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How your team benefits from CRM in marketing

Depending on the company’s focus, the main task for marketing is usually to generate new leads and hand them over to sales at the right moment.

When a CRM is used in marketing, it not only ensures better lead management, but also smoother collaboration with the sales team. It brings transparency, time savings and simplifies processes. In addition, it supports marketing in making satisfied customers out of the leads together with sales and service. > Product flyer download

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“The CRM tool from GEDYS IntraWare noticeably simplifies our everyday life. Finally, no more paperwork!”

Bianca Hoffmann, Graphic Designer, PÖSCHL TABAK GmbH & Co. KG, about GEDYS IntraWare CRM

From lead to favorite customer

Plan targeted actions for perfect customer journeys

Provide each customer with a seamless customer experience by connecting all sales, customer service, and marketing data into an overall picture. Mr. CRM takes over theroutine activities at the digital contact points and ensures an enormous simplification of work in marketing with automation sizing at mailings, campaigns and events.

With GEDYS IntraWare CRM in marketing, you can track the entire customer journey from prospective customers to loyal customers. And plan what next information from the lead makes a prospect to hand it over to sales. You strengthen customer loyalty with targeted campaigns based on data from analytical CRM.


You create new leads and contacts directly from the mailbox. So do participants at your event. Directly in CRM – transparent for all colleagues.
For all customers, suppliers, press, you can see the processes, projects, participations, opportunities and so on directly in your mailbox. Very good for quick decisions and agreements.


Keep track of the facts you need to know every day. GEDYS IntraWare CRM provides you with many lists and diagrams.

You will put together your marketing dashboard as desired. For example, on participants, workloads and tasks at events, on new leads, the status of campaigns, tasks due or important deadlines.

The latest marketing material

Provide sales and service with all current brochures, flyers, questionnaires, reference stories and presentation slides, including the contact persons in the marketing team. Versioning prevents the use of old documents. Or use warehouse management for printed material, giveaways, and roll up banners.

Status of marketing projects

Tasks and appointments for your marketing projects are transparently summarized in CRM. Of course, every colleague who works receives information and reminders from the CRM system. Overviews show you the processing status of your projects, campaigns and events – including the tasks of your colleagues. The additional appointment surveys via the Internet shorten your appointment with press, speakers, suppliers, etc.

Quickly integrate

Integrate important sources of information and service offerings directly from the Internet into your CRM. For example, you can benefit from, HRS or when organizing events. or from looking at social media and the internet regarding your business. Do you also need data from the ERP? No problem.

Dashboards and Reports in CRM Release 8.11 on Desktop, GEDYS IntraWare
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100% GDPR compliant

For your legally secure mailings, phone promotions and campaigns, CRM in marketing includes the communication status and the associated process functions. GEDYS IntraWare CRM prevents sending if the status is set to “No advertising”, for example. Thus, you are ready for GDPR.

Email marketing: the must-have in the marketing mix

Generate leads with mailings

From email marketing to marketing automation

Enriching Leads for Sales

Send targeted information material or suitable offers to interested parties. With direct mailings, newsletters or invitations to events, you put your customers in the picture and receive a wide range of feedback.

Filter out who has looked at your information. Finally, hand over the most promising prospects, the leads with the greatest potential, to sales.

We rely on CleverReach for email marketing. All openings and clicks are in the GEDYS IntraWare CRM and are available to you and your sales department for further actions.

Expanding and retaining customers

Encourage customers to trust your products or company via email marketing. With references, practical reports or tips & tricks on products or services, you support customer loyalty.

Positive experiences are valued by your customers and lead to both further purchases and referrals. Customer satisfaction, as evidenced by good online reviews, is invaluable to you:

Authentic testimonials become advertising messages that can turn prospects into new customers.

Plan and control campaigns easily

Digital process support in CRM makes it possible

Campaigns are an important link between the analytical and operational CRM in your company. Where is growth potential? Which target group promises the desired success? Specifications that you set out in corresponding campaigns.
With CRM in marketing, you put your focus on the customer and their motives for buying.

1. Define campaign

Define an approach model in the campaign and provide key objectives. Then provide the campaign with all the information for telemarketing and sale

2. determine target group

You filter out your target group on the basis of analyses. Or you can let the CRM in Marketing suggest a group with an automatic distribution list.

3. Send mailing

You send your campaign mailing to the defined target group. First reactions pass you into the associated campaign.

4. Expand campaign

Flexibly expand your campaign with additional mailings (automatic campaigns) or events. With each additional step, you increase the number of prospects.

5. Control success

Open rates and clicks show you where you score with your team and which prospects are promising.

6. Passing Leads

Your sellers will be pleased to have a list of potential customers who are highly informed and interested.

For perfect teamwork between marketing and sales

They develop campaigns with creative approach and appropriate material. Targeted to your target groups. Winning leads with potential are handed over to your sellers.

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Video: Campaign management: plan & control campaigns
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Organize company events easy

thanks to CRM in marketing

Depending on the industry, interested parties can expect to get to know you at events. Great impact can be achieved with events that inspire you. There are no limits to your creativity to present the products or your company in the right light. But every type of event brings with it a wealth of tasks.

Where the Customer Journey takes place offline,
as for example at

  • Fairs & roadshows
  • Workshops
  • Training of partners & employees
  • Teambuilding measures & incentives

the necessary work steps are usually hidden behind the scenes. But your faithful assistant for fast and easy event organization, the colleague CRM in marketing, is at your side with transparent processes and automations.

  • Event, session and participant management
  • Scheduling and resource planning
  • Correspondences to service providers and participants incl. Templates
  • Search and book rooms and speakers
  • Assign tasks and control appointments
  • Cost and price calculation incl. Cancellation
  • Check-in handling
  • Event calendar on the web incl. Registration
  • Interface to WordPress for commercial events

Successes with CRM in marketing:
Investing is worthwhile

Planning, performing and evaluating mailings, campaigns, events – that’s what makes your marketing team successful. And with success evaluations, you quickly realize that investing in CRM in marketing pays off for your business.

All prices are per user per month, with no term limit. The minimum order quantity is 10 licenses. All modules include the languages German and English.


59 €

monthly per user



10 €

per package monthly per user

additional to CRM

CRM app

*Service incl. Contratcs, Inventory, Knowlegde & Ticket Tracking, **Marketing incl. Campaigns & CleverReach-Bridge, ***Event incl. interface to WooCommerce


79 €

monthly per user

All functions
for all



depending on

number of licenses
additional systems
scaling of the application
individual interfaces
individual customizations

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