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200 questions about the publication of
HCL Domino V12.0.1 answered

HCL received nearly 200 questions from Domino customers within an hour in a webinar on the latest version of Domino (V12.0.1) last week. Now these questions have been answered by HCL in a blog article. The most important questions can be found here grouped by topic on German translated.

By the way, you can watch the recording of the above-mentioned HCL webinar here:


Can older Notes clients be upgraded directly to v12?

Yes, the fastest way is to uninstall the previous client and install v12 with the same data directory.

Will Domino v12.0.1 work with a v9.01 server? How easy is it to upgrade from Domino v9 to v12?

You can upgrade a v9.0.1 server to 12.0.1. Domino is backwards compatible so that Notes v12.0.1 clients can access v9.0.1 servers.
Very simple! For more information, please see the recording of the upgrade webinar .

What to consider for a Domino server for SMTP messages when migrating from version 9
to version 12?

It’s very simple. Learn more in this upgrade webinar.

I am using Domino version 9 servers with mission critical applications that are almost
25 years old. I need to update my servers, but I also need to update my applications so
they can be available over the web without Java requirements. Is there a good way to
update the web interface of these older applications that rely on Java for the web interface?

We’re excited to learn more about your particular case, but the short answer is: Yes, it’s doable!

Is HCL Nomad a separate product or is it included with Domino?

HCL Nomad is available for iOS, Android and also for web browsers. It comes with your Domino CCB license.
(You can learn more about licenses here on our page under HCL Notes Domino Licenses.)

How does licensing work? Do you charge per user or per server?

Different license models are available. HCL’s recommendation is “per authorized user” licensing, called “CCB.”
Read more about the license models here: HCL Notes Domino Licenses FAQ.

I can’t find version 12.0.1 in my account. 

Please contact HCL Support to verify your account. Your license may have expired.
Or ask our HCL Notes Domino service.



Can I integrate MS Teams and Zoom into the Notes 12.0.1 calendar at the same time?

Yes, but when you host a meeting, you need to decide which meeting platform you want to use for that meeting.

Can other online meetings like Teamviewer, RingCentral or Google Meet be
integrated with DOMI?

DOMI is open source. You can add support for other providers.

Does DOMI require a new token for each meeting?

No, the token only needs to be purchased once. Depending on the platform used, it expires 90 days after the last use.

Will DOMI be included in the repository of the new version, or do we need to have
a separate exe for it?

Customers with Notes 11.0.1 must make a change to the mail template. Starting with Notes 12.0.1, these improvements are already part of the mail template that comes with the product.

Are there any plans to extend DOMI so that it can be used in Verse on-premises
and Traveler?

Yes, it’s on the roadmap for Verse Web and is expected to ship next year.

Can DOMI only be configured by the user, or is a global configuration for a specific
meeting service also possible?

Meeting services can be configured (enabled/disabled) by the administrator.


Is Project Restyle available for all users?

Not yet.

Does the Restyler work for Domino applications developed in earlier
versions, e.g. v7, v8, v9?

Yes, the main purpose is to quickly update the appearance of applications developed in previous versions. It even works for applications developed in V3.

If you are redesigning a database, is this compatible with older versions
of HCL Domino?

Yes, the theme that is applied uses standard technologies that are compatible with any supported version of Domino.


Does Domino 12 have multi-level authentication?

Yes, Domino 12 supports two-factor authentication. TOTP is the supported standard. Read this article for more details.

Does the Notes client support two-factor/multi-factor authentication for security reasons?

The Notes ID file itself is already a two-factor authentication. (You must have the ID file and know the password.) 2FA (TOTP) is available in Domino for Web Applications, and we are working on TOTP 2FA support for Notes clients.

We are currently testing Domino 12.0.1 for MFA. We are using the Authy app
as an authenticator to authorize web logins. Will you have any HCL web authenticator
apps available in the near future?

Since we use TOTP based on RFC6238, there is no need for an HCL-branded 2FA app. Any existing app that supports this standard will work.

Are there options for two-factor authentication via phone/SMS code?

You can get SMS 2FA support from business partners like Cyone .

In previous versions, the installation of SSL licenses was done via OpenSSL
and KYRTOOL. Is the way of applying SSL keys still the same in version v12?

SSL certificates are now much easier with the new Certificate Manager built into Domino. For details see here.

Are there plans for an external alert for email users to detect external
threats or spoofed emails?

Yes. It will announce as soon as this feature is available.

Is there a third-party backup solution that is supported by Domino 12.0.1?

Yes, there are several vendors that offer backup solutions for Domino. If you can’t find a solution that suits you, you can start with the built-in Domino Backup and connect it to your existing solution. Read more here.


Any news on the strategy for the Domino Open Mail client?

We are working on this and expect to be able to announce a more precise timetable in the coming months.

When will we see support for Apple Mail (as a supported mail client for Traveler)?

Apple Mail (iOS) is already supported for Traveler. Support for other mail clients will be part of the OpenMail initiative.

Can HCL Verse be configured as my default email client?


When will HCL Domino V12.0.1 with DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) be available?

This is already available.

I have heard that in the future there will be a Notes client built on top of Electron.
Is this true and can you please give us a glimpse of this?

In addition to the Notes client, we have released HCL Nomad Web. A client that provides the functionality of Notes in a web browser without the need to install plugins. Read here for more details or to try it out.


Can we use HCL Nomad with HCL Domino V12.0.1?

Definitely, YES!

Is Nomad available on SoFy?

No, but you can try Nomad with the Nomad Sandbox .

Will there be a Linux client?

There are no plans for a native client on Linux, but you can use HCL Nomad Web, a progressive web app (PWA) on Linux.

Is there any scope for other operating system platforms or is HCL focusing more on
developing browser and mobile-based applications on Domino servers?

The main operating systems and platforms are supported for client, server, mobile and browser. You have full freedom of choice!

I am using Enterprise Integrator v11, which is not compatible with Domino v12.
How can I use the new features of v12 (e.g. Nomad Web) and at the same time run
the important HEI part that we use for many of our applications?

We have just released a new version of Enterprise Integrator 12.0.1. Note that this is not part of your Domino license, but is included in Domino Volt.

Are you planning to add Bootstrap 5 support for Xpages?


Is it possible to show the field values in the properties panel only to managers
and designers and not to every user? Hiding the design is possible, but also
makes troubleshooting more complicated.

We agree with this improvement. Please vote for this idea here.

Is there a community edition of Domino Designer v12 to try?

There is no longer a Community Edition. For a trial license, please contact your HCL sales representative or use our Nomad sandbox for testing.

Are there any updates for the Domino Designer client?

Yes, a new Domino Designer 64bit with more features is available.

Will there be an admin or designer client for macOS?

You can have a say in the decision-making process! Vote for this idea here .

Is the new “Notes_Designer_Admin_12.0.1_Win_English.exe” 64-bit, or still 32-bit?

Both the 32-bit client and the 64-bit client are now available in the HCL Software License & Download Portal.

Does HCL Domino V12.0.1 support Windows 2022?

Yes, HCL Domino V12.0.1 supports Windows Server 2022.

Will Microsoft discontinue support for MS Windows 2016 in January 2022?


What is the status of the Domino Rest API?

The Domino Rest API is currently in beta.

What is the next big step you plan for Domino in 2022?

The next milestone is Domino v12.0.2. In addition, the next major version is already being planned! Stand by.