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CRM requirements overview

Download the checklist and find the best CRM provider!

Goal: By selecting the criteria, you create the specifications and at the same time find out which CRM provider suits you best

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  • Use the list to determine your own crm system requirements
  • Involve all interest groups in your company
  • Research which CRM providers meet these requirements
  • Add the results of your research to the list
  • Easily compare up to 3 CRM providers at a glance

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Compare your requirements for these categories:

As an important basis for your CRM implementation, you need a specification that describes your requirements for the functionality of your future CRM software.

Our free checklist helps you analyze your specific requirements to easily compare the different CRM providers in the next step.

Don’t forget to ask all stakeholders in your company about their specific CRM system requirements so that the desired crm system features are fully incorporated into the specifications.

From CRM requirements to CRM specifications

  1. Applications
  2. Product Extensions
  3. Requirements
  4. Support for CRM adoption
  5. Support & Maintenance
  6. Provider Features and Qualities