With customer satisfaction and flexibility to success

Strong competition and strict legal requirements define your work as an energy or waste management service provider. The orientation towards the customer and flexible adaptation to opportunities and changes determine your success.

A dynamic market environment changes the entire industry

Currently, the energy and waste management industry has to deal with three major developments that are causing new regulations: the energy turnaround, the need to close material cycles for climate and resource protection, and digital transformation.

This requires agility and flexibility in business activities in order to keep up with legal framework conditions, increasing environmental requirements, technological innovations and changing customer needs. The consequences are, among other things, new methods of cooperation with many participants as well as increasing demands of customers or end users for the comfort and availability of services and products.

This is exactly where THE GEDYS IntraWare CRM scores points with its advantages – both in internal processes and in the direct interaction with your customers.

Understanding and convincing digital customers

Competition within the energy and waste management industries is high. Service quality and customer orientation often determine the company’s success. With our CRM, you can centrally collect all relevant data and access it quickly and easily. This enables short-term reactions, targeted advice and comfortable services. This way, the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers are assured to you.

Agile and flexible in sales

Thanks to CRM, you can share all relevant information with your employees in a central and transparent manner at all times. This is the basis for the highest quality of work at the customer. At the same time, but also for flexible, agile and informed sales decisions. Based on the collected data, meaningful, visually easy-to-grasp evaluations can be created.

Clear processes for reliable processing

CRM provides your employees with efficient workflows and guidance for day-to-day workflows such as quotation and contract management, customer service, or complaint management. Automated data storage and easy tracking make day-to-day business transparent and clear for all parties involved.

reliable service, tailored to customers

Flexible reactions are the be-all and end-all for satisfied customers. With mobile CRM via the web application or CRM app, they are always well informed – no matter when, wherever – in order to be able to respond to your customers immediately and individually. In this way, they are reliable and thus increase confidence.

Security for you and your customers

According to a study by the BDEW (Federal Association of Energy and Water Industries) the energy transition has an unsettling effect on many people, as access to existential resources is feared. It is well known that digitalization and the frequently associated disclosure of data also have a certain potential for uncertainty. This makes it all the more important as a supply and disposal service provider to handle your customers’ data responsibly.

GEDYS IntraWare CRM therefore offers you and your customers 100% EU GDPR compliance and with CRM2Host also secure hosting in Germany.



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We start where you are currently with your CRM project. Together, we will compare your requirements with our practical experience in customer relationship management. Our CRM professionals will advise you free of charge on the way to your individual CRM for the energy or waste management industry.

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Master transformation with CRM

The change in energy and waste management is already in full motion. Now, at the latest, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. GEDYS IntraWare CRM will help you with this.

Start quickly.

New times, new customers

With structured and well-maintained customer files, mobile applications and insightful insights into customer behaviour, you offer your customers the flexible, reliable and comfortable service that current times demand.

Modern forms of cooperation

The step into the future requires new methods and cross-border forms of cooperation. With GEDYS IntraWare CRM, you keep an eye not only on customers, but also on suppliers, partners and competitors to enable and promote forward-looking cooperation. Automationhelps help everyone involved to gain time for big ideas.

Make safety and reliability felt

The increasing use of data also requires responsibility for its security. With EU GDPR-compliant software from GEDYS IntraWare and hosting within Germany, you not only ensure the security of your own data, but also handle your customers’ information with care.

Wisely extend.

Going with the times

You usually start your journey to a comprehensive CRM system in sales. From there, you gradually integrate other divisions, such as service or marketing. This is important to take full advantage of the full range of networking and automation capabilities of your CRM system.

Expanding your goal
Individual solutions for your industry

We are happy to introduce you personally to our developments for the energy and waste management industry or to develop suitable tools for your requirements if required. Find out more about our top service under CRM Consulting & Contact Persons.

Use integration.

Integration of ERP systems such as SAP

Support your company’s agile work by integrating various software applications. For example, JDBC or SAP interfaces give your sales and service employees direct access to packing slips, invoices, or open items through the customer file.

Mobile agile

Widgets make it easy to integrate online services such as, or GoogleMaps into your system. This facilitates, for example, the organizational work in the field service. But numerous other web services that benefit other departments can also be easily integrated, such as news apps or social media.

Integrated Telephony (CTI)

Do you need to make a lot of phone calls? – CTI (computer telephony integration) makes your everyday life easier. Not only is the phone number dialed with one click – for incoming calls, the caller and his digital customer file appear directly on the desktop. Ability to provide information makes your customers satisfied.

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The basis of CRM for the energy and waste management industry: With contact management, you get a 360° view of your customers. You create and qualify new prospects. Not only do you collect all customer data centrally and transparently, but you also assign detailed correspondence histories and get exactly the information you need at any time with intelligent search functions.

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