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HCL Verse 2.1.0 is here

The software HCL Verse 2.1.0 is available for download in the Flexnet.

Highlights of the new HCL Verse version

  • Sametime Verse Integration: Start meeting with contacts in verses
  • Use photos from The Domino NAB
  • As image link and images from the local drive are supported: PNG, IMG, Animated GIFs
  • Extension: Modify on Send allows you to modify the subject and content, for example, with Marked as Classified.)

Next functions:

  • View Notes IDs in Chiclets
  • Add/remove users to the Junk Mail rule from your Inbox
  • Reschedule meeting with comments
  • View as Free/Busy when using the new calendar event form
  • Prevent downloading attachments in the Verse client user interface (by Verse Admin)
  • Preferences for controlling which calendar documents appear in the All Documents and Sent folders
  • Default to set a default meeting/event duration
  • Preset to control whether meeting invitations are removed from your Inbox after they are answered

Easily upgrade from 2.0 to HCL Verse 2.1.0

The “Installation and Configuration” section of the documentation walks through the steps required for verses. If steps have already been completed, they can be skipped.

The upgrade can be done simply by removing the old jar and inserting the new one. Set all notes.ini settings for new features (e.B. Domino Photo Service) and restart the server.

Further information can be found here. Of course, we are also happy to answer your questions about the topic “Developing software with HCL Domino” in a conversation.