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HCL Domino V12 Preview at HCL Digital Week

Yesterday, 9/11, we had the opportunity to take a look at the future of HCL Domino V12 as part of HCL Digital Week. HCL Domino v12 will bring a lot of highly sought-after features.

The focus is clearly on mobile and cloud, as well as building a secure and highly functional backend for fast low and pro code development.
Domino V12 is scheduled to be available for Q2 2021.
Upgrade to V12: We’ve seen a live demo of the update from V9 to V12 from Domino’. It took only about 15 minutes to successfully upgrade the Domino server to version 12. awesome!

This comes with HCL Domino V12

HCL Nomad Web Client There is a new web-based client coming: the HCL Nomad web client. This client has the full functionality of the traditional Notes client. The HCL Nomad web client runs on all major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari…) and is supported on Windows, Linux and MacOS!

The HCL Nomad web client can be installed by opening a URL in a web browser. The entire installation takes about one minute (depending on your network bandwidth). Access to the installation page can be secured using two-factor authentication (2FA).

HCL Nomad Web Client comes with HCL Domino V12

Notes client: The new release does not focus on the traditional Notes client. However, with the “Type Ahead Search” we give a great new function.

Integration of HCL-Domino and Microsoft teams: It will be possible to integrate HCL Domino applications with Microsoft teams as long as the Domino applications can be opened on the web.

HCL Verse on-Premises is fully supported in a web browser on mobile devices.

HCL Verse Client by HCL Domino V12

Integrated UX: In addition, HCL is working on a fully integrated UX on the desktop: integration of verse on-premises and sametime meetings. It will be possible to access a Sametime meeting from a mobile device by scanning a QR code from the Verse on-Premises client.

Simplified installation: When installing HCL Domino v12, a “one-click installation” is possible using a JSON configuration file. In terms of ease of deployment and automation, this means a lot.

Safety: HCL Domino v12 supports FaceID and other biometric authentication methods in the HCL Nomad mobile client. As well as the entire process of obtaining and using Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. Active Directory Password Sync will also be available in the next release, a password for AD, HCL Notes and Domino Web Access.

Cloud operation: Domino v12 runs on most major cloud platforms.

Backup: HCL also guarantees that your backup solution supports Domino v12. The entire backup process has been “reinvented” so that it can be easily supported by all backup software vendors.

HCL Notes Designer V12 will facilitate the development of responsive applications, here we find a clear focus on the development and modernization of applications for mobile devices.

HCL Domino Volt is further improved, providing a simplified web management page as well as connectors for third-party solutions.

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