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Articles published in the trade press on the subject of CRM

Our CRM articles are based on our many years of experience and extensive expert knowledge in the field of customer management. Use our know-how and be one step ahead of the competition.

Professional article published in Bahn-Manager: Reference story DB Communication Technology by GEDYS IntraWare
CRM Articles Archive 7

With CRM to a strategy for success

Draw strategic conclusions via central evaluations of employee experiences

Our article “With CRM to a strategy for success” describes how DB Kommunikationstechnik can use CRM to evaluate the experiences of its own sales staff and use them strategically. Published in Bahn-Manager magazine, issue #04/05 2020, starting on page 30.

Unterschied xRM und CRM, Titelbild zum Fachartikel im Midrange Magazin von GEDYS-IntraWare
CRM Articles Archive 8

Difference between xRM and CRM

Further development of customer relationship management

The article in Midrange Magazine looks at the evolution of CRM to xRM and cites the benefits of xRM.

Cover image for professional article "Buy CRM software and good?" by GEDYS IntraWare
CRM Articles Archive 9

Buy CRM software and good?

Further development of customer relationship management

Buying software: The article, which appeared in the online magazine of Elektrotechnik Vogel, explores the question of what all should be considered before making a CRM purchase.

Cover image for GEDYS IntraWare article "What is Customer Centricity?
CRM Articles Archive 10

What’s behind Customer Centricity

What should the term and strategy behind it do?

The article on customer centricity strategy in Vertriebsmanager Online deals not only with the term but also with the question of why it is no longer enough today to produce great products. He describes Customer Centricity strategy as a competitive advantage and shows how it can be implemented in your company.

Cover image for GEDYS IntraWare article "Closer to the customer
CRM Articles Archive 11

Closer to the customer

CRM in Transformation

The article in the print edition of SQ Magazine describes what companies need to pay attention to if they want to adapt their CRM to the digital world and be closer to the customer:

  • What is digital transformation?
  • What distinguishes the digital age?
  • What are the opportunities and risks for companies?
  • What role does a CRM play in this?
Cover picture of the technical article "With mobile CRM to the omniscient field service" by GEDYS IntraWare
CRM Articles Archive 12

With Mobile CRM for an omniscient field service

Typical situations from the field service everyday life

Having all the customer data and facts at your fingertips on the go means you can respond better to customer needs – and maximize your sales opportunities. The article appeared in ERP News Online.