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HCL Domino V12 Beta Released

This year, HCL will release version 12 of HCL Domino and HCL Notes. For a first look at the released HCL Notes Domino V12 Beta. It is available for download in Flexnet.

Beta program for HCL Notes Domino V12

Now and in the future, the beta programs like now HCL Notes Domino V12 Beta are available to all customers. You can find the installation for your own tests for download in your Flexnet account.

In the first phase of the beta program, you will find the following components:

  • HCL Domino on Docker
  • HCL Domino for Windows, Linux, AIX
  • HCL Traveler for Windows, Linux, AIX (multilingual)
  • HCL Notes Standard for Windows
  • HCL Notes Standard for Mac
  • HCL Domino Designer and Admin Client

Focus of HCL Notes Domino V12 Beta


  1. cross-server use of DAOS Tier 2 objects with a wide range of security enhancements, such as:
    – Two-factor authentication (TOTP)
    – Automated management of SSL/TLS certificates with built-in support for Let’s Encrypt
    – Implement IP-based blocking of failed authentication attempts
  2. Automate Domino server installation and initial configuration
  3. Domino Directory Improvements: A Variety of Domino Directory Design Improvements (pubnames.ntf)

Domino Designer

  1. XPages Now Bootstrap 4.4.1
  2. Improvements to the creation of responsive and mobile Domino applications,
  3. Usability of DQL in formulas


  1. Improve performance on Windows and Mac
  2. Improved search: When searching for a person, email, or Notes application, suggestions now appear in the header area.
  3. Display of the last searches in Typeahead
  4. Select multiple e-mail signatures when composing, replying, and forwarding e-mail
  5. Choose a different “From” address when composing an email,

These are just a few new features. More details can be found on the following pages:

Further information can be found here. Of course, we are also happy to answer your questions about the topic “Installation and administration of HCL Notes Domino” in a conversation.