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Learn how your “colleague” CRM can help you gain valuable time. For all the things you want to do really well. You’ll love these CRM tips for your time management!
Zeit gewinnen mit GEDYS-IntraWare-CRM
What is particularly important to you and what you would like to gain more time for, you decide for yourself. Whether for the next project or for more creativity, for innovative developments, further education or for your family – we show you, where a CRM can relieve and save time.
This gives you more freedom, new energy and fun, both for your work and for your private life.


  1. Love at first sight (intuitive operation and more order)
  2. No day without him (effective appointment management via calendar function)
  3. One for you, one for me (manage & delegate tasks)
  4. With one click to happiness (time-saving email integrations)
  5. Mr. Postman, is there a letter for me? (automated email marketing)
  6. Everything I do, I do It for you (the time-saving resource planning for the service)
  7. I found you… (minimize searching: dropping documents to a project)
  8. I got you, Babe! (Attention to detail: The new action panel reduces clicks)
  9. Take me with me (visit reports with goMobile Pro)
  10. I just called to say I love you (Telephony at the touch of a button)
  11. And I love you both (Dashbords & Reportings: Preparing the annual financial statements without stress)
  12. All I want for Christmas is you (Help with the christmas mail: set distribution list, use templates)

1. Love at first sight

Gain time with CRM through intuitive operationand more order

A look at the interface, navigation, and widgets of a CRM application provides clarity about the user experience. It is an important criterion when deciding for or against the purchase of software. A CRM system that makes it easy for the user to find their way around intuitively provides a lasting (love) relationship between the user and the software rather than a complicated system.

If you can easily concentrate on your tasks through intuitive operation, you are in the flow, working faster and thus gaining time. For better time management and order, you can also:

The central data management

Centrally collected customer data in a single customer database saves you from searching across different systems. It also provides all employees of a company with access to the same information at all times.

Ideal from any device, even on the go. This saves time, but also gives you more freedom. They can decide when and from where they want to work.

Use the CRM request overview to determine what is important for your CRM.

The 360° view of customers

You can save time by working with a CRM that can view all data about a customer within a browser window. This way you can see all customer data collected in CRM at a glance, which saves unnecessary clicks.

If you see all important documents or transactions in addition to the customer history, you can react faster,for example, in the customer conversation on the phone or via chat.

This way you gain not only time, but also happier customers.

2. No day without him

Plan and make the most of your time

A well-organized schedule helps us to master our professional and private everyday life every day. Without him, we have pure chaos. But how do you organize your appointments in the best possible way? How to keep track?

The digital CRM calendar

A wide range of calendar functions support you in almost all planning and time management:

  • You can flexibly enter, move, change, delete appointments
  • A memory function helps against forgetfulness
  • You can find past appointments via search function – without long scrolling
  • A free time search finds the best date for all involved
  • Sending invitations to appointments is possible at the click of a mouse
  • You can create reports to load the week, month, or even in a project
  • You may even be able to enter appointments by voice command (possible here in Mobile CRM app)

Especially in a company, the electronic CRM calendar makes sense as part of an effective CRM. All employee appointments are collected and displayed in the company calendar. Private entries remain private.

This allows colleagues from the head office, the team or the manager to provide information quickly and easily or to make appointments themselves. Without losing control of your calendar, because you will be informed immediately and can react.

You never want to work without a CRM calendar again. It is at the heart of time management.

3. One for you, one for me

The great art of task juggling

Thank God, there are CRM features today that help you when it gets tight in the schedule and thus the task completion becomes difficult. To keep track of your job management, digital support for task management is important.
Die hohe Kunst derAufgabenjonglage: Aufgaben im CRM-delegieren

Focusing on your own tasks

You know your tasks and can estimate the time for implementation. You will find that your calendar is too busy to do everything on time. It’s time to delegate some tasks.

Check what your responsibilities are. What tasks or appointments can you postpone? Which ones do you create yourself, which ones do you give up? With a digital time management, you have all the necessary information within reach with in the click of a button.

Transparency for the assignment of tasks

Project work is often carried out across teams and locations. By collaborating with a CRM calendar and task management,you’ll find the colleagues you can support, not just in your location, but across the enterprise.

You can see not only who would have time, but also whether employees have the necessary experience to work with you on projects or to take them over completely.

Status for delegated tasks

Once a colleague has completed your task, you will receive a message from CRM. If there are any questions about the status in between, the CRM will give you all the information adhoc.

But not only for that. What tasks are still to be done? Which ones are already overdue? Who else do I need to inform?

You always have a 360° view of your tasks and projects.

No running around, no phone calls, no file-rolling or colleague interview – thanks to the use of CRM software.

Tip on time management

Do not plan more than 60 of your working time per day and pay attention to enough buffers between appointments. This applies not only to your own planning, but also when you delegate tasks. The CRM gives you the necessary information as well as time and task management. Otherwise, delays are inevitable.

4. With one click to happiness

Living CRM and coping with the email flood

Living CRM means meeting customer expectations. But you can only do this in teamwork, because your customers always look at the entire company. That’s why all employees need to be able to quickly access the central customer information for thoughtful responses. Central also means that all employees store their e-mails to and from the customer in the CRM system.

Your mailbox and CRM merge into one workspace

Mit einem Klick zum Glück per E-Mail-Integration

Look forward to this work relief: You do not waste any time researching customer questions. And your mailbox is always tiptop maintained.

In today’s world of work, the no.1 means of communication is still the e-mail. Has the email flood already captured you? Don’t be afraid of the time-consuming mailbox, because technologies are already developed to help you save time.

In concrete terms, this means that you can see all CRM data about the sender directly in the mailbox and can access it via a link in the CRM. In the same way, you document the e-mail by action to the contact and process in CRM, from which you can also send your answer immediately. New accounts and contacts are easily recorded using the sender’s signature.

Time management is wanted

Not only does it merge your mailbox with the CRM, but also your customer communication immediately “moves” into the CRM system. No extra work, but more time for a life-filled customer relationship management. And at the same time, you meet the company’s requirements for customer management.

Tip for saving time when working with SAP and e-mail

What applies to the CRM system is also appropriate for SAP and email. You will save yourself various complex steps if you need SAP data and transactions to become an e-mail sender. Another important point for modern time management.

5. Mr. Postman, is there a letter for me?

Automation in email marketing frees from routine activities

Creating texts for newsletters and mailings takes time. So is the conception of the campaign process. A CRM cannot provide this creative part of your work. But the whole downstream process already.

Sales and marketing in a team

You send newsletters and mailings. You put valuable information on your homepage. But how should you get in touch with interested parties now – without fishing in the gloom? Calling contacts from the recipient group indiscriminately is more of a waste of time.

Today, modern CRM systems work hand-in-hand with specialized email marketing software. The marketing team sends beautifully designed HTML mailings and newsletters to the contacts from CRM. Afterwards, the system will show you which information your contacts are interested in. quantitatively and qualitatively for the individual contact. An acquisition call is now promising.

Time gained for more creativity

Or you can go one step further and design an email campaign together with marketing. Due to the click behavior in the newsletter or after a download from your website, further information is automatically sent to the interested readers and website visitors. No further screening and selection of the contacts on your part is necessary for this.

If CRM in marketing is also used, sales and marketing can work together perfectly. The constant mailings of the campaign enrich the contacts with additional data (interests). You recognize which stage of the purchase decision your contacts are at and address them in a targeted manner.

The time-consuming search for the truffles for distribution, as Mr Dirk likes to say, is passé.

6. Everything I do, I do it for you

Time-saving deployment planning for the service

What makes your service customers satisfied? Quick reactions, adherence to appointments and friendliness in conversation! For that you need to take a number of factors into account when planning the deployment of your service staff. Especially if you want to plan economically at the same time. Traditional methods with Excel quickly reach their limits here.

 What customers expect from you? Immediate help.

All customers want an appointment as soon as possible to be helped, preferably without long waiting times.

With a CRM for Service & IT that already contains all customer information, all data is transparently available for resource planning: Starting with addresses and purchased products through contracts and service agreements to possible complaints. You can find appointments quickly and easily via a CRM calendar for all service technicians.

The urgency of the order, the importance of the customer, his SLA (Service Level Agreement) and the availability of suitable technicians play the most important role. The CRM already provides information during a telephone call with the customer or during email receipt – for example about free appointments or the location of the customer.

 Deliver perfect work without time pressure!

A planning cockpit consisting of a CRM deployment calendar, created tickets and a list of suitable service technicians makes it easier for the customer to quickly find an appointment. This allows the dispatcher to see immediately who has time to complete an order. The combination with Google Maps also shows which technician is close to the job location.

As soon as a dispatcher sets an appointment for a technician in the planning cockpit, this technician not only receives his new appointment but also all information on the customer order from the CRM. If the technician is currently on the road, he can retrieve his data via mobile devices and use route planning to compile his orders into an efficient tour. Once the technician has dictated his report to the mobile device and sent it to the head of operations after an appointment on site, he can record the times incurred or record necessary follow-up appointments. Later, this data can flow directly into the creation of an invoice.

Digital time management for a -service

To be continued...

Oops, you might think, if you’ve read this far. Why doesn’t the text go on? Quite simple: The author obviously did not fully implement his own tips on time management.

Theory and practice, however, are quite close together. Just a little patience, please.