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Develop software with HCL Domino

Since the beginning of the Domino platform, it has also been a development platform called the Rapid Application Development Platform. It already provides important functions that are also critical for low-code development.

  • Uniform surface, if desired.
  • User management that is available to the application because the Domino platform has a rights and role concept.
  • Workflow
  • Integration via REST and other interfaces

With each new Domino release, additional features came in the applications developed on Domino. Finally, HCL Domino 12 was the site of multi-factor authentication. In addition, applications with HCL Nomad can run on mobile devices.

Today, it is one of the safest platforms for running a CRM system with several thousand users across multiple instances, for example, as a web application.

But the latest claims have led HCL to offer further development opportunities.

Develop software with HCL Domino Volt very easily

Thomas Zeizel describes it so beautifully: With HCL Domino Volt, companies can counter the Excel “application” madness. For example, HCL Domino Volt can be used to create canvas-driven apps – applications that define themselves through their interface – based on Excel lists. These apps then have an input mask, different views on the data, providing convenience and security in administration.

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