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World premiere of HCL Volt MX at HCL Digital Week

The topic of low code is not so new, because Notes was already the first and thus leading low code environment in the early years. And Domino Volt is at least in certain areas of application, where it is about small, easy-to-create apps for everyday work.

With HCL Volt MX, HCL puts one more on it:

With HCL Volt MX, which will be available in December, there is now a connection from Quantum to Domino. With the new LotusScript Volt MX Toolkit, which has been turned into open source, HCL offers the possibilities for programmers existing and new Domino applications in complex apps to the various platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, Wearables) and e.g. commerce solutions, etc.

The new HCL Volt MX platform

It is aimed at professional developers and consists of the following elements:

  • Flare: a patented widget library
  • Iris: visual design environment as Electron Client
  • Foundry: Backend Services & Integration Adapters for VR, AR, Wearables, Chatbots, Blockchain, Biometrics, Geolocation and Pathfinder, etc. (SDK for integrations into everything with pre-built connectors, visual connection of APIs, databases and old middleware)
  • DevOps & Automated Testing

What makes the new HCL Volt MX product so special?

  1. Only develop once and it runs on iOS and Android
  2. Market attendants, such as Mandex, Outsystems, etc., can do a lot, but no mobile apps
  3. The integration possibilities are outstanding
  4. Push/e-mail notification can come directly from the platform
  5. Volt MX is not tied to a specific platform, i.e. cross platform

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