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License Update: New Domino Licenses CCB plus CCX for External Users

This year, HCL Digital Solutions deployed a modern per-user model for Domino licenses –HCL Domino Complete Collaboration Business Edition (also known as CCB). In response to customer demand, CCB licensing is expanded with the introduction of an external user permission, the authorized user “CCX”.

CCB: Simplifying HCL Domino licenses

CCB is an important step on our way to providing a simple model for HCL Domino licenses without the complex licensing of server capacity and subcapacity licensing (PVU).

A simple “per-user-all model”—use each client and protocol for each server capacity to run all applications, including enterprise email (HCL verse).

If you have any questions about the new Domino licenses, please feel free to contact us.

New Domino Licenses-CCB-and-CCX-Graphic Overview-at-GEDYS-IntraWare

Introducing CCX License

CCX is an add-on to the CCB Domino licenses that allows applications for external users as well. HCL now distinguishes between internal users—who must be licensed under CCB—and CCX-eligible external users.

CCX users are functionally limited to using Domino or Domino Volt applications and workflows. You cannot create applications yourself. In addition, CCX users do not have a personal mailbox, but can use task/function mail for workflow routing or applications that generate mail.

Ask us your questions about the new Domino licenses!