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CRM für die Automobil-Industrie, Foto eines E-Concept-Cars, GEDYS IntraWare
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As a CRM software manufacturer ans provider with 35 years of practice in the CRM world, we support customers on their individual path to digitization.

without obligation and free of charge


Today, advanced digitalization offers companies in all sectors the opportunity to reopen markets or market segments. This requires revolutionary ideas, creative solutions and novel technologies. As a software developer of the first hour of CRM, we see ourselves as a committed, experienced and competent partner.

With our products and many years of know-how, we support customers worldwide on their way towards Industry 4.0. Out of genuine passion, we develop user-oriented, modular CRM and software solutions as well as flexibly expandable low-code platform applications for the everyday work of the future.

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Unsere Software ist "Made and Hosted in Germany"
Unsere Software ist “Made and Hosted in Germany”
HCL Business-Partner-Logo von GEDYS IntraWare
HCL Business-Partner-Logo von GEDYS IntraWare


works for the growth and success of GEDYS IntraWare GmbH.

Frank Hohl, Managing Director of GEDYS IntraWare GmbH
Frank Hohl, Managing Director of GEDYS IntraWare GmbH

Frank Hohl, Managing director

In concrete terms, this means: Making decisions with openness to new ideas (with regard to the company’s business and strategies), promoting the company’s development and sustainably increasing the company’s value.

Management skills such as quickly recognizing new opportunities, developing future-proof models or initiating and accompanying changes while motivating employees and promoting their independence make the organization flexible and adaptable.

The focus here is on added value for the customer as well as transparency and authenticity.



active customers in the
DACH region

appr. 25,000

User, 98% with
Maintenance & Support


Man years rich
of experience

appr. 80

Dedicated employees at 4 locations


Awards for
our creativity

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Customer reference Deutsche Bahn communication technology, logo DB
Customer reference Deutsche Bahn communication technology, logo DB
Contribution image to the customer review Gustavo Gusto, Gedys IntraWare
Contribution image to the customer review Gustavo Gusto, Gedys IntraWare
Kundenrefrenz GEDYS IntraWare: Logo von Sprinz
Kundenrefrenz GEDYS IntraWare: Logo von Sprinz
GEDYS IntraWare customer reference: Hurco logo
GEDYS IntraWare customer reference: Hurco logo
Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo by Christian Bauer
Customer reference GEDYS IntraWare: Logo by Christian Bauer


We believe in the potential of digital transformation.

Customer proximity

  • Recognizing competencies and making the best use of strengths – this is where we support our customers. The uniqueness of each customer is our focus.
  • Attentive conversations let us know how he thinks, where his needs lie, and what relationships he aspires to.
  • Our goal is to obtain an accurate picture of all factors in order to advise, instruct and train our clients in their best interests.

Reliability & Passion

  • Our positive view of the benefits of data and facts, as well as our enthusiasm for fostering long-lasting relationships in all respects, has remained unbroken for over 30 years. Over the years, we have accumulated a wealth of expertise from which our customers and partners can benefit.
  • Motivated, diligent and responsible, we see our task in transforming customer visions into feasible measures and custom-fit solutions.


  • We perform together and focus on our customers and projects.
  • We support independent action within a clear framework. We attach great importance to appreciation and the assumption of responsibility – among our employees and managers as well as toward customers, partners, society and the environment.
  • We are socially committed and pay attention to the sustainable use of resources.

Trust & Tolerance

  • Respect, fairness, openness, appreciation and mutual support characterize our behavior in the workplace and toward our customers, suppliers and partners. Tolerance and diversity are a matter of course for us.
  • We support our employees through flexible workplace design without clocks and promote further training measures. In this way, we create an atmosphere of mutual trust.
  • We support the Charta der Vielfalt e.V. association in Berlin.


  • We do not focus on the average, but strive for perfect results. We achieve set goals with intensive commitment. The combination of “fresh thinking” with knowledge and experience helps us in this.
  • We avoid drawers and promote creative processes, but never without losing sight of our credibility and professionalism.
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Both are key issues in the global effort to curb climate change. The goal of achieving a balance between greenhouse gas emissions and their reduction is crucial to making Germany climate-neutral by 2050.

Reduction in power consumption

Since 2010 Early adopter

At a time when CO2 reduction was still an issue for few, we set a goal to reduce 30% of GEDYS IntraWare CO2 emissions. In total, we have achieved a reduction of 52% since then.

In addition to the use of many energy-saving measures (such as the installation of LEDs & timers or the optimization of air conditioning in server rooms), we have also raised the awareness of our employees on the subject of electricity reduction.

climate-friendly company cars

68,75 % as plug-in hybrid

In total, we have 16 vehicles in use, of which 7 are plug-in hybrids and 4 are purely electric vehicles. According to the manufacturer, the hybrid models use electricity generated from renewable sources to reduce C02 emissions by up to 41% compared to the equivalent petrol engine, which corresponds to around 15.1 tons of CO2.
Two charging stations, each with a charging capacity of 11 kW, have been installed at the Fulda site for use with the hybrid vehicles. All vehicles are to be converted to the new technology over the next few years.

Climate positive web space

Hosting with Raidboxes

We host our websites since 2021 at Raidboxes a provider that focuses on sustainability in all areas.

Among other things, the company plants trees for hosted websites and runs its data centers on green electricity from hydro and wind power.
In addition, the Raidboxes team supports the Greenspark and Eden Reforestation initiatives to offset its CO₂ consumption.


Consultation on an equal footing

  • With over 30 years of CRM experience, we offer competent consulting and support at eye level.
  • As a medium-sized company, we see ourselves as a competent partner for all industries and specialist areas.

CRM projects with support

  • The fact that we accompany CRM projects from start to finish and that we really put our customers and their wishes at the center of our attention is always a source of enthusiasm. Because that is what we live for.

Full Service

  • In the kick-off at the beginning, our experts advise you on your special requirements.
  • This is followed by customizing, user training and the services required from our company, such as hosting or server monitoring.

Fast implementation of ideas

  • We have the skills and technology to turn our customers’ ideas into a CRM software solution faster than anyone else.
  • We not only claim this, we can also prove it, for example here.

Software Made in Germany

  • About 80 employees work for you from 4 locations in Germany.
  • Software Made in Germany, 100% GDPR compliant.
  • Including secure managed hosting in Germany in our cloud CRM solution.

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