradually connected.
  • The goal is to optimally connect all parts of the company so that the functions of the CRM system can be used to the best possible extent.
    Dashboards & Reports for analyses across all data systems
    CRM for Service & IT for best service through short-term reactions
    CRM in marketing for targeted marketing actions
    Mobile CRM app for more flexibility in the field
  • Download our all-in-one package here for more information:
    Product Flyer Download
  • Special solutions for your industry or customizations are best discussed directly with one of our experts:
    CRM Consulting & Contacts

Optimal networking:

  • Exploit the full potential of your CRM system by extending your applications in the best possible way via interfaces and integrations and, for example, connecting your existing ERP or merchandise management system. This way, you can efficiently access all relevant data via a system.
  • We have already connected more than 50 systems. Also available as download list: Interfaces and integrations
  • You can also integrate your online store in the CRM system and thus directly enter customer and merchandise data. This makes quotation and contract management much easier for your employees.
  • Take advantage of our E-commerce-service. We offer comprehensive advice on topics such as e-commerce strategy development, online marketing or backlink analysis.
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Successes with
CRM for retail

Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo of Pöschl Tabak
Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo of Pöschel Tabak
Goodbye TO paper chaos! CRM optimizes

Pöschel Tabak
Tobacco industry

GEDYS IntraWare customer reference: Oscar Pet Foods logo
GEDYS IntraWare customer reference: Oscar Pet Foods logo
CRM for personal
tailor-made sales

Oscar Pet Foods
Animal feed manufacturer

To start with CRM

The basis for CRM in retail: Contact management gives you a 360° view of your customers.
This way you easily qualify new prospects. They not only collect all data on customers, suppliers and partners centrally and transparently, but also detailed transactions as a history. Find information you need ad-hoc with intelligent search functions.

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Thumbnail für das Video: Kurzer Einblick in die GEDYS IntraWare CRM-Software

We offer industry know-how and individual industry solutions.

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