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Digital lead capture in CRM for trade fairs and events

The colleagues from sales and marketing will know it – a trade fair, event or applicant fair is coming up and new contacts are to be generated.

This is how digital lead capture works today

The collection of the contact details of potential customers, employees or partners has the highest priority. Often this is done manually with pen and paper. Important details can be lost or a decisive competitive advantage can be lost, as the follow-up and contact takes too much time.

With another interface to our CRM software*, trade fair leads and new contacts can be easily recorded on the tablet and immediately transmitted to the CRM.

After recording all contact data (via manual entry or by scanning the business card), the data is transferred to the lead database in the CRM. All important fields and details (consent to data protection including signature, pictures, business card, etc.) of the contact profile in the CRM are filled.

Each contact can then be qualified in the CRM and then transferred to the target database (e.B. address database).

Digital lead capture in four simple steps

  1. Recording of contact data in snapADDY VisitReport (possibly Project details, company data,
    Private individuals or applicant data)
  2. Transmission to lead database in CRM
  3. Qualification of leads (interest, decision phase, volume, etc.)
  4. Transfer to target database (e.B address database) in CRM incl. Duplicate check

Since there is not always a sufficient connection to the Internet at trade fairs or events, digital leader capture is also possible offline. The transfer to the CRM then follows immediately as soon as the tablet is connected to the Internet again.

Impress with automated mails

After the trade fair visit and the transfer of the lead data to the CRM, a workflow can be automatically started on request, e.g. sends a ‘thank you e-mail’ and documents it in the CRM. So the support begins immediately after the trade fair visit and you can send your contact persons further information and contact details. For this purpose, corresponding mail templates can be created in advance and specifications can be stored in order to individually adapt the workflow.

Good to know!

The recorded contact data from the lead sheet is dynamically transferred to the CRM. This means that no time-consuming configuration of the contact mask in CRM has to be carried out in advance. This enables marketing or sales to adapt the lead forms in snappADDY on site or during the event and to change fields as required. The CRM recognizes these and takes over the data accordingly.

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*The use of snapADDY Visit Report must be additionally licensed. The interface can be integrated into our customers’ CRM solutions with little effort.