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Determining ROI for CRM systems

Download and compare checklist:
When is CRM worthwhile?

Goal: Get an idea of how CRM saves you time and money while finding out if a CRM is worth it for you

Download ROI Consideration Checklist 2
Checklist ROI Comparison, Title Small
  • Look at comparative figures on 3 selected examples
  • Collect current values from your company for this
  • Research: which CRM providers meet these requirements?
  • Insert your numbers into our calculation examples
  • Compare your values without and ours with CRM system

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Determining ROI for CRM systems

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Download ROI Consideration Checklist 4

A way to look at the benefits of CRM software

Determining ROI for CRM systems is not so easy with the usual business metrics. To ensure that you can still clearly understand the benefits of CRM software, you will find 3 simple calculation examples listed in our checklist.

You can map the ROI of a CRM system by juxtaposed your business metrics for these three examples with our values:

  • Correspondence in the Home Office
  • Quoting
  • Automated business card capture