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Andreas Schulte von HCL präsentiert Webinare Domino V11, Notes & Sametime

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If you missed our webinars with Andreas Schulte, Client Technical Professional of the HCL, you can get the free info material on these 3 HCL topics here:

HCL Domino V11
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Older HCL Notes Domino Short Messages:

language pack 1 for Notes Domino 10.0.1

As of Release 11: Language Pack 1 always comes along with the original English release

The responsible General Manager at HCL, Richard Jefts, has announced that in the future HCL will always deliver language package 1 together with the original English release and not 90 days later.

The current language pack 1 can be downloaded via Passport Advantage Online and from IBM Partners at IBM PartnerWorld.

Further innovations by HCL for Notes Domino

  • Verse on prem V1.0.7 (https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SS4RQV_1.0.7/whats_new/whats_new_in_version_1.0.7_.html)
  • AppDev Pack 1.0.1 (https://doc.cwpcollaboration.com/appdevpack/docs/en/homepage.html) u.a. mit Unterstützung für Proton und IAM (Identity und Access Management, mit Unterstützung von OAuth 2.0 über RESTFul APIs).

Notes Domino makes itself strong for the user

In Milan HCL showed what comes with Notes Domino 11:

  1. Notes 11 gets a clearly tidy and modern interface and for the desktop, in addition to the Notes Client V11, a new Notes Light client based on the browser is also planned – with email and app connection, but also browser-based, as it is in the Jams of users and experts. This step clearly shows potential for a long future.
  2. Notes applications on Android tablets, no longer just on iPad, are already running. A beta version is released in the summer. Later, they will also run natively on the iPhone. All this works with Nomad technology without any elaborate modifications.
  3. Verse On-Premises (VOP) will be overhauled by the end of the year and equipped with the same features as iNotes. THIS will make VOP a complete email solution. The next version 1.0.7 will be released soon with a new, complete calendar based on React.js. “New contacts” without iNotes are also in preparation. Basically, it will remain with quarterly releases.
  4. The Verse ultra-light app for mobile devices comes as a light version and pendent of the former iNotes-light – virtually a new email solution for iOS and Android devices based on browser technologies.
  5. Application development is being worked on on a new browser-based developer. This is then easier to use and is therefore also aimed at the department user and not only at professional developers. In the future, the range from low-code to pro-code will be covered.
  6. In the first half of the year, Sametime 10 as PreView will appear and then support Domino’s 64-bit, as well as multi-device persistent chat. The chat protocol change and the group chats already look good. Docker Container makes installation much easier. In Q2 Sametime 11 follows as a full version and the first plans for V12 the following year are already available.
  7. With “Places” a highly configurable front end for Dominos and Connections is planned. It should become a browser portal for users. Details will follow.
  8. Portal (DX) also goes to HCL and here, too, there are plans for a new version 10 with technology refresh.

Save-the-date: 46th DNUG Congress from June 4-5 at the Congress Center Essen

The DNUG again invites members and guests to the #dnug46 conference, this time to the Ruhr metropolis of Essen. As soon as the program is available, you can find out more here.

HCL “Factory Management” in Milan

HCL Factory Tour in Milan

A great event is over. HCL let the participants look behind the scenes. And this time it was not only about technology and plans for products of the next version, but also about how to interact with HCL in the future, be it as a customer or (potential) business partner.

Reported on what was delivered with the current versions, about the market and the reaction in the community, and about the number of customers who have repurchased into software maintenance.

Beyond the grassroots level, the looming deal with IBM to transfer large parts of the ICS portfolio to HCL is seen as the new hope, and it is certainly a new hope for many of the products such as Connections, Sametime and Portal.

A fresh start with a consistent approach to modernizing the user interface, providing open APIs, and reducing TCO. For some parts of the portfolio, there were the images for a first glimpse, short-term scheduling on the next versions to the introduction of Domino V11.

There are a few new things to discover for Domino V11:

  1. It will be branded HCL.
  2. More open interfaces
  3. Improved search
  4. Savings on infrastructure costs
  5. More and improved security features
  6. AppDev supporting features (around the AppDev Pack)

What are these features and updates for Domino V11?

  • A new installer – Switching from InstallShield to InstallAnywhere 2018
  • A new process for generating language sets will bring the Level 1 languages with GA approval.
  • Domino 11 Directory Sync function will be a pull data from AD.
  • Cloud Object Storage – consider it a global DAOS implementation in the cloud.
    • Cloud objects are shared with all replicas.
    • Supports Amazon S3 out of the box, but is pluggable.
    • Configuration via cluster configuration and database properties
    • transparent for Domino API
  • PUB/SUB function supports hooks for DB and document events!
    • The Domino 11s pub/sub feature allows applications to subscribe and receive instant notifications – no polling.
    • Add note, refresh note, delete note, delete note softly, restore note, add folders, remove folders,
  • Domino Publisher, activated by EM hooks, immediately publishes events to MQ.
    • Elastic search provider:
      • Domino V11 will provide a reference implementation for Pub/Sub ElasticSearch Index Builder.
    • Scheduled features:
      • Configuration to specify which DBs to index, which fields, and whether attachments should be processed.
      • Configuration on which ES servers to index
      • Configuration of whether ftsearch should be replaced with ES equivalent.
      • API for direct, comprehensive, and properly secured ES search
      • HTTP authentication via ID Vault
      • Removal of Domino’s HTTP Passwords
      • Keep Notes and HTTP PW the same!

What’s new about AppDevPack.

  • The AppDevPack is released in quarterly versions, with version 1.0.1 due in the first quarter.
  • 0.1 will include support for Windows Server (Proton, i.e.) and will no longer preview the IAM OAuth2 feature, but with a simplified and much simpler setup and installation. There will also be a fast setup for development environments.
  • Domino-DB allows you to stream large data sets.
  • There will be a functional parity between Java/LotusScript and Domino DB for DQL.
  • It will provide OAUth2 support for Proton and Domino DB.
  • IAM supports its own APIs (XPAGES OSGi)

IBM THINK 2019 ICS Update

The slightly different summary of Think 2019

The entertaining and informative conversation between Jens-Uwe Fimmen, Manager ICS TechSales in DACH and Peter Schütt, Leader ICS Strategy in DACH about everything new about IBM Collaboration Solutions. Click here for the video.

IBM Think 2019 in San Francisco

The important news from Think 2019 via Notes Domino.

Video: Domino Portfolio – The beat goes on, and it goes to 11

Video: Why one of the first rapid application development platforms is still the best

Read also the Collaborations Solutions Blog: IBM Collaboration at Think 2019

Update: The German Version of Notes Domino 10.0.1 is not yet available.

No Notes and Domino 10.0.1 version in English

The German version of Notes and Domino 10.0.1 is not yet available because IBM has withdrawn the client setups due to major problems with Ctrl key combinations (Shortcut Key issue impacting Notes 10.0.1 Windows Client – German, French, Spanish, & Italian Languagereleases).

The Domino 10.0.1 Language Pack 1 is here, incl. Support for IBM System i

Not only the Language Pack for German, but also the support of the IBM System i (AS 400) (link to the official announcement) are available from today.

The following language group 1 for IBM Domino 10.0.1, Notes 10.0.1 IBM Domino Designer 10.0.1 and IBM XWork Server 10.0.1. Includes:

  • German
  • Japanese (with Japanese extensions)
  • French &i.a. Simplified Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Traditional Chinese

Also in the release you will find IBM Domino 10.0.1 and IBM Traveler for IBM System i (AS400) – running for version IBM System i 7.2 or 7.3.

Traveler can be downloaded from FixCentral, the rest as usual via Passport Advantage access.

The IBM Domino Mobile Applications (IDMA) beta version is here.

In addition to troubleshooting, the optics and operation have been revised and new functions have also been installed:

Here is the key to the new IDMA beta version:

  • Language support for German, among others
  • Opening a document via link now creates a database icon on the “Current Applications” page
  • Opening an app on the Open Application page now contains a progress indicator
  • The overlaps of input fields and dialogs caused by the on-screen keyboard have been eliminated
  • The menu has been supplemented with the option “Change password”
  • File attachments now directly from the iOS Document Picker
  • New feature to quickly scroll to the beginning or end of a view
  • Smaller bug fixes

There is good news for Android users: IDMA for Android is still announced for 2019!

HCL Announces Purchase of Notes Domino

IBM sells Notes, Domino, Sametime, Connections, Portal and other products

Last year, IBM announced a partnership with Indian service provider HCL. HCL provided development, maintenance and support for Notes, Domino, and Sametime, as before for other IBM software products. Now IBM is selling everything left of Lotus to HCL Technologies.

HCL has already proven this year with the Domino V10 release that they are bringing movement back into the software. Domino V11 is due to arrive next year. HCL also sees a future for Connections, after IBM has saved itself richly in recent years. Saving costs was the motto, the development was massively curtailed. Where IBM fired developers, HCL now hires.

Deal expected to be completed in mid-2019

In addition to the Lotus portfolio, HCL also buys IBM Portal, which fuels the Lufthansa website, Appscan, a product for secure software development, the device management software BigFix, the marketing software Unica, and IBM Commerce. With two exceptions, HCL already has existing partnerships: Connections and Commerce

The deal is expected to be completed by mid-2019, subject to regulatory approval.

IBM Notes and Domino V10 world premiere in Frankfurt

The Notes Domino 10 Launch

Last year, IBM provided development and support to the Indian company HCL. As the first result of the partnership, IBM is today presenting the Notes V10, Domino V10, Verse on Premises 1.0.5 and Verse Mobile 9.5.1 developed by HCL. IBM will broadcast the worldwide launch in Frankfurt live from 10:15 a.m.

At Notes, HCL clearly focuses on the many self-developed applications that the remaining customers have. The server is becoming more robust, the software development is being massively modernized and yet there are improvements for the Notes client as well. Above all, however, there is another future, a clear strategy and a passion for the product that has been lacking for so long. The future is called HCL Notes Domino.

Ralf Geishauser im Interview auf der Domino V10 Launch-Event
Podiumsdiskussion am Stand von IBM