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CRM checklists help you move straight on your way from idea to CRM adoption. Taking one step at a time is often more effective than working many points at the same time. Because there is a danger of losing track and forgetting important things. Even if it seems to you that step by step is progressing more slowly, it is true: “The (straight) way is the goal”!

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title image to checklist "how to find your perfect CRM manager" from GEDYS Intraware

How to find your perfect CRM manager

Get impulses for an optimal job advertisement and find the right candiate.

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title image to checklist "CRM request overview" from GEDYS Intraware

CRM Request Overview

What requirements does your CRM system have to meet? Compare multiple providers.

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title image to checklist "ROI comparison" from GEDYS Intraware

ROI comparison

A tool to look at the benefits of CRM software. Tabular template including calculation examples.

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