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In 15 stages to CRM

Download e-book & successfully introduce CRM in your company

Goal: You get a comprehensive overview quickly, can plan better and avoid typical mistakes in the CRM implementation!

title image to "In-15-Stages-to-CRM" on tablet, GEDYS intraWare
title image to “In-15-Stages-to-CRM” on tablet, GEDYS intraWare
  • Includes the top 15 tips from our 30 years of CRM practice
  • From the CRM idea to goal-oriented implementation
  • Compact, clear & easy-to-understand information
  • With many useful graphics for clarity

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In 15 stages to CRM

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Download e-book: In 15 stages to CRM 4

Table of contents E-Book In 15 stages to CRM

  1. CRM sponsor
  2. CRM goals
  3. CRM strategy
  4. CRM manager & CRM team
  5. The benefits

6. Kick-off workshop & specifications
7. Find providers
8. CRM workshop & consulting
9. Data cleansing & transfer
10. Individualization

11. Installation & pilot
12. Training & motivation
13. Roll-out
14. Go live & acceptance
15. Stay up-to-date

Stage by stage to the finish:
On the future viability of your company

Competitive pressure and new comparison opportunities on the Internet are increasingly forcing companies to respond to the needs of their customers. In addition to the primary success factors of technology, product, quality and price, appreciation towards the customer is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage.

CRM, short for customer relationship management, is the design of all business processes around the satisfaction of your customer. With a suitable CRM software, you can secure optimal support. The e-book in 15 stages to CRM shows you what you should consider when you launch CRM so that the software can lead you to success.

Benefit from 30 years of CRM knowledge

Professional CRM implementation requires experience and detailed knowledge in hardware, software and IT project management.

We support you in all 15 stages: from the CRM idea to the introduction. Together we will find your optimal business processes and savings potential. Because we not only look at the special requirements of your industry, but also draw on the knowledge of other industries and our CRM projects.