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Cloud CRM & Hosting in Germany

What is there to know about hosting? What do you need to consider when hosting your cloud CRM solution? And why is CRM hostingin Germany so important?

1. What is hosting?

Hosting is about creating enough space for your data and keeping it available 24/7. CRM hosting in Germany means the creation of data storage space in Germany specifically for data from a CRM application.

Whether it’s a website or the provision of corporate data or applications, in most cases, your personal computer is far from providing the necessary storage space. In addition, you cannot or do not want to leave it on service all the time. In addition, if you don’t have the resources to buy and maintain your own servers, you can rent them instead.

Hosting companies operate so-called data centers, facilities with large computing systems or many servers. With computers that are only there to serve the requests of other computers, hosters offer exactly what you may lack: storage space and computing power for your websites or business applications, around the clock.

2. What are the forms of hosting?

There is a variety of concepts for hosting. This is not only due to the type of deployment, but also to different types of business models. What is right for you depends on your requirements. What capacity for storage and computing power do you need? What are your company’s security requirements? How flexible should the hosting model be?

Dedicated Server vs. Shared Hosting

One possible distinction is, for example, whether the server used by a hosting provider is available to you all by yourself (then we are talking about a dedicated server, which is only used for a specific purpose) or whether you share it with other customers. Shared hosting divides the capacity of a server among multiple users. You can imagine that a dedicated server has the advantage of having reserves in case of particularly high accesses, which becomes more difficult with shared hosting. However, the use of a Dedicated Server only makes sense if such loads are to be expected, because you will of course pay for the reserve.

vServer (virtual server) vs. cloud hosting

In a way, a virtual server combines the benefits of a dedicated server and shared hosting. In principle, a particularly powerful server emulates multiple individual servers and can allocate its resources to the “single” servers as needed. This means more flexibility for emergencies and less costs.

Cloud hosting, on the other hand, merges multiple servers that are not in one place. This means that all the capacity of these servers is available to the cloud, giving users far more resources than a single server could ever provide. Such a cloud can be used privately (Private Dedicated Cloud) or shared, as with Shared Hosting (Public Cloud).

Root Server vs. Managed Hosting

Also a hosted server room wants to be maintained and here too there are different concepts. With a root server, you get certain access rights from the host and manage your server capacity yourself. Managed hosting manages the server for you, as the name suggests, which means your provider is monitoring, managing and updating.

3. What does hosting have to do with cloud computing?

We have already talked about cloud hosting, where several servers are connected together. Cloud computing offers even more services than pure hosting. Not only the infrastructure (IaaS, Infrastructure-as-a-Service) is provided, but also platform (PaaS, Platform-as-a-Service) and software (SaaS, Software-as-a-Service). Web services and web applications are operated in the cloud, which users can access very flexibly via a stable internet connection.

For more details on this topic, read our blog articles “XaaS – Anything-as-a-Service” and “Is it the software also available as CRM-SaaS?“.

4. What are the benefits of cloud computing or a cloud CRM solution?

Cloud computing is particularly popular due to flexibility and manageable costs. Since the vendors are usually also responsible for maintenance and updates, they always work with the latest software. Usually, billing is done via a rental model per user, in which the services are provided. For example, you avoid hidden server maintenance costs that are common with other solutions. In addition, user licenses are usually easy to add or depost, so that employee changes or growth of the company cause fewer problems. Cloud CRM solutions including hosting offer the same benefits.

To compare cloud computing and on-premises, read our blog article “Better Cloud or On-Prem?” and “What is the usefulness of a cloud CRM system?

5. What are the advantages of hosting in Germany?

With everything you’ve learned about hosting so far, there’s still the important indication that it plays a decisive role where hosting is played. And that means not only the headquarters of the hosting company, but also the location of the physical servers.

High level of security in Germany is very postitive

Data centers in Germany are subject to the security regulations that apply in Germany. This starts with building safety and ends with fire protection. The latter in particular is extremely important, as high temperatures, short circuits or smouldering fires can occur in large data centers. 24-hour guard services are also frequently used in Germany. By preventing long-term server outages, you ensure the security of your data.

In times of wiretap scandals and data theft, the legal basis for data protection is a factor that should not be underestimated. The EU’s Basic Data Protection Regulation(EU GDPR) regulates breaches of the protection of personal data in Europe and imposes heavy fines on them as a deterrent. In other countries, data protection is not general and comprehensive, for example in the United States. There, it is more likely to rely on the self-commitment of companies or sector-specific regulations.

Hosting providers with location and data centers in Germany give you security with regard to your data. At the same time, you contribute to the trustworthiness of your company if you choose a hoster in Germany: Because you host and work in compliance with data protection, this conveys a high degree of security to your customers, suppliers and employees. This can be a significant competitive advantage for you.

Another plus: Benefits for Google Ranking

Last but not least, CRM hosting in Germany benefits the Google ranking of websites, especially for regionally operating companies. Google can usually back to the location of the server through existing data. A location in the same country can lead to a better ranking, which means they are found faster and more frequently by prospective buyers at Google. And that means they become more well-known, and if products and services convince, you will sell more.

6. Conclusion

Define requirements, find the right host for your CRM and learn to appreciate CRM hosting in Germany!

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Title to product brochure for CloudCRM Solution (SaaS) from GEDYSIntraWare
Title to product brochure for CloudCRM Solution (SaaS) from GEDYSIntraWare