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For 30 years we have actively accompanied the development, the service and thus also the Notes Domino license management. First as a partner of Lotus Development, then as a long-term IBM partner and currently as HCL Business Partner. With know-how and flexibility we serve the majority of German HCL customers.

An important criterion for evaluating your investment security?

At HCL customer wishes are taken into account.

Mit der aktuellen Version 11 veröffentlichte HCL Digital Solutions das erste Collaboration Release unter alleiniger Regie. Zuvor hatte das Unternehmen gemeinsam mit IBM an der Entwicklung der Version 10 von Notes und Domino gearbeitet. Das IBM-Entwickler-Team wurde von HCL anschließend übernommen. In Kürze folgt nun das Release von Domino V12, angekündigt als ein wichtiger Meilenstein zur Bereicherung von Anwendungsentwicklungen.

With a new, open communication, with the integration of customer and partner wishes as well as refreshing adherence to delivery dates, HCL has recently proven that great importance is attached to customer satisfaction.

The HCL collaboration solutions at a glance

Interfaces and integrations GEDYS IntraWare: HCL Notes Domino logo

HCL Domino

HCL Domino is a NoSQL databaseenvironment and provides a database management system (DBMS) for application development.

The applications email (including calendar, task list), e-discussion, TeamRoom and more are included.

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HCL Notes

Client software for the use of Domino applications and groupware/messaging services with the highest level of data security.

With HCL Notes, you can send & receive emails, schedule appointments, surf the Web, and leverage powerful social and business applications in your daily work.

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HCL Verse on-premise

The new Domino Webmail, which will completely replace iNotes from V12. HCL Verse is a new mail box that understands you and your daily work.

It creates clarity & structure. You always have important topics, tasks and contacts in view. HCL Verse was developed for mobile devices and browsers.

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HCL Nomad

HCL Nomad is a mobile client that allows users to work with HCL Domino applications directly from their mobile devices.

Nomad includes offline replication and touch optimization and adds device functionality to Domino applications.

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HCL Notes Traveler

Realizes your access to your email, calendar and address book data via smartphone or tablet in real-time.

Automatic synchronization also includes HCL verses on Android, iOS, and selected mobile devices.

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HCL Sametime

Provides instant messaging features such as presence, text chats, team meetings including history logs, and two-way phone calls, and relies on the Domino server.

Now new: also as app for mobile devices.

Interfaces and integrations GEDYS IntraWare: HCL Notes Domino logo
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HCL Domino Designer

Client for using the integrated development platform for web designers and developers to create, deploy and manage interactive applications.

Domino Designer can also be used to change the design of existing databases.

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HCL Domino Volt

Provides low code capabilities for building business applications for IT teams using HCL Domino.

With Volt’s minimalist and intuitive interface, power users can easily create and customize applications, collect and track information and automate processes.

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HCL Connections

Brings social networking into the company and helps teams communicate, collaborate and build strong relationships.

It contains the following functions: Activities, blogs, bookmarks, communities, files, forums, homepage, metrics, profiles and wikis.

Other interesting HCL Notes Domino licenses

  • HCL Enterprise Integrator for Domino (short HEI formerly LEI):
    Synchronization of different data sources and real-time integration between Domino and back-end data sources such as DB2, SQL and Oracle.
  • HCL Lotus Connector for SAP Solution:
    Is installed via HEI and enables access to SAP data, execution of SAP tasks and initiation of SAP actions.

What changes with the new product manufacturer?

HCL Digital Solutions is increasingly streamlining the processes for Notes Domino licenses and prefers a non-bureaucratic approach. So there are no more Reinstats if the Support & Subscription contract has not been extended by the customer. Now you have the choice between the cheaper rental model and a new purchase of Notes Domino licenses at attractive conditions.

Do you have the full overview of your
HCL Notes Domino licenses?

We offer the management of your HCL Notes Domino licenses as a free serviceand
support you with our many years of experience.

Questions like:

  • What do new HCL licenses cost?
  • How can we renew or activate our old HCL licenses (formerly IBM licenses)?
  • Are express products the right alternative for our company?
  • Can we take advantage of the Complete Collaboration Bundle?

You benefit from the

  • clear compilation and our support for your HCL licenses
  • Reminder for the respective Renewal anniversary
  • Information and advice on programs, prices or changes in HCL licenses

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about HCL Notes Domino Licenses

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