BusinessMail4SAP® brings SAP to your mailbox. Up to 80% faster processes.

An immense saving of time for every SAP user. You will immediately see all SAP transactions to the sender of the email directly in your mailbox. Opened with just one click: the appropriate addresses, orders, bank statements, open deliveries, invoices, orders or returns. This saves you up to 5 steps per request.
“Many people are not even aware of how much time is actually spent finding and opening SAP transactions until you reach the desired record. BusinessMail4SAP® actually saves 5 steps per transaction request. With 10 requests per employee per day and 200 employees, this is an immense time saving. We were very surprised that such a small tool would have such effects so quickly.”

Thomas Janssen, IT Manager at Overlack AG

SAP and Mail

Productivity killers or cost savers?

BusinessMail4SAP® is installed with just a few clicks and unfolds its effect directly. This way you can directly increase your quality, minimize errors and speed up turnaround times.

See for yourself in the YouTube video

Whether in sales, marketing, purchasing, complaint management, human resources… the use is worthwhile in all areas.
Process optimization has never been as easy as connecting SAP Mail.


Video: SAP Outlook Integration – SAP and Mail | BusinessMail4SAP® | english
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  Display of all SAP data to the email sender

Display of arbitrary master and transaction data from each SAP system

  Easy installation by user possible

Supports SAPGUI, WebGUI, WebUI, SAP Screen Personas, SAP Fiori

  Available for Microsoft Outlook and HCL Notes

  No modification, but completely SAP standard

BusinessMail 4 SAP+

  1-click storage of the email in SAP

  Available for Microsoft Outlook and HCL Notes

Archiving to any master and transaction data object

  Using the SAP ArchiveLink standard

  Add-on module to BusinessMail4SAP®

No other software provides this convenience

With BusinessMail4SAP® you speed up the processes between SAP and Mail.
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less work steps for the process
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faster process per SAP user

Today, Communication processes can no longer

be imagined without email.

Every day you receive emails with customer inquiries about orders, about orders based on an offer and – as a corresponding clerk employee – for example questions to travel expense accounting. All of these emails refer to SAP data.

How time-saving you can work if you are able to see and open all information from the SAP system directly in the mailbox when the email arrives!

With the integration of
SAP and Mail

process chains can be shortened.

They reduce action costs, avoid double work, increase productivity and improve quality. There are no limits to the use of BusinessMail4SAP®.

Whether in purchasing, sales, marketing, call centers, logistics or accounting – the unique software immediately increases the efficiency of the processes. And in some cases even by more than 80%.

Video: Store emails in SAP with a single click

Get a quick overview of the unique add on in our video

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Video: SAP Outlook Integration – SAP and Mail | BusinessMail4SAP® | english

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80% faster processes: better merge SAP and mail.
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