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Corona field widget shows incidence value on site

Fulda, April 22, 2021 – CRM software company GEDYS IntraWare has developed a free Corona widget using its in-house widget technology to help customers safely handle the pandemic with non-immediate field service appointments.

Simply inform and act responsibly

For the technical realization of the Corona widget, the software manufacturer uses the widget technology of the CRM software developed in-house. With this, external data – such as here the Corona data from the Robert Koch Institute or the required geolocation – can be integrated very easily. In this way, the Corona widget provides field staff with quick answers and more flexibility at this time.

In this way, company-wide rules and specifications can be implemented much more easily by employees using the respective incidence values through the widget. This is because it shows the corona incidence value for the respective county as well as for the state in which the customer is located. Lengthy research or possibly even incorrect information is thus bypassed. In particular, GEDYS IntraWare hopes to be able to support its customers who rely on personal field service appointments in this way.

“We want to use the Corona widget to help our customers deal with the pandemic in a safe and responsible way by making it easier to respond appropriately to current incidence figures,” said Ralf Geishauser, managing director of GEDYS IntraWare GmbH.

Economic thinking and protection of employees in one

In many companies, the Corona pandemic is not only hitting sales, but customer service just as hard. Both contribute significantly to customer satisfaction, but their services cannot simply be provided digitally or even suspended in every industry. The cancellation of a machine repair, for example, can mean a complete loss of production for the customer and thus serious economic damage.

GEDYS IntraWare employees also observed this circumstance with their customers, who were forced to send service technicians or sales staff to field appointments. Therefore, they asked themselves, “How can we contribute to supporting our customers in the Covid-19 era?” As a result of this thinking, they developed the free Corona widget.