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Fachartikel im Bahn-Manager veröffentlicht: Referenz-Story DB-Kommunikationstechnik von GEDYS-IntraWare

With CRM to the success strategy

Our CRM success story with DB Kommunikationtechnik was published in the magazine Bahn-Manager, issue #04/05 2020.

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CRM Software sorgt für effizeinte Weiterentwicklung, Fachartikel bei Blech Online von GEDYS IntraWare

CRM software ensures efficient further development

Our reference story Berndorf Band was published in November 2020 at, in the category “IT solutions”.

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Titelbild zu Fachartikel "Unterschied xRM und CRM" von GEDYS IntraWare

Difference between xRM and CRM

The article in Midrange Magazine deals with the further development of CRM to xRM and mentions the advantages of xRM.

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Titelbild zu Fachartikel "Umfassende Integration" von GEDYS IntraWare

Comprehensive integration leads to limitless system worlds

The report deals with process optimization through SAP interfaces. Published in Midrange Magazine.

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Titelbild zu Fachartikel "CRM-Software kaufen und gut?" von GEDYS IntraWare

Buy CRM software and good?

The article in the online magazine of Elektrotechnik Vogel examines the question of what should be considered in a CRM purchase.

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Titelbild zu Fachartikel "Was verbirgt sich hinter Customer Centricity" von GEDYS IntraWare

What’s behind Customer Centricity

The article deals with the strategy behind the term. Published in the online magazine Sales Manager.

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Titelbild zu Fachartikel "Näher am Kunden" von GEDYS IntraWare

Closer to the customer

What companies need to look out for if you want to adapt their CRM to the new digital world is written in SQ Magazine.

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Titelbild zu Fachartikel "Mit mobile CRM zum allwissenden Außendienst" von GEDYS IntraWare

With Mobile CRM for an omniscient field service

Typical situations from everyday field service are published online at ERP-News.

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Titelbild zu Fachartikel "DSGVO und Customer Experience" von GEDYS IntraWare

GDPR and Customer Experience

CRM-Tech.World has asked various vendors how they want to overcome current challenges.

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Titelbild zu Fachartikel "Wie sich Traffic und Leads generieren lassen" von GEDYS IntraWare

How to generate traffic and leads in marketing

Our article, published online in Midrange Magazine, describes how CRM helps you with this.

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Titelbild zu Fachartikel "Interview mit Ralf Geishauser" von GEDYS IntraWare

Interview with Ralf Geishauser

IN an interview with CRM-Tech.World, GEDYS IntraWare Managing Director Ralf Geishauser answers what concerns CRM manufacturers and users.

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Titelbild zu Fachartikel "Wir machen unser Kunden fit für die DSGVO" von GEDYS IntraWare

We make our customers fit for the GDPR

CRM-Tech.World published our short summary of the main points of the EU GDPR as an online contribution.

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