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Video conferencing from CRM

The new interface to Jitsi Video Meetings – discover GEDYS IntraWare Meet

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Videokonferenzen aus dem CRM GEDYS IntraWare


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GEDYS IntraWare CRM auf YouTube
Video: CRM-App erster Einstieg | GEDYS IntraWare CRM
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The new CRM app.

Fast, comfortable, modern. Test right away:
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Structured address management is the basis for successful CRM.
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Video: Kontaktmanagement alle Details zum Kunden | GEDYS IntraWare CRM
Video: CRM Outlook Integration – CRM und E-Mail verbinden

CRM & Email

The one-time email integration with Outlook & additional mailboxes.
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Track, expand and win your leads.
Video: Kampagnenmanagement: Kampagnen planen und steuern

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GEDYS IntraWare CRM auf YouTube
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