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Engage 2020 review

The HCL Digital Solutions strategy in 3 waves.

For the first time, more than 420 participants from the 3. – 4 March in Arnhem at the largest HCL Digital Solutions conference in Europe. The program included 86 sessions and roundtables with 103 speakers.

The mood was buoyant. The products are great. This makes you want more.

Our summary of Engage 2020

These 3 waves are emerging for the further development of HCL Digital Solutions until 2022.

1st Wave: User & Admin Experience

  • Modern interface and ease of use on all devices
  • Consistent design for all HCL software products
  • Simplified licensing and relocation of thick releases to “Continuous Delivery”

Administration and working with HCL Digital Solutions are to be handled smoothly in the future. For example, the installation of the individual products will only take about an hour. Modern, established designs are used in the products. For example, Sametime V11 and subsequent apps such as WhatsApp are based. Agile development leads to “smaller” versions including language packs.

2nd Wave: Rethink Software, Architecture & Integration

  • Product Suites
  • Open Source
  • Consistent Stack (no longer mandatory use of IBM products)

Functions are made even more open on the architecture side, so that integrations into any solutions from other manufacturers are perceived as “normal”, making it easier for partners and customers to benefit from new developments.

It is consistently applied to current and strategic open source solutions: JavaScript, node.js, Kubernetes, Docker, etc. are just the beginnings. Engagement in the open source communities is also being expanded.

At the same time, the products are developing into a much more consistent software stack. Not every tool has to have its own administration and with Domino we have an outstanding database in our portfolio.

3rd Wave: Intelligence & IoT

  • Analytics
  • Search Experiences
  • Artificial intelligence

Jason Gary is working with his 40-person HCL Digital Solutions Research Team to explore new product innovations and strategic alliances. The crucial question is: “What should be done to ensure that our solutions are considered “cool”?”

The keynote by Richard Jefts, General Manager HCL Digital Solutions alone was worth a visit to Engage 2020.

Engage 2020 Review of GEDYS IntraWare

Some announcements at Engage 2020

  • Domino Event Manager will soon be available in preview as a new part of the AppDev Pack. Domino applications then play in “Event-driven Architecture” with new standards, such as cloud events.
  • Domino V12 will come with three sub-themes in the first half of 2021:
    • Business workflow for all of us
    • Your Business, your Data, your Cloud
    • Better app and mail experience on all devices
  • Lightweight client environment for HCL Domino: Verses for Mail, Nomad for Applications, and Sametime for Chat & Meetings – together in a Progressive Web App based on browser technology.
  • Sametime Meetings comes with Sametime V11+ in June. This new solution relies on open source, brings audio/video/screen sharing and YouTube broadcasts in a single Docker container – so it’s easy to install without WebSphere and without DB2.

More information about HCL Domino V11 and Sametime V11 in the webinar of Andreas Schulte, Technical Advisor of HCL Digital Solutions

  • In June, HCL Verse 2.0 will be launched as a Progressive Web App (PWA) with offline features and integration into the operating system.
  • Notes Rich Client now moves to the second row. It remains insignificant for applications on Java or Eclipse or for very large offline requests. Further language packs for V11 and V12 will follow, again for Catalan, Hebrew, Finnish, Norwegian, Slovak and Slovenian.
  • Nomad available on Android phones: Classic Domino applications now run on all major devices.
  • For the second half of the year, Nomad Web for laptops/desktops is in the starting blocks. This means that classic Domino apps run in the browser even without Notes Rich Client.

More information about HCL Notes V11 and Nomad in the webinar of Andreas Schulte, Technical Advisor of HCL Digital Solutions

  • HCL Volt available.

More information about HCL Volt in the webinar of Andreas Schulte, Technical Advisor of HCL Digital Solutions

Richard Jefts says so beautifully: “It’s just the Beginning!” Customers are coming back, the renewal rate is rising again and new customers are starting to get interested in HCL software. We say #dominoforever

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