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Now test how easy it is to work with the GEDYS IntraWare CRM app on business trips via your smartphone! So you are always there for your customers, save valuable time and you will be more efficient than ever.

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Benefits of a mobile CRM solution

Why you need the GEDYS IntraWare CRM app

Mobile CRM solutions are now more important than ever for your business and communication processes, because your customers and prospects are increasingly going to the Internet via mobile devices. You expect you to do the same. To be flexible, you and your field staff need data access on the go. You must be able to provide information, read, edit and create documents, and be able to actively collaborate with the internal service, marketing, and service as a team.

The dashboard of the CRM app

Mobile CRM app: Dashboard, GEDYS-IntraWare

Individual home page

The homepage can be put together individually and offers an optimal overview at first glance. The menu, the functions, the layout: everything is where you suspect it and does what you expect. This enables intuitive operation.


You want to find your way around new applications immediately without having to work through a manual first, because it is too time consuming. That’s why our Mobile CRM app offers a user-friendly design. The CRM app enables quick and convenient entry into your customer data on your mobile device.

Online and offline up-to-date

The CRM app can be used both online (editing) and offline (read only, addresses only) without neglecting business-critical aspects such as security, integration friendliness and costs.

Have visits planned automatically

The Mobile CRM app automatically generates a list of visit suggestions for you. For this purpose, the integrated route planning determines the optimal visit order. New: Plan a route through your appointments in your calendar. You now include calendar smands more information about tickets.B.

An appointment is cancelled, but are you already on your way? The perimeter search shows you which customers you could visit nearby. You simply dictate your visit reports to your smartphone on the go – so all important information is recorded immediately.

CRM customer file with 360° view

All information about your customers and processes is collected in the central customer file. To the company, the department and the contact you will find all emails, appointments, phone notes, visit reports, tasks, opportunities, offers, tickets and mailings.

To ensure that you are always informed, thanks to the customer’s history, you always have an overview of all activities with your customer and are perfectly prepared for the next conversation.

With the quick search to the destination

The Quick Search lives up to its name: in seconds, the application searches the entire data set of the CRM and delivers the desired results. You save them as a private or public listso that you can access them later in the Start menu.

Mobile CRM application: The CRM app 2
Mobile CRM application: The CRM app 15

Route planning for a
optimal visit order

Mobile CRM app: visit planning, GEDYS-IntraWare
Mobile CRM application: The CRM app 16

Edit tickets on the go

Mobile CRM app: Tickets, GEDYS-IntraWare

Solve service requests efficiently

The ticket records, qualifies and resolves the concerns of your customers and users. Ticket management helps manage a variety of tickets, shortens processing time and produces better results. Create a ticket conveniently on the go with the Mobile CRM app.

Uniform appearance with templates

You can also use your created email templatesin the mobile CRM app, which you have made available centrally in CRM for all employees. This allows you to achieve standardized customer communication and save a lot of time in correspondence every day.

Unique email integration

The CRM app shows you your mailbox, whether you’re using Outlook, Notes, or an IMAP mailbox. The BusinessMail function also displays the CRM data about the sender in your mailbox. All incoming e-mails can be taken into the CRM system with one click.

Privacy policy for the mobile CRM app

Privacy policy for the mobile CRM app DEMO

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android:

Top Features

  • 360° overview: electronic customer file
  • Online and offline (reading)
  • Companies & Contacts with Logos
  • Create & edit contact photos
  • Home can be configured as desired
  • Caller Detection (on iOS)
  • Create opportunities
  • Create & edit projects
  • Create & edit phone notes & visit reports
  • Edit calendar
  • NEW: Display of information from other databases e.B. tickets in the calendar
  • NEW: Timestamp function
  • NEW: Favorites
Mobile CRM app. Dashboard on Ipad; GEDYS IntraWare
Mobile CRM application: The CRM app 17

*In connection with paid third-party products.

  • Search function for addresses & documents
  • NEW: Search / Save Filters
  • Create perimeter search & route plan*
  • NEW: Route planning via the dates in the calendar*
  • Create & edit opportunities
  • Documentation of consent according to GDPR
  • Create, edit & store emails in CRM
  • NEW: BusinessMail with connection of IMAP mailboxes
  • Quick Detection & Business Card Scanner*
  • Inform function
  • Share images in tasks
  • NEW: Proposals for action


Discover the GEDYS IntraWare mobile CRM app!

CRM App download on the App Store
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