In 15 stages to CRM

From the CRM idea to the implementation

Competitive pressure and new comparison opportunities on the Internet are increasingly forcing companies to respond to the needs of their customers. The resulting realization: We need CRM.

With 30 years of experience as a CRM software provider and well over 100 projects a year, we have learned a lot over time. Here we put together some of our most important tips for your CRM introduction.

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The 15 stages in the e-book:


01. CRM Sponsor
02. CRM goals
03. CRM strategy
04. CRM Manager & CRM Team
05. The benefits
06. Kick-off Workshop & Specifications
07. Find providers
08. CRM Workshop & Consulting
09. Data Cleansing & Transfer
10. Individualization
11. Installation & Pilot
12. Training & Motivation
13. Roll-out
14. Go-Live & Acceptance
15. Stay up-to-date


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E-Book: In 15 stages to CRM
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