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All HCL Digital Solutions from a laboratory at HCL in the future

News about the HCL Digital Solutions from the 46th DNUG conference in Esssen.

as results in the advantage of a closer interaction of the Digital Solutions products. To this end, HCL plans to change the architecture in the medium term with significantly more synergy between the Digital Solutions products. The core functions are then offered as micro services, including APIs.

The HCL Digital Solutions


Domino as the perfect application platform for business applications. In addition to the Notes Designer, V11 will also add a new browser-based development option.

HCL Leap

HCL Leap becomes the basis for low code application development on the Domino platform.

HCl Connections

Connections (HCL Connections Roadmap) with the various services (files, blogs, wikis, etc.). Here you will find more to report shortly.


Portal will also be based on current JavaScript technologies in the future.


Sametime for real-time communication (persistent team chat and meetings).

HCL Safelinx

HCL Safelinx as a secure solution for VPN and client-free http connections for on premise and from the cloud.

HCL Digital Solutions – Premises on Premises

important! HCL commits to premises. At the same time, hybrid and complete cloud solutions are also being further developed. In the future, classic Domino apps will also support mobile devices such as iPad (available today), iPhones and Android tablets. But the Notes Client is also being further developed. (Open beta scheduled for the new V11.)

Now there is also an HCL Digital Solutions Academy.