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Cloud-CRM Release 8.11 on tablet with pricing, GEDYS IntraWare
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Start quickly and do without purchasing additional technology or service!!

Work from all devices via Internet browser.

*For our CRM-SaaS model (from 10 users) the following applies: from 59 Euro plus VAT per month per user, annual billing, minimum term 24 months.

We manage your CRM, you focus
on your customers

Take advantage of the flexibility of CRM-SaaS

With our Cloud CRM System, you always work through your internet browser – from all devices, secure and adaptable.
You will receive all the services you need for the quick and successful introduction of a CRM system and always stay up to date. More information about Software as a Service can be found in our blog article CRM as SaaS.

Cloud CRM Solution 2
Cloud CRM Solution 13

*monthly per user, annual billing,
Mind. 10 users, minimum term 24 months.

Services included:

  • CRM functions such as contacts, processes, appointments, CTI, workflow & social
  • Hosting the IT infrastructure for CRM (server including administration & backup)
  • 59 Euro plus VAT per month per user (*annual billing, 24 months minimum term, from 10 users)

Services as required:

  • Plus Sales, CRM App, Service, Marketing or Event
  • Configurations according to your specific specifications
  • Training tailored to your needs
  • Service, maintenance & support tailored to your needs

Cloud CRM Solution 3
Cloud CRM Solution 14

“We are thrilled with the extremely fast and precise implementation of our wishes by GEDYS IntraWare. This enabled us to achieve our set goals without any problems.”

Ralph Zenker, Sales Manager, Franco Fresco GmbH & Co. KG

CRM functions available for all devices:

The top features of GEDYS IntraWare Cloud CRM

  • 360° overview: electronic customer file
  • Manage addresses incl. Duplicate check
  • Tag cloud for attributes incl. auto-fill of relevant fields
  • Managing operations
  • Dashboards and reports for opportunity, campaign & event management, analyses, evaluations, reports (for an additional charge)
  • Drag & drop for creating appointments and tasks or storing documents
  • Task and scheduling incl. Outlook synchronization
  • Ticket Management
  • Object and project management
  • Email integration
  • Configuration and customization
  • Numerous interfaces and integrations
  • Login with 2-factor authentication
  • Documentation of consents according to GDPR
  • Create and edit phone notes
  • Create and edit visit reports
  • Social CRM incl. Followings, Subscriptions, Acitvity Streams
  • Data import and export
Cloud-CRM Release 8.12 auf Laptop,Tablet und Smartphone
Cloud CRM Solution 15


  • ISO 27001-certified data center
  • Dedicated server
  • Own firewall per customer
  • Daily backup, 30 days rolling
  • Early fire detection systems
  • Redundant UPS systems
  • Emergency power diesel
  • Grid replacement system
  • Energy-efficient, direct & free cooling
Wir sind Mitglied in der German-Business-Cloud
Cloud CRM Solution 16
CRM Cloud-Lösung: Made & Hosted in Germany
Cloud CRM Solution 17

Take advantage of all the benefits of our cloud CRM

This allows you to quickly respond to changes in
Responding to market conditions

The good adaptability of our service allows you, for example, to have several branches or company locations
easy and cost-effective to connect to the IT infrastructure.

Fast traffic worldwide

Powerful networks allow teams in different locations and around the world to manage data together & securely.

Fast roll out

With web access, no installation on the device is necessary.

Worldwide access

All you need is an Internet connection and work from anywhere with your desktop computer, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

Easy growth (scalability)

Your business is growing. And that’s a good thing. All functions are available to new employees with only one registration, depending on the assignment of rights.

System protection through authorization concept

Your data is yours. Without authentication, no access. Through the internal authorization concept, you determine which users can access which data.

Guaranteed uptime and performance

You can be sure that the software is available as a cloud CRM system. Our IT team is there for you.


We provide updates on request. If there are no adjustments, they are included in the price. If there are custom adjustments within the application, they must be followed as part of updates. (This results in separate costs that are not included in the cloud CRM fees and are calculated separately.)

Low usage costs

You pay from 59 € plus VAT per user* and avoids the cost of investments and depreciation. This model guarantees you a fast ROI. (* from 10 users, annual billing, minimum term 24 months).

Discover release 8.12 in the video now!

Get a quick overview of the new highlights (in German language)

Let’s go…

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Cloud CRM Solution 18
Startbild der Aufzeichnung zur Videokonferenz zum Release 8.12 von GEDYS IntraWare
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