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HCL Domino 12 Launch

First new features known

On June 7th, the new Domino will be launched together with Sametime. We can look forward to seeing what HCL has in store for new features with Domino 12 and Sametime.

You could not attend the worldwide launch? You prefer a presentation in German language? Then watch the recording of our webinar with HCL from June 10, 2021. Download it now for free!

We can reveal this much in advance, because there is already some information about HCL Domino 12 launch in circulation:

After the HCL Domino 12 launch, you can synchronize passwords with Active Directory

Whether an admin or a user starts a password change, the new password is almost immediately entered in the address book person document and in the ID Vault. This makes it possible to log in immediately with the new password in web applications and in the other Domino databases.

The new password synchronization is supported for:

  • Registered HCL Notes, HCL Nomad, HCL Verse, and HCL iNotes users accessDomino servers using HTTP passwords or Notes IDs.
  • HCL Traveler users who access their mail through the web browser on their mobile devices.
  • Web users who are not registered in Domino but have personal documents in the Domino directory and access Domino web applications using HTTP passwords.

All use cases in a modern Domino environment should therefore be covered. Here you can find more information in the already available Domino 12 documentation.

New backup in Domino 12

The new backup tasks separated into Backup and Restore provides a backup that respects the content and structure of a Domino server, yet still supports modern backup solutions such as storage on-premises and in a cloud.

This also allows precise recovery of the data. Examples of Tom Zeizel:

  • Restoration can take place in-place (i.e. at the place of origin) or separately (e.B. to control something)
  • Individual databases can be restored even en bloc if there are dependencies
  • Within databases, individual documents and folders can be restored (the classic: important mails were deleted in the clean-up frenzy – also from the recycle bin)

Various Domino-specific customizations such as access rights, replica IDs, agents, etc. can be made on-the-fly. For example, the admin can play back a restored database inactively.

If you now think there is nothing exciting for you yet, then sign up for our live presentation.

HCL will surely surprise you again pleasantly.

New! HCL Domino 12

June 10, | 10:30 a.m. | German

Andreas Schulte of HCL presentsHCL Notes Domino Webinars Domino V11, Notes & Sametime
Andreas Schulte of HCL presentsHCL Notes Domino Webinars Domino V11, Notes & Sametime

One hour compact with all the features and highlights from Domino 12 and HCL Sametime. Just three days after the worldwide launch, Andreas Schulte, Technical Advisor at HCL, presents all first-hand information exclusively in our live presentation.

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