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CRM taken to the next level:
Software-supported through the project from the concept phase to delivery

Fulda, 24.04.2023 – In many B2B companies, the sale of your product or service marks the start of a new customer project that must be completed on time and on budget. So it’s only logical for us to think customer relationship management further and seamlessly integrate project management into CRM.

Project centered work

GEDYS IntraWare 8.13 supports in the different phases of project management:

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For increasingly complex tasks

As tasks become more complex and challenging, they must be viewed as projects. With the new project management, you keep an overview of the status, costs and time of your projects.

  • Project managers have the ability to assign tasks to their team members and create schedules.
  • Your resource management is supported by calendar functions, workload overviews and project scheduling.
  • The basis for calculating workloads and costs is the working time calendar, the company calendar with holidays and the information on hourly rates in the user profile.
  • You can track the progress of the project using the integrated traffic light function and an overview for deadline and cost control.
  • You can get further support from the Project Management widget on your CRM home page, especially when dealing with deadline stuff. Here you can see and open your projects and tasks with one click, record the progress to your tasks and book your times.
  • Supporting functions are also the project structure and the Gantt chart with representation of the critical path.

Planning has never been more important

Skills shortages, energy costs and material bottlenecks are just some of the problems that currently need to be solved. For successful projects, the focus is on planning reliability and process efficiency, which requires an up-to-date overview at all times. Resources are often a scarce commodity in the enterprise.

For your projects to be successful, you need to avoid overloading your employees, postponing tasks, or not meeting deadlines. Thus, resource planning takes on a high priority. Resource planning provides answers to questions such as:

  • What resources are available in the company?
  • How are the resources utilized?
  • How do I allocate the available resources efficiently?

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Work directly from your projects

Project-centric working is supported much better with Release 8.13. No need to switch to other Flexviews or the mailbox. You send your e-mails to the project participants and arrange your appointments with them – all based on the project.

Functions for daily business

File integration into CRM

You work with files and documents outside of CRM and want to see them in CRM as well, for example, directly related to the customer, an opportunity, or the project. Use the new File Integration widget to link a CRM record to a folder on your file system. You can see and open the assigned files via the widget and also use it to drag and drop new data onto the file system.

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Dates and deadlines

With GEDYS IntraWare 8.13, it is now possible to create deadlines for each document and thus meet important deadlines. The subject of the document is copied to the subject of the appointment or task. Also, with the appointment and invitation creation, you can choose the resources from the NAB directory.

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Online meeting with Webex

Online meetings have arrived as an integral part of customer service. In response to customer requests, we have now integrated Cisco with WebEx Meetings into appointment management in addition to Jitsi and Microsoft Teams.

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The right language matters

Probably you prefer your native language as the language setting in the browser, but with the CRM system in your company you need to work in another language. The new release 8.13 solves this dilemma by allowing you or your administration to set the language for your CRM in your user profile, regardless of the browser/client language.

Attachments in the preview

In the future, save yourself from downloading and opening each attachment to view its content. The new Attachment widget shows you all attachments of a document in the style of a slide show. It lets you conveniently toggle through attachments such as images, videos and PDF files.

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Highlights for mobile working

Offline functions

If you’re not connected to the Internet while on the road, you can still look up information about your customers in the CRM app, as well as create offline visit reports and phone notes.

To prevent dead spots from causing you extra work, data that has already been entered is temporarily stored in the CRM app in the event of a connection loss.

Push notifications

By enabling push not ifications, you’ll automatically get news about tickets, workflows, appointments, and documents you’re following on your smartphone’s home screen. Without having opened the CRM app.

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