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for the successful management of companies

Create, manage, and distribute static reports and interactive business intelligence dashboards across platforms and devices.

Dashboard in Release 8.11 on Desktop, GEDYS IntraWare

Dashboards and reports without programming

Your data. Your way.

GEDYS IntraWare Dashboards and Reports software relieves both your development and IT teams by enabling users to create and manage evaluations and reports directly. Time-consuming designs are a thing of the past. Drag and drop you provide professional, interactive dashboards and reports without having to write a single line of code.

The goal is simple: to provide business users with the information they need to monitor business outcomes and make smart decisions in real time.

In reality, however, most reports are rigid and do not allow users to efficiently filter information according to their own ideas. The simple, intuitive interface and runtime adjustment in GEDYS IntraWare Dashboards & Reports allow each user to personalize evaluations and reports according to their own requirements.

To do this, the software provides easy user management and role definition, as well as intelligent data management to maximize productivity.

Thanks to the built-in document versioning, changes can be made securely. The easy distribution of reports provides the information to everyone who needs it.

Read more on the topic here in our blog article.

Dashboards and reports in CRM release 8.11 on laptop, GEDYS IntraWare

Benefits of Dashboards and Reports
at a glance

  • Ready to use in a few minutes
  • Dashboard & Report Designer with Drag & Drop
  • Easy user management
  • Security via role definitions
  • Intelligent data management
  • Document versioning
  • personalized branding for customers
  • Easy localization

Create vivid dashboards

From any data source. Anytime.

Use insightful dashboards to create a solid foundation for decision making for managers and employees.
Drill-downs and data filtering help you identify important trends.

Each item instantly provides additional insights into your data, data series, values and parameters. Across platforms and devices, regardless of data complexity or structure. Choosing the right data sources is easy.

The designer includes a powerful wizard for retrieving data, as well as for automatic table connections, and editable connection conditions. You set your data sources once. From then on, drag and drop the desired data fields onto your dashboard.

Stop looking at data on its own, and start relating it to each other.

Dashboard Functions (Excerpt)

  • Charts with values and arguments
  • Rows as bars
  • Series
  • Areas, stacked areas, fully stacked areas
  • Tables with dimensions, measures, delta specifications, time history, hyperlinks, totals
  • Overview maps with actual/setpoint, delta values, percentage and absolute changes, line charts, arrays in rows and columns
  • Measuring instruments for the progress display of a target/KCP
  • Choroplex and geographic maps with value points, bubbles, pies
  • Pivot for easy-to-read representation of multidimensional data

Data modeling
  • Sort/Grouping/Summary
  • Filter
  • Combination of items within a dashboard
  • Interactions between elements inside/outside the group
  • Custom elements can be fed via Java script
  • TopN/Bottom N: Display of a limited number of values
  • Format specifications for number, date, currency
  • Conditional formatting
  • Weighting for 3-dimensional display
  • Summary & Data Aggregates

  • Formatting tooltips, labels, X and Y axes
  • Colouring
  • Split the dashboard layout into multiple pages
  • Images individually or as a set (data-bound images)
  • Text static or data-bound
  • Upload RTF files
  • Use text editor
  • Visualization as nested tiles (treemap) with layout algorithm, grouping, etc.
  • Legends
  • Rotation
  • Zooming and scrolling with the mouse (in the geographic maps)
  • Conversion of data-bound items to a different type
  • Resizing dashboard items by dragging at the edges
  • Drag & drop and move the buttons

Data analysis
  • Calculated fields
  • Window calculations
  • Compression via Query Builder
  • built-in parameter dialog including inclusion of own parameters

  • as a PDF, graphic or Excel file

  • Maximize and restore items
  • Undo/Repeat
  • Save the dashboard definition (dashboard elements, data source, data binding, and layout settings, etc.) to an XML file
  • Open the saved dashboard definition

Configurations for GEDYS IntraWare CRM
  • Data connection for companies, contacts, documents, opportunities, tickets
  • Dashboards as tabs

Dashboards and Reports 2
Dashboard Sales Areas
Dashboards and Reports 3
Dashboard Revenue
Dashboards and Reports 4
Dashboard Management

Deliver intelligent reports for quick decisions

Merge, export, send data.

Create, design and deliver annual reports

Set up reports and preview generated reports with the data that came with it. Add this report preview to your application to see reports from other users.

Users can also edita report, upload images themselves, or sign directly in the print preview.

Merging data

With GEDYS IntraWare Dashboards and Reports, you can embed several PDF and DOCX documents next to your report and display the complete report in the integrated document viewer.

Dashboards and Reports: Embed Documents, GEDYS IntraWare

Report Functions (Excerpt)

  • Drill-Down
  • Sorting and content changes in preview
  • Drill-through report shows details via click in new window
  • Insert label text
  • Merge reports

Supported data sources
  • SQL Database
  • XML file
  • Entity Framework
  • Business Object
  • Excel File
  • JSON data
  • Xpo
  • Data Federation
  • Standard .NET data provider

  • Label
  • Rich text
  • Letter per cell
  • Barcode
  • Checkbox
  • Image
  • Table
  • Crosstab
  • Chart
  • Gauge
  • Lines
  • Forms

  • Filtering data
  • Grouping and sorting
  • Format data
  • Set conditions for report items
  • Calculate summaries
  • Items and values count
  • View line numbers in a report, group, or page
  • Count the number of records in a report
  • Count the number of groups in a report
  • Use calculated fields
  • Use report parameters

  • Stylesheets
  • Cross-references and hyperlinks
  • Print preview
  • Bookmark
  • Document overview
  • Table of Content
  • Number
  • Sub-Report
  • PDF Signature
  • Panel
  • Break
  • Watermark
  • Current date and time in the report
  • User name in the report

  • Send by e-mail
  • Print

Configurations for GEDYS IntraWare CRM
  • Data connection for companies, contacts, documents, opportunities, tickets
  • Reports as tabs, widgets

Export as
  • PDF
  • DOCX
  • RTF
  • XLS
  • XLSX
  • TXT
  • MHT
  • CSV
  • HTML
  • Pictures

Dashboards and Reports System Requirements

Microsoft Server from 2016
Microsoft IIS as a free part of MS Server 2016
MySQL or Microsoft SQL 2016
Our recommendation for better performance: Due to the high
computing power for the SQL Server, a dedicated server with local SSDs.

Latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge Chromium
Please note: Single sign-on currently only from Microsoft Edge Chromium.

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