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Domino Application Monitoring 1


The 1st external Domino control center for servers and databases

We monitor your Domino servers and Notes Domino applications.
Together, we prevent failures.

  • More safety through the early warning system on critical points
  • Regular analyses and reports
  • Strong performance and high availability
  • Advice and solutions from our experts
Domino application monitoring: service offer about 500 euros in orange circle
Domino application monitoring: service offer about 500 euros in orange circle

Domino Application Monitoring Service
What benefits are included?

A software developed by GEDYS IntraWare for monitoring the vital data of your Domino servers and Notes-Domino-applications enables troubleshooting and optimization of the administration of your Domino, Notes and CRM applications.
By means of this Domino monitoring software we offer the following services:

  • Constant monitoring of the vitality of your Domino and Notes application infrastructure by the GEDYS IntraWare Domino Control Center from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Configuration of the desired alerts and thresholds together with our experts
  • Early warning system by phone and email on critical points and recommendations for remediation
  • Regular, graphical reports and analyses by our control room as well as telephone jour fixes every two to four weeks
  • Optional: Solution of the problems by GEDYS IntraWare experts
Domino Application Monitoring 2

Requirements & Notes
to the Domino Application Monitoring Service

Requirements for the service offer

  • The offer is valid for up to 10 Domino servers & up to 50 Notes applications subject to acceptance by GEDYS IntraWare after the infrastructure has been taken up
  • The monthly flat rate is only valid in connection with the installation and configuration of the service by GEDYS IntraWare
  • The service can be terminated by either party with three months’ notice

Software & Service Setup Notes

  • For the setup of Software & Service we charge a package of two service days including all expenses and travel costs in the amount of 2.500 Euro plus VAT.
  • All other services are billed according to separate agreement

Domino Application Monitoring Service
presented in 18 min video

Let’s go…

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Video: Domino Server & Database Control Center | 18-minute presentation | Domino Application Monitoring
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Why you should work with us:

Service with heart & mind

512 man-years in development represent innovative technologies and tools developed by practitioners. Software Made in Germany with excellent service, always confirmed in NPS surveys.

Competent advice

30 years of CRM experience and 600 active customers in the DACH region. We guarantee professional support for your administrators. In different industries, in more than 20 countries, on 5 continents.

Reliable implementation

As one of the largest know-how providers in the field of Domino and Notes applications including CRM, we assure you individual solutions from creative professionals.

Request the service offer here without obligation:

*for 500 € per month (plus VAT & setup fees)

Your contact person Inside Sales at GEDYS IntraWare: Oliver Niedner

Oliver Niedner
Inside Sales

TEL: +49 531 123 868 420

E-MAIL: Contact us

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