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Creating close customer relationships

With CRM for logistics and transport, you keep track, optimize your processes and ensure long-term customer satisfaction. This way, customers stay true to your company.

  • structured, uniform business processes are the basis for
    efficient planning and excellent service
  • versatile analysis options enable quick responses to
    Market changes

Only with digital logistic the path leads to Industry 4.0

The logistics and transport sector is one of the largest economic sectors in Germany and, like many others, is in a state of radical change. With the increasing importance of digitization, automation and service, the demand for monitoring and control of supply chains, value-added services and the increasing networking of product, man and machine is also increasing.

The visible movement of goods accounts for about 50% of the logistical services in Germany. The other half lies in the planning, control and implementation of the companies. The logistics industry ensures the competitiveness of industry and commerce and is therefore vital for Germany as a business location, according to the Federal Association for Logistics (BVL).

BVL also sees the digitization of business processes and the improvement of the transparency of the supply chain as the most important trends that companies in the industry must follow. The end customer with his wishes remains the driver for the development of new, innovative strategies, of which digitalization is an integral part (BVL study “Trends and Strategies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management“).

With transparent, efficient processes and strong customer loyalty, the CRM software from GEDYS IntraWare supports the requirements of the logistics industry.

360° view of customers, partners, competitors

As an interface expert and coordinator between different actors, you need a clear view. With our digital customer file, you can see all relevant processes at a glance.

Your employees, no matter where they are located, access uniform information. This way, nothing stands in the way of optimal support and close loyalty of your customers.

Analyses and reports at the touch of a button

In times of upheaval, flexible decisions based on sound analysis with meaningfulness are needed.

Whether process optimization, resource conservation, cost reduction or revenue increase – our CRM for logistics and transport not only collects data, but also offers versatile possibilities for evaluations and comprehensive reports with dashboards and reports. This way, you will be well informed about changes at all times.

Efficient Processes – productive Workflows

Good planning and excellent service depend on structured business processes. But please paperless. With our CRM for logistics and transport, you can design these uniformly and efficiently. Automation saves you the unnecessary loss of time and nerves.

Everything in view even on the road

Our cloud CRM solution and the mobile CRM app also allow you to gain insight into all relevant data on the go, as well as to exchange important information with your colleagues. Offline use with instant synchronization on the next server connection also saves you in the radio hole.

CRM App - goMobile Pro: Mobile Work - online as well as offline
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Expanding digital skills

The Digitalisierungsindex Mittelstand shows that as digitalization increases, so does the demand for the digital skills of your employees. We are aware of this and are therefore happy to support you in the 7 phases of the introduction of a CRM system as well as in the training of your employees. Because only a CRM system that is used correctly can give you the desired success.

Stay competitive with CRM for logistics and transportation

Logistics 4.0 requires efficient processes, smart automation and excellent service. With the CRM system of GEDYS IntraWare, you can easily meet these requirements. It’s best to start now to keep up with the competition.

Start quickly.

Customer satisfaction through efficient communication and service orientation

With structured and well-maintained customer data thanks to the GEDYS IntraWare CRM, your employees always access all relevant data centrally and transparently. In this way, you respond to the needs of your customers in a targeted manner and know exactly how to respond to them optimally and satisfy them.

Insights into customer behavior allow for sound conclusions, which can strengthen relationships in the long term.

Real-time information for decisions

Thanks to useful functions such as dashboard, resubmissions or status traffic lights, you always keep a clear view of the current processes. This way, you will not miss any more tenders or interested parties.

Designing paperless processes ideally

Our CRM system ensures smooth processes in your company. Automation and meaningful workflows promote productivity and make everyday life easier for your employees in all business areas.

This will give you more time to perform the really important tasks, such as optimizing your customer service.

Wisely extend.

Optimally networked

The introduction of a CRM system usually starts in sales. Gradually, other departments such as service and marketing are connected. The optimal networking of the various parts of the company is the goal set, so that the CRM functions are used to the best possible extent.

Expanding your goal
Individual solutions for your industry

If necessary, we will work with you to develop tools that exactly meet your requirements.

Learn more about our adaptations in our reference stories among customers or about our top service under CRM consulting and contacts.

Use integration.

Efficiency through networking

Unleash the full potential of the CRM system by integrating other applications into your CRM system in the best possible way via interfaces, such as your ERP system. This way, you can efficiently access all relevant data from a single system.

Real-time information at a glance

Use the individually configurable dashboard to view all relevant data at a glance. With practical widgets, external online services can also be easily integrated into the dashboard.

Small, Underestimated Automation: Integrated Telephony (CTI)

CTI makes your day-to-day phone life easier. With one click, the phone number is dialed – in the case of incoming calls, the caller and his digital customer file appear directly on the desktop. Your quick ability to provide information makes your customers happy and satisfied.

Collaboration with other tools (excerpt)
  • Document Management System & Document Archiving
  • CleverReach (Email Campaigns & Newsletter Shipping)
  • Business Intelligence via e.g. Qlikview
  • Business card scan with Abbyy

To start with CRM

The basis in CRM for logistics and transport: With customer management, you get a 360° view of your customers. They collect all data centrally and transparently as well as detailed processes as history.

For in-depth insights and insights into customer behavior, you work with intelligent search and analysis functions. This will strengthen your customer relationships in the long term.

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